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5/17 c12 Cthul
Dropping this here from what you said alone. That has to be by far the worst excuse I have ever heard in my life. “I don’t wanna give him all the Sharingan’s abilities because it’s too OP.” Boo fucking hooo bitch. That’s like giving a soldier a gun but not giving him any bullets because if you did then he’d be able to shoot people with the gun.
5/10 c1 jethraversa
I havent read this yet but is it the same oc they both like please tell me no
4/21 c40 Cloves
Awesome chapter, can't believe i missed to read this on its release. FFN's email alert not working!
4/14 c40 Uchicha ASHU
Nice chapter!
The reunion was handled perfectly as even though one hand there was some expected resentment in Naruto towards his parents due to his treatment by the villagers, on the other he has forgiven worse things from the villagers in this story. So, him forgiving his parents so easily falls perfectly in his personality trait.
Looking forward to the commencement of the war arc. Please take as much as you need as coming up with something fresh but still great takes time.
Thanks for the chapter!
4/12 c40 ElementalMaster16
Awesome chapter! So emotional.
4/12 c40 1tf330129
Keep it up :)
4/11 c1 Tyrese
today authors are on a heater huh just peak after peak
4/11 c40 huzzoptimistically
Damn, I really wish Naruto learned Sage Mode. Still, my boi became op.

After such a long time this story was updated; can't wait for the war arc.
4/11 c40 4ero-sennin56
Absolutely love this!update soon!
4/11 c40 Krieger Techpreist
Im am so happy they got to meet him, and that they, for a moment, were a true happy family
4/11 c40 13Power of Magic
Well, looks like Naruto is going to need to do some training, so that he can get used to using his new form, then its off to fight against the Akatsuki
4/11 c40 King Ziggy
Take your time. We will be here
4/11 c40 Alexander4443
Good chapter
2/23 c9 Ravendle
ugh, why turn best boy haku into a girl
2/18 c39 Uchicha ASHU
Interesting chapter!
The way you have handled the whole merging with the Kyuubi thing is somewhat new.
I mean there have been a couple cases where Naruto was a joint summoner and Toads helped with subduing the Kyuubi but never have I seen that Naruto and Kyuubi didn’t fight each other for control. Even in stories where they are on good terms, normally Kyuubi will fight him for his chakra if only to check Naruto’s control over his emotions.
Also, in most cases Minato and Kushina appear to help Naruto fight the Kyuubi. So, them appearing just to converse is also a somewhat new idea.
I won’t talk too much about how the leaf’s population is still talking non-sense about Naruto as it is clear that is going to be a running theme for this story even if that is something I don’t particularly like. But that is a little issue that can be easily ignored.
Looking forward to reading about the awkward interaction due next chapter.
Thanks for the chapter!
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