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for v1 Close your eyes, Open your Heart

5/31/2010 c19 24SpringBorn
Aw, that's so cute! I loved the ending. I can't wait till the next chapter. Please update soon!
5/31/2010 c19 3XRarityoftearsX
5/1/2010 c18 25TheMadnessWithin13
i love this chapter keep going i hope reina kiss finally
4/30/2010 c18 24SpringBorn
Very good, I liked it. I know it says that Raina is supposed to be with Roxas but I get the feeling she's going to end up with Sora. Other than that, I liked it and can't wait for the next chapter.
4/30/2010 c18 4Eve1156
I waited soo long for this xD! Jk jk, you did an awesome job and it was worth the wait :P! It was cute at the end but I'm still rooting for Reina and Roxas xD!
4/29/2010 c18 4Yuuko Aosagibi
Aw! I wonder when Reina will finally reaalize that she's falling for Sora... UPdate soon!
4/12/2010 c17 Yuuko Aosagibi
wow...Now that puts their relationship in a real iffy! ... I can't help but feel so much anger towards Roxas...and surprisingly Namine. *sigh* The'll be the beginning and ending to their relationship... I highly doubt that Reina will discover her affect on Sora until it's too late... but I wonder how she'll react once they reach Twilight Town again... Update soon!
4/12/2010 c17 24SpringBorn
Loved the flash back and the ending. Is the evil really going to take over Sora again? I don't really remember if you went into detail the last time Sora went nuts, are you going to go into detail when that happens? The chapter was a bit rushed but not to the extent that I would suggest you re-writing it. It was good and I enjoyed it. I can't wait for the next one.
4/11/2010 c17 16Akizakura202
It was a little boring, it seesm that you're starting to rely very heavily on the cut scenes in the original game-should probably try to add a little spice to it. The memory was cute. I'm not sure what you may have in store for SoRei (mostly because I'm rushing this review XD I'll probably elaborate in the message...)

Not too shabby!

4/10/2010 c17 3XRarityoftearsX
4/10/2010 c17 4Eve1156
I wanna see Roxas and Sora fight over Reina xD! Anyway there were a few typos here and there lol. I'll list them in your inbox :P! Good job with the chapter and I hope you write the next one soon :D!
3/28/2010 c16 Eve1156
I'm rooting for ReinaxRoxas cause well.. I honestly like Roxas better :P! Keep on working hard and I'll be waiting for the next chapter :D!
3/27/2010 c16 16Akizakura202
A very warm ending :D Quite literally. A pretty good chapter, but like I'd mentioned in the PM there were many errors-I see now that it's more like some words were omitted or when you were probably revising one you didn't compeltely get rid of what had been there before and it just came out awkward. Spell check won't always catch your errors-I for one tend to put "out" instead of "our" (I almost did it just now, actually XD) or "simply" instead of "simple." If you read through the chapter-not skim-you should be able to catch them.

In the computer room, the first figures that pop into my head are DiZ and Riku. But the way he was talking, I almost want to say Roxas 'cause I have no idea why Riku would say something so tender of her. Unless you've thrown in a few more OCs, which is no fair XP!

XD I learned about Yen Sid awhile ago . . . in Birth by Sleep, they created Master Erauqs' name for "Square," turning it backwards-simply for the parallel, most likely, as Master Erauqs (Hehe, to spell that I'm actually writing the normal order, but using the back arrow to make it precede . . . XD) is the master of Ven, Terra, and Aqua-*le gasp*-No, wait, I don't think you'd bring Ven in, never mind XD

Anyway . . . I've gotta reply to your message now :D Can't wait for the next one!
3/25/2010 c16 4Yuuko Aosagibi
=D I'm still a huge fan or SoRei at the mometn, and loving every minute of it! Hm... I think I might have a guess that the first figure was DiZ but the other...I have no clue. Update soon! =D
3/25/2010 c16 24SpringBorn
Loved the ending. It was pretty funny. Huh, I didn't know that Yen Sid spelt Disney. That's pretty cool. Can't wait for the next chapter. Please update soon!
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