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1/20/2017 c1 3darksawr
I like stories that aren't afraid to let the villains' get the upper hand. I also have the feeling that this story is going to be like Star Wars XD.

Good job and write on!
6/16/2016 c7 Guest
You are a really good author, haven't seen anyone try this in a Spyro FF nice touch :)
11/5/2015 c13 Guest

You are an incredible writer and this story is a work of pure Convexity. You did a wonderful job rewriting the story from the pivotal point of the end of "Spyro, the Eternal Night".
At first I was afraid you would have Spyro and Cynder ultimately lose but you managed to make it so they still loved eachother till the end. If you ever read this review, I want to let you know that if you ever write another story about Spyro, I will be following as best I can.
Thanks for the Story!
10/2/2014 c13 imnotraven16
Excellent story
7/20/2014 c13 Guest
Aww no! Spyro and Cynder died in this version of Spyro, at least Spyro survived in the real one, but a great plot, and at least Spyro and Cynder get a hapilly ever after in Heaven
5/10/2014 c13 1Nathen The Protector
That was... dark. But otherwise a great story. I have nothing left to say so bye.
5/26/2013 c5 4Story.Writer.2015
I liked the idea. Good job. I really hope you have more stories like this.
6/6/2011 c13 1Lexart-6
This was so sad and beautiful. Spyro's last words were what really made me cry, "Here i come my dear". But im happy that hes back with Cynder, and that everybody else made it safely to the new world. Great story trully magnificent!
11/11/2010 c13 Kayce Owatari
Wow honestly I did not expect u to make the story turn out like that, it took me completely by surprise when cynder was killed, and of course knowing spyro, he wouldn't be able to stand a life without cynder, now that part I did see coming, but all In all a great story as usual

and as I've said before please continue ur work, it may seem like I'm not on, but I'm constantly checking to see if u, GI, or RDX have updated

so until nextime, KO
11/5/2010 c13 SaneFangirl
Oh my goodness. This is the best Spyro story I have ever read, and that is no exaggeration. You are one of the most gifted authors I have come across on this entire website. Please continue to share your stories with the ff.net community.
11/2/2010 c13 11Jamester0091
So, at long last the story that first inspired me to write has come full circle. I was just telling another about how the clicheted characters and plots grow old, and this story is a welcome change of pace. I remorsed over their fate, ,but am glad they found their eternal reward. You did an exellent job at dreawing me into the story and attaching me to the characters. One of the best stories I've read by far.
11/1/2010 c13 25SnickerToodles
Wow. *clap clap* That was really good. I expected some ending like Spyro and Cynder got another chance at that day years ago when they were only children, but hey. This ending was good too, especially the whole Convexity thing. Maybe that element isn't so evil after all. Well done!
10/31/2010 c13 16NITRO PSYCHO
Ah, man. I relly wished that story would have gone on a little longer.
10/31/2010 c13 6Nianque
Aw... But I liked them being evil! Eh, at least everything else is dead also.

This was definitely one of the best stories, just because you turned them evil, :)
10/31/2010 c13 13bizzleb
Hmm...interesting ending. In order to rid the land of evil, Spyro and Cynder had to become evil themselves. Very creative of you.
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