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4/23/2017 c1 2rogueycherie
Eu amei
12/10/2013 c1 amd5551
OO very hot indeed. Makes me wonder what the prequel or sequel to this one would be. VERY GOOD. this smut made me hot as well lol
8/31/2012 c1 1IrisAyame
Hum... there are some mistakes in your French sentences... Google translator should improve a little bit. Let me help you for this. As a French reader, I must say I'd appreciate this story much more if the sweet nothings Gambit says in French were correct sentences.
BUT, please note that I really appreciate your will to use French, thanks a lot! (I'm only blaming Google here, not you).

Here is my help :

i've missed the way you smell, like summer "Ton parfum d'été m'a manqué"

You're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen "Tu es la plus belle femme que j'ai jamais vue"

You've been in my dreams every night. "J'ai rêvé de toi chaque nuit"

"You make this cajun want to do unthinkable things" Tu éveilles en ce Cajun des envies folles"

"I want all of you" Je te veux toute entière.
10/2/2011 c1 1Coco V.Monroe
umm hotnesss! FREAKING AWESOME! yum yum this is a new favorite! :)
7/10/2011 c1 ALLREMS
5/18/2010 c1 6Jupiter Light
Thanks for the reviews all!


Can't message you anonymous guys back so i decided to try it this way! :)


I love Rogue too :)And what happens next I guess we just have to see ;) thanks for the review!

Clear blue-

thanks so much glad you like it!

Gambit's Star-

Well you can be un-sad i made a origin lol. Where does this come from? It just floats in my head, small things i see, i form into a story around. that's the closest way i can explain :)

Hopeful Romyantic-

I love your enthusiasm about Romy lol and yes i understand that you have nothing personally against Ororo, but you have to believe me when i say didn't know so many readers would react the way they did to Remy and Ororo implications. I was just having fun, i've only written Romy and when i put ROMY in the summery it means it will be a Romy one way or another ;) Thanks for your review there amazing!

Cynical N Bitchious Romyaholic-

I appreciate your two cents and your defensiveness for your friends :) I also see your point of few and again i say i didn't know so much would have come from the first few chapters of I Win! i didn't know there was disrespect being said or done in anyway. Know that my stories are just for fun and are all Romy's to some degree thanks for your energetic reviews! :D

Matter of Opinion-

I know, for sure i wish i had a Remy LeBeau ;) please take all this in light fun i respect your view and trying to defend the story, yes Rogue has been paired with other as well as Remy (i like to mix it up! lol) but it all becomes a Romy sooner or later! ;) thanks


Thanks for viewing it all so lightly!lol and i'm glad that you think the story is F-ing great! :D
2/23/2010 c1 Honesty
Honesty you all need to get a life and stop taking things so seriously, the story is fucking great end of discussion.
2/10/2010 c1 Cynical N Bitchious Romyaholic
Hey matter of opinion it's called having a sense of humor however warped: deal! that's just how my bff and all of us in our social circle roll. I was actually one of the girls that sent her Jupiter's stories, she hasn't read all of them, I have and know that Rogue is paired with Bobby in the beginning of "Today Is The Day ..." amongst others, FYI learn to spell before scolding others. You are being rude and disrespectful yourself in judging others especially my bff when you don't know the first thing about her or the whole story: she may be sweet and semi-twisted in her personality, but I'm not when it comes to defending those I love, I'm super bitch. FYI she's not the only one that wasn't too keen on Ororo/Remy in the reviews, I too see them more as friends than anything else. FYI one can't actually drown an inanimate object such as an action figure can they? *Eye Roll* Get real and get off your high horse! Sorry for this little outburst Jupiter, but I defend those I love with everything I am, my bff is actually a great person in real life, but with a sense of humor not everyone may get: case in point matter of opinion :S A million apologies for being a mega bitch when it comes to defending those I love. This will be the last time I come on here to inconvenience you, unless my darling bestie is unjustly attacked again.~Cynical N Bitchious Romyaholic/Slightly Insane Romyaholic/Downright Lazy To Sign Up for FF Lucia~
2/10/2010 c1 matter of opinion
This is a great one shot it had a lot of depth for a kitchen scene hm they love the kitchen don't they ;) I liked how you left it open enough to continue or make a prequel which i'm glad you did :) it was cute to see them living together and enjoying the unpacking.


Rogue has been paired with many other partners in Jupiter's stories i've been reading her work and know better then to doubt. No matter who or hows she pairs the characters in her stories they stories become that more exciting and the plot (key word there some are forgetting that) has never disappointed. Also saying that you have no issue with storm and/or Orero pairing then go and say things like i'll just drown my storm doll and comment on the pairing as disgusting atrocious is not only rude and disrespectful to not only the author but too the fans of both Remy and Ororo pairing and Storm.
2/9/2010 c1 matter of opinion
Steamy! i think it's agreed that woman everywhere need a Remy LeBeau in their life! its so cute that their living together and having so much fun breaking in the house together! :D i admire you work all of it!

AND!-FYI- in case readers haven't noticed Rogue has been placed in relationships with partners besides Romy and STORY (keyword there) has never disappointed and no one had ever gotten upset over that before enough to make a blasting review. And saying that you have no issue with storm but then wants to drown the storm action figure and calls the Orero relationship nonsense, and disgusting is wrong and rude that is being disrespectful to anyone who likes that.
2/9/2010 c1 Hopeful Romyantic
Me again: couldn't resist adding my 2 cents after I received a text from one of my bffs & one of the ones who recommended you & your stories to me ^^ I TOTALLY agree with Lucia there should be respect in the fandoms, if you are more fond of one pairing than another, there's no reason whatsoever to call the Romy lovers who adore/enjoy your I Win! story lame for wanting Romy when the story is labeled as Romy & the origin point of this fantabulous oneshot. I tend to overreact when it comes to Romy . . . of course they are my OTP in ALL X-Men 'verses, not 2 fond Oreo or NOgan (sorry can't resist my coined name for that particular "pairing") but I do like Ororo/Remy, Logan/Rogue as BEST FRIENDS no more, no less so yeah it is disturbing when an Oreo fan wants to steer I Win! from the eventual outcome that is Romy, hence this excellent & addicting end result to I Win! that I can't seem to stop reading since first discovering it late last night. I do hope Ororo finds her happiness with someone who puts her above all others & IMHO that is not Remy since for the past 5 years he's been thinking of Rogue hence the scorching hot kitchen scene from the latest chappie in I Win! =D hopefully the misunderstandings are cleared soon & the Ragin' Cajun & Southern Belle swallow their pride & fess up to what's really going on in their hearts ^^ I don't seem to recall Remy getting a tattoo that says property of Ororo & she herself told Jean that the unique bond she & Remy developed overnight wasn't romantic interest on Remy's part. I'm getting too emotionally invested in your wonderful story so hence the reason for me being too overanalytical ^^ Anyhoo, keep up the great work & I too apologize & don't mean to cause conflict, but I was taught to respect others & someone else calling Romy lovers lame is indeed puzzling. Ororo/Remy rock as friends, Anna/Remy are the real deal no matter what the cynics at Marvel say IMHO. Take Care Of Yourself & Hope You Update I Win! soon ^^
2/9/2010 c1 Cynical N Bitchious Romyaholic
I'm so guilty of reading great stories and then getting to lazy to leave reviews, so I'm here to correct that thanks to some gentle scolding from one of my best friends ^_^ I ADORE this oneshot & the prequel I Win! to which I'll leave reviews as soon as possible. So glad those 2 crazy, reckless, passionate soulmates end up living together and giving free rein to their immense passion ^_^ I'm having trouble getting through I Win! at least right now with the hints at something between Gambit/Storm and Rogue engaged to some mystery stud, but seeing that it'll all change will make it easier now. I too have nothing against Storm as a character, but have never seen anything more than deep friendship between her and Remy, but it does trouble me when certain people who are no doubt lovely, but also passionate try to state that the fellow Romy lovers who are reviewing I Win! are trying to make you change the tale from Oreo to Romy when In My personal POV I Win! is stated to be the origin to this lovely and passionate oneshot to them I say huh? I have no violent hatred for Oreo either, but I don't think they're suited as a couple, more like a deep friendship. So please don't ever steer away from the eventual Romy HEA that I Win! will have for the MARVELous duo known as Gambit and Rogue. There are other creative authors on here that write Oreo and apparently write it well: good for them! that's why I don't read Oreo when it's not my cup of tea and why I don't try to encourage Romy fans to change said authors'mind about switching sides because that to me is a little disrespectful to those that are fans of Oreo. Gets off soapbox... I deeply apologize for my mini-rant if I offended you. Please keep writing your wonderful stories, please let Ororo find a man who truly and deeply loves her at the end of I Win! someone who loves her with all his heart and who she'll love back, but in my personal POV that man ISN'T Remy LeBeau. Please keep writing your incredible fiction and again excuse my deep love for Romy: I think I emerged loving Romy from the womb thanks to the parental units ^_^ I also hope with all my heart that your health is improving and that you stick around this site to entertain us Romy lovers for years to come ^_^ ~Cynical N Bitchious Romyaholic/also known as Slightly Insane Romyaholic who after 2 years or so of lurking is still too darn lazy to open an account &^_
2/9/2010 c1 Hopeful Romyantic
Okay, so I really should be resting up since I have exams & all but I really couldn't resist reading this one shot & I'm thrilled I did especially since I just realized that your other story I'm currently enjoying/am crazy passionate about I Win! is the origin to this one: Fangirl Squee! so all the drama, pain, misunderstandings etc. that are going on there will all be worth it if the outcome is Gambit & Rogue living together & being blissfully happy & madly in love ^^ The love scenes are scorching hot! those 2 are like the energizer bunnies about to break everything they own & I LOVE it! :D If this is the outcome to I Win! I'll rest easier now heehee . . . I mean I have nothing against Ororo, but I just can't stomach the idea of her & Gambit as anything more than friends/confidants, so this gives me tremendous hope that in the end of I Win! she'll find someone who truly loves her & whom she'll love back because IMHO Romy is just meant to be no matter what some select naysayers (Yawn! Negativity Sucks LOL) might say heehee. Again this is truly amazing writing: so glad that my bffs sent me your stuff, now I'll convince those shy sillies to leave reviews as well even if it's anonymously like me (sorry about that I'll probably open an account in the future, it's just that I have a hard time remebering my other passwords in real life as it is heehee) Now that I read this eventual happy outcome, I'll be even more eager for the future installments of I Win! *.* Again do excuse my passionate outbursts, just love the stories I'm reading so far: Long Live The Romy! :) Keep up the great work! Take Care. :D
10/5/2009 c1 9AshmandaLC
:sighs: i think this is what every girl secretly dreams about. even if she doesnt say it, this is the kind of life she wants. a hot man who loves her, and isnt afraid to show her, whether it be on the dining table, in the bathroom or in the living room. and breaking furniture while youre at it just makes it all the more special. though im sure it makes it harder to explain to friends where all your furniture goes everytime they come over ;D

this was fantastic! XD i absolutely loved it!
9/13/2009 c1 GAMBIT'S STAR
I am so very sad that this is a oneshot :( i enjoyed it ALOT! this is were i would quote your work and praise you for coming up with the most different things but i think if i do that, this time i would get in trouble.;) truth? how do you come up with this stuff! so much 'DETAILS' man you are a dangerous woman

Hope your here to stay now :D
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