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for Purifying Wizard

1/3/2017 c9 basiliskqueen
Hi just liked to say that I hope that you do update this story sometime soon its a very interesting and its something that I would like to read more from so I really hope that you do update the story, I do really hope you do continue this site needs more stories with Harry Potter and Riddick crossovers so I hope you'll continue so that others can enjoy this story like I will if you do actually continue it; so I hope you do.
11/15/2015 c9 2Monster's Mayhem
Hey love the story. Would be great if it would be continued, whether by you or an adoptee. Keep up the great work!
1/11/2015 c9 prismaticmem
I'm sorry that the adoption was a flop. Who knows maybe it means that it was ment for you to finish. This is a really great story and I haven't seen a similar plot. I really hopw that you can find the inspiration to continue with this. Even if you don't you should know that this was a great story and you should be proud of it.
12/17/2014 c4 Gracie15Trowa
I don't really care about the spelling but the last line looks funny.
"Let's get you leaned up,"
Can you fix it when you have the time.
6/15/2014 c9 Shadow315
I really liked this! Please continue?! Harry/Riddick!


9/8/2013 c9 lady wolvie
i like this story so cold you pm me the new adopters name and the stories name if the\y change it? please
12/11/2012 c9 Guest
please continue this i love it
11/3/2012 c9 7PreciousRaymond
I just found this story and would love to see a continuation!
7/30/2012 c9 little-bast
Great So far...

Will the Dame get jealous of the attention Harry receives and try have him assasinated?

Will they use the quasi on Toal and discover he had been assaulting numerous people?
Which element or elements will Harry have contol over?

What kind of relationship will Harry have with Riddick and Vakko?

Hoping to read more soon
7/21/2012 c8 dogsby
It is amazing how you go from each Characters' speech pattern and Personality, so fluidly. It is like watching fine precious Pearls being strung together. Vaako's eloquence, Harry's other worldliness, to Riddick's short to the point explicatives, LOL.

I know you don't plain to finish it and wish to have it adopted, but I hope you hold off and later find your *Muse* to continue. I love your confused Harry, sensitive Vaako, and brash Riddick.. You do a wonderful job conveying their emotions and thoughts.

Thank you for writing this and sharing it with us! I'm going to miss this story. I have yet to get a glimpse of the *Underverse* and how that Society is, wouldn't it be funny, if that is where Voldemort had gone to get some of his *Powers* and sense Harry is his Equal, he carris those same ones *the power, he knows not*!
11/11/2010 c9 5Dark Neko 4000
what going to happen next
10/10/2010 c1 2Nisha Tsukino
Hey, I hate to be the bearer of bad news but I found your exact fic posted by someone else; Purifiying Wizards! ยป by Basill. I only checked the first chapter though. Sorry.

- Nisha
7/13/2010 c3 Crazikido2
Thankkies for the cool story
7/13/2010 c1 Crazikido2
Thanx for the cool story dude
7/3/2010 c9 TempestReign
really awesome story!
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