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9/24/2009 c3 3DeathSidhe
HELO! ^_^ I've always loved the Hp/Riddick crossover..these type of stories are quite rare..I think maybe one or two out there are even that decent ..

This is a wonderful idea so far and i look forward to seeing what happens next

I HAVE IDEA! ..perhaps when Harry is like walking into the main hall (where that fight went down in the movie) ...idk..he steps on something device of mind reading? and I think it'd add to the mystery of it all if like ..voices from memories of his were heard in the air in some kind of fog around that big room and we hear voices from people he knew..remus,Sirius,Ron,snape,voldemort..the screams of Lilly? random Hogwarts stuff...

I don't know..it was just a random idea of mine ...i think they should learn more about him and this might help! ..

anyhow..I love the story!

keep it up! and good luck!


9/24/2009 c3 Evergreen Sceptre
woo that was great!

Thanks for the reply to my review! ^_^

Wow So Harry is both elemental and from Furya?...amazing!

Does that mean in the 5 years (?) hes been with the Chief Purifier he has learnt about his ancestry and other abilites?

Could Harry as a child have Asceneded to the Underworld when he was hit by the Killing Curse when he was child? Could that be why the Chief Purifier was drawn to Harry?

Was Harry taught about the Underworld and its secrets whil apprentising? Has he been himself?

I would love to see how Harry keep up his training. Looking at how he manages to keep up with all the Things he is tasted to do as both High Apprentice and the main Purifier, it seems he has grown up and lost the lazyness he suffered from when at Hogwarts, Did he go through any special training during the war? Going by how he seemed to impress both the Elemental and Chief Purifier he must have some skill under his belt, not jsut Stunners and Reductos?
9/24/2009 c3 wolf-shinigami
That was an Awsome chapter! THanks for updating! I cant wait to read what happens next!
9/24/2009 c3 10Eternal Cosmos
Oh oh! I do hope there will be a little tug 'o war between Vaako/Harry/Riddick! Now that our dear Lord Marshal's attention was caught... I wouldn't mind a HOT threesome like THAT!

Take care and update soon!

Eternal Cosmos
9/24/2009 c3 5TheEveningStar
I do like how you created Lily's Furian origins. It's very neat and also, since she looked SO different from Petunia, makes it more believable, so that bit was great. I like your explanation for wizard's powers too. Nicely done. Well, how is this going to work then, is it a Harry/Riddick or a Harry/Vaako (after he tosses off his wife) or neither or both? I am wondering where they'll go from here...should be interesting at any rate. Keep up the good work, this is now one of my favorite stories - I have to stop what I'm doing to read it whenever I see an update!
9/24/2009 c3 1Kryssi 1990
This was great I can;t wait for the next chapter. I wonder what Vakoo will do with the new information? I wonder what will happen to Harry? Are Harry and Riddick goingt o get together? I hope so. Please update soon, I can;t wait for the next chapter ! ^_^
9/24/2009 c3 7aylan
I wonder how Riddick will react to that.
9/24/2009 c3 4Ore no Naruto
Whee~ now the 2 Furyan can go making babies like crazy! They're the last of them anyway. xD Just kidding. This fic is really interesting. Especially the chapter before, I like it when Harry goes mad. Ahaha~
9/24/2009 c3 LadySerenity0000
That was so cool! Man, I can't wait to read more! Great job!
9/24/2009 c3 24Basill
Update asap plz!
9/23/2009 c2 ShadowCub
Purification fluid? What the heck is that?

Purification process, why?
9/23/2009 c2 Evergreen Sceptre
This is Brillaint! I love it!

Ive never read any Riddick Harry potter crossover, and this is making me whish there were more of them!

How is Harry Keeping up with his Lesson? As a an Apprentice were his lessons taught from word of mouth or from texts?

I have watched both Riddick movies but i have'nt studdied them intensly to know everything character wise, do Priests or Purifiers go to battle, or are they not allowed to fight?

Because Harry has magic, and im assuming there are other forms of magic in the Universe, has Harry also kep up his training in learning different forms of magic be it for healing or meditation, or travel, like that woman in the film who was made of wind?

is there any links you may have that best show what Harrys robes look like? i love the descriptions but is there a pic from the movie you could link me up to?
9/22/2009 c2 31Sin Maxwell and Co
Wonderful! Um...you could have Riddick find out that he's not teh average Purifier and maybe since Harry's emotions are of teh more carnal type, rage, guilt, etc., Riddick could convince him that those emotions have their uses, since he is in fact more intuned with his primitive side. They could become fascinated by eachotehr for whatever reasons? Just a thought. Hope it helped and please update soon!
9/21/2009 c2 OlivineWK
Oh, this is definitelly different. I noticed that you spelt dying as 'dieing' though. That last part sounds painful as well. Ugh, a needle in the arm is bad enough. I do wonder what's in the purification fluid though.
9/21/2009 c2 24Basill
Loved it. Everything was clear and plz update soon.
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