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9/21 c2 2000str
you could not even get naruto age right? this is just lazy
naruto is younger than sasuke and sasuke was 7 when the massacre happened so he is either 7 or 6 not 9
9/17 c1 Guest
It's pretty bad tbh, how he gets the eyes is fine but now the town hates him more and people try and kill him every other day and he's like mehh it's OK.
He's a npc at best, and with God knows how many female characters you have to make a oc... ehh it's like reading a instruction manual.
8/28 c37 thaihnguyen1993
Glad Danzo was eliminated long before this. Tsunade being named the leader of the Alliance? I wonder what difference she would make. I forgot about Orochimaru being alive. Of course with since Sasuke not in the picture there will be no assualt by him. Will Orochimaru or anyone else attack the Kage Summit?
8/22 c37 TehStorm
Nice chapter! looking forward to see more!
8/22 c37 11Power of Magic
Well, looks like Tsunade is gonna have to figure out how to lead all of these shinobi in the fight against Akatsuki. I wouldn't be surprised if Naruto tells/shows off to all the other Kage what he's capable of if they decide to hide him away somewhere
8/22 c37 Alexander4443
Great chapter
8/22 c37 WindyCitySlayer1
Please continue
Can’t wait to see more
Awesome chapter
8/22 c37 Sceonn
This fanon is getting to me. The previous Jinchuriki were both wives of Konoha's Hokage, so how the hell were they kept at arms length?
8/22 c37 1tf330129
Keep it up :)
8/22 c37 codywhite162
Wonderful chapter :) Enjoying the story so far and cannot wait to find out what happens next
8/22 c37 2Naruto anime7
okay it was a. decent chapter but I just have a suggestion that in nidame no sairn do some things different from the cannon like you have done in your other story regret
7/16 c4 yahska
This is the biggest joke I heard till now, Naruto not having enough chakra for water dragon jutsu. He has multiple times the chakra capacity of Kakashi so that is no way he is short of chakra.
7/14 c36 Uchicha ASHU
Nice chapter!
Even though I don’t like the whole concept that to be a Shinobi is to Endure as that is something Danzo preached falsely just to continue with his schemes unimpeded. But I can also understand your point about Naruto having this disposition to protect everyone even if he is hated for it due to Itachi’s influence from him taking his eyes. Thanks for explaining it better in the author notes without getting offended about the feedback.
Regarding the chapter, it was a unique portrayal of Nadeshiko mission. The fact that it allowed Naruto to come out of his funk was an inspired choice.
Samui arriving means its time for the Five Kage Summit I guess.
Looking forward to read more about what you plan to do with the Summit.
Thanks for the chapter!
6/20 c8 Guest
I am ignoring that naruto responded to the jab at the end there since it does not at all fit the personality you have portrayed so far please dont ruin this story with inconsistent behavior
6/18 c2 Wabbayack22
Damn I hope it’s temari
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