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9/24/2009 c1 SnowyHedwig
Great story, I think you did a really good job on it. LOVED that you gave the explanation of how Jasper was checking the cows... you were so delicate in your description of something that is anything but - having been there, and watched my friends do that, I just laughed... because that's the whole thing. Practicality rears it head in successful ranching, and a cowboy'll do what a cowboy has to do, end of story.

Thanks for your explanation of Reining, because that was a new one for me - I love my rodeo and know my stuff quite well, but haven't had the privilege of seeing Reigning before. One more thing for my bucket-list, I guess!

It's not often I see a bad Alice, but you made it work. After all, trying to picture a fashionable Alice being the wife of a cowboy trying to hold a working ranch together... yeah, that's hard to swallow...

I didn't like Emmett, though. Sorry! I just think he took the over-protective brother thing way too far. Loving your sibling means wanting them to be happy, and it should be the same for your best friend. He sucked in his reaction - both times, really...

Anyway, I thought you wrote this well, and loved the humour you threw into it, along with your characterizations of Jasper & Bella. One of my favourite J/B stories I've read, great job!
9/22/2009 c1 bouncy 72
*sigh* that was so beautifully written & s**t I LOVE Jazz, but I wish Edward hadn't been hurt. He wasn't a bad guy. *sigh* If bloody Emmett hadn't freaked out all those yrs ago it could have been so much easier. Again though it was a beautiful story & had me gripped until the very last sentence. I'm glad Bella & Jazz get their HEA. Good luck in the compitition!
9/22/2009 c1 FuzzyUnrulyJellyfish
Great story! I like Jasper/Bella almost as much as Edward/Bella. Poor Edward's nose:(

Good Luck!
9/21/2009 c1 Kaylak2190
This is hands down my favorite Jasper/Bella story. Kudos on another great story, and I hope you win the competition!

9/21/2009 c1 brytam
This is one of the best stories I have read in a long time. I hope you continue it.

9/20/2009 c1 8Kathy Hiester
9/19/2009 c1 Robin.D
wow that was so good :):):) it was a good story :):):)
9/18/2009 c1 1NenaaTH
LOVED IT its now my fave J/B fic omg it is soo good!
9/18/2009 c1 vietmom
Very good story!
9/17/2009 c1 NatalieLynn
I really loved this story. I loved what you had Bella say to Edward as Jasper eavesdropped. It's one of those life lessons that some of us learn the hard way that you have to go with what's right for you and not just try to make others happy. It took me many years and a whole lot of heart breaks to learn that lesson. I only wish I ended up with my Jasper like your Bella did instead of nothing but regrets.
9/16/2009 c1 2shescardinal
This vet student, horse person, and Jasper lover.. loves this. :) Great job!
9/14/2009 c1 16mischief-maker1
Ungh. Fucking DAYUM girl! That was awesome!
9/13/2009 c1 jennayg123
This story was amazing! I absolutely loved it!
9/13/2009 c1 Goneforever8888
Ok, first three paragraphs...swon! *le sigh* Cowboysper has meh heart!

I know this sounds mean, I like canon Alice but this ain't canon, so fuck it! I LOVE what you did with Alice so far! She's a bitch and she sucks and leaves the door open for Jasper and Bella! YAY! *snicker* I know, I know. WTF-ever!

I resigned my commission in the Marines - OMFG Donna! Not only is he a fuckin cowboy but a god damn Marine? Fuck me sideways! Semper Fi! *jess dies*

I helped Bella over fences, taught her how to ride a horse, skip rocks, swim the lake, shoot a rifle, field dress a deer, throw a punch and my second favorite lesson, how to kiss a boy - OMG he's so sweet!

Wee made love that night, cementing her hold on me even more. - WHOA Emmett says no more Bella and you make love! Well I mean I'm happy, but talk about fuckin balls!

but Bella was livid and that just pissed me off. All I wanted in life was to marry her, watch her grow round with my babies and grow old with her, but she refused me and my love all because Emmett was being an ass. We had one hellacious blow up in the ranch yard and in the end, I stormed off, calling my recruiter and telling him to up my enlistment date. I'd put it off by a few months hoping that Bella would see reason, but she hadn't and I've spent the years in between learning that the old saying is true, distance does make the the heart grow fonder. - WELL WTF BELLA! I mean, I would probably be the same, but I see Jasper's point here! Ridiculous. But it didn't help. :( poor Jasper!

Not that I got one, but Emmett did, of course - OMFG I can't believe she didn't send him an invitation! Ok, I know it's a sticky situation but WTF Bella? Way to break a guys heart even fucking more! NOT COOL!

No, she got married without her brother in attendance, sending him pictures instead. - Wow. I am speakin for myself here but my brother is like the most important person in my life (he's a younger brother) but I would never do something huge in my life without him!

I had loved her and loved her well that night. I remember lying there with her cuddled up beside me afterward feeling overwhelmed with pride because she was still quaking from not one but two orgasms. - aww and WOW! Hmm...she won't love you Jasper, I will! :)

her stride sure and sexy with a gentle sway and roll of her hips. She was even more beautiful than she had been ten years ago. The years had been extremely gentle to her, only enhancing her beauty. There was a wisdom in her eyes now that overshadowed the innocence that the beautiful chocolate brown orbs used to be filled with. Her hair was a bit different as well, but the major change was the lushness of her figure. It was a young boy's wet dream at 17, now at 27 it was a grown man's almost certain demise. The curve of her neck, the swell of her breasts, the dip of her waist, and the flare of her hips were all beautiful and entrancing, but it was her long legs that nearly brought me to my knees. I could still feel them wrapped around my hips, pulling me closer and gripping me while she screamed out my name in release. - I love how he appreciates her, so rare IMHO for men to appreciate women, that they love like this, its a rare and great thing!

I watched as her eyes cataloged the changes that eight years with the Marines and two years of backbreaking ranch work had had on my body. I was no longer the tall, lanky boy I was when I left. - OMFG UNF!

“I'm so sorry I wasn't here for your dad's funeral. Did you at least get the flowers I had sent?” - Sorry I strongly disagree with that, she should have been there - and better have a fuckin good ass reason for not being there! First the non-wedding invite then not being as his FATHER's FUNERAL! Flowers, really?

was devastated when Daddy died, but what hurt even more so than losing him was that Bella didn't bother to show up. Emmett was in the middle of a war, unable to come home and so I had no one, except Alice to lean on and to say she wasn't helpful would be the nice way of putting it. - How could she do that too him? Doesn't matter if she's married, doesn't matter if they wanted to be together and couldn't! They grew up together, they loved each other once! Before that they were friends! WTF! How do you do that?

Daddy had loved Bella like the daughter he never had. At one point he thought she would be his daughter because I had gone to him and asked him for grandmama's ring after that first kiss, but I had never gotten to give it to her. By the time I had worked up the nerve to ask, Emmett was doing his best to take my head off in the backyard. - Wow and that just makes it a harder blow! Talk about hurting for way too many reasons when your dad dies!

“I left Edward. I need a place to stay.” Her quiet words, completely unexpected, shattered me. - Wow break his heart so many ways and run back to him when YOU need him. I mean don't get me wrong, I want Jasper and Bella to be together but that's fucked up on Bella's part!

I had a great teacher and I would have zero issues in standing up for myself like you taught me.” - I love and hate that she said that. I love it because it shows that he meant as much as she did to him at one time but after everything the two of them have been through bringing that up will only hurt him more!

Every time I looked at the woman, I hurt – physically, mentally and emotionally. Having her by my side doing the things she was doing had been my dream for the longest time and it hurt because even though she was doing everything a wife would do – with the exception of the one thing I wanted most – I knew that she wasn't mine. This was all temporary. Eventually, Edward would wise up, drag his sorry ass down here and reclaim his wife. - aww Jasper!

but most especially I forgot her husband. - uh oh, that makes me think he's going to show up!

“You've teased and taunted me for weeks, months. Now, it's my turn. Grab hold of that desk and don't fucking let go. Do you hear me? You let go, and I stop. Got it?” - HOLY FUCKING SHIT! That is fucking HOT! OMG!

As much as I wanted to take it slow and love her, she wasn't mine to love. - :(

Talk about embarrassing and an instant hard-on killer. Mama was mortified and so were Bella and I. Having your mother walk in while your dick is tickling your fuck buddy's uvula wasn't really a mood enhancer. - OMFG! hahaha (in a not soo funny way!)

“Thank ya, darlin'. You ready to hit the floor? I think I remember something about cuddling up together on the dance floor.” I pulled her out on the dance floor spinning her into my arms. - That is IT! "calls airlines, next flight to Fort Worth please!" Yea, Im heading out to find myself a cowboy!

“I hear there's a mean-ass SOB in the audience named Jasper Whitlock! Anyone know him? He's a scrawny ass fucker!” A familiar voice yelled across the stage mic during a lull in the DJ's set. Looking up on stage stood Jake and James along with the rest of their band. - :) hahaha

He looked at me like I'd grown another head. “Damn, dude. Thought you two be eat up with a house full of kids by now. Y'all been married for at least eight years or so right?” - Uh oh! :(

“Well, man let's get setup and help you woo that girl back home where she belongs.” That was the end of the conversation. - aww!

Fucker. “She may be his wife, but she's MY girl. Always has been, always will be.” - aww! so much love!

I threw the left just seconds after the right broke his nose. This time though, I was aiming for the button on his chin and I didn't pull my punch. My fist was going for the sweet spot and I didn't stop until I hit it, knocking him up off his feet, sending him airborne. - Holy fucking shit! Jasper is kicking some major ass!

“Stop, please. It's Edward. It's just Edward.” - HOLY FUCKIN SHIT! I knew it! Cue the heartfail for Jasper...

I turned from her – from them – and walked through the crowd. - *crying* and there's the heartfail!

“You are NOT taking Jasper to jail, Billy Black.” - I can't believe I'm saying this but, SHUT THE FUCK UP BELLA! You need to make up your damn mind! WTF did you think Jasper was going to do? You know him?

“You can't have your cake and eat it too. It didn't work for Marie Antoinette, darlin', and it won't work for you either. You have to decide once and for all. If you want the life he can give you and him, then get in his car and go home and fix your marriage. If you want me and what we've found together in the last few months then get your pretty little ass out to the truck; come back home with me, and I'll spend every day of forever loving you with everything in me. I can't grant you your every wish, and I can't give you everything your heart desires, but I can love you with every fiber of my being, with everything I am, and I can swear that you will never be put last or even second. You are my first thought upon waking and the last one as I drift off to sleep.” - OMG! *sobbing* thats so sweet!

“If you mean I'm the one that that taught her about cars, horses, guns, and boys, then yeah, I'm the one.” - There's my Jasper! :)

“You'll figure it out, city boy. Eventually.” I turned and walked on into the house to rid myself of the coffee cup and to finish up some paperwork in the office. - Ok this may sound cruel but I hope one day in my life I get to hear a cowboy say this!

“I'll do it after my shower. You have company.” - Wow harsh, but I think its something she needed to hear - does she have any idea how much she is hurting Jasper?

wow I loved it Donna! Pretty heartfail and you had me in tears but I loved it all the same! :)

3 jess
9/13/2009 c1 21fiberkitty
Great story bb!
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