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9/4 c1 Guest
Some research appears to indicate that green tea might have a testosterone inhibiting effect. Degree of severity should be personally investigated if interested, and the usual caveats regarding the fact that "scientific" investigations are conducted by people and ruled by monetary interests apply. Nevertheless, it could still be a potentially relevant fact.
8/10 c5 SirchSidhe
Asuka's hack is violating on so many levels. I wish Shinji could find it in himself to cut her away conpletely, and then find a normal and healthy relationship with his new housemate.

Thanks for sharing this story. It is beautiful.
8/10 c4 SirchSidhe
Damn, Sinji and Asuka's relationsip has always been horribly toxic and abusing, but reading about it in a different setting somehow makes it even worse. Too bad he never got the chance to recover the small measure of serenity that started building up with Rei before Asuka showed up in the TV series.
6/25 c5 Martyr Mcjones
Please continue this story, the drama is pretty good, I think i'll understand what the hell is happening to Shinji in later chapters. Other than that I don't really care about Shinji and Asuka getting together, or not, as long as their isn't like an entire chapter of Shinji getting sad because she got a boyfriend. Which is what I feel could happen, it did mention a lot about her not having one, if it does, I would much rather have shinji move on please. Or he could become an entirely new person or whatever is happening, if she gets a boyfriend. He probably wouldn't find out anyway, right now their either going to make up and realistically stay friends before she leaves. Or this could all be a dream of Shinji's, while he's in some coma or something, if that does happen, I hope it's not in rebuild. I can't even guess whats going to happen in 6.
6/23 c5 Seeking Professional Help
Thank you SO very much for updating this. You have no idea how much I have been wanting this story to be continued.

Liked the new chapter. The way you write these AU eva characters and their interactions is even more interesting the actual characters they're based on.

I was hoping to see more of the others (Yui's and Gendos mostly) reaction to Shinji's powers or anomalies or whatever they are called. I was expecting to see Asuka and her mother at least mentioning the frost incident to Yui. That they didn't could be due to the ring messing with their memories or some other factor though.

Looking forward seeing some more of those reactions and drama from Shinji's family and friends as they become more aware of Shinji's situation. By which I mean seeing more strange impossible things.

I kind of hope those strange/impossible things don't involve a zombie plague though, since the drama of this AU and it's characters would kind of be shattered by throwing in that world-ending trope like that. It would probably be better to keep the strangeness subtle like the frost incident. Or creepy like his family seeing an onyx covered doppleganger of Shinji standing behind the boy while he is eating breakfast, mimicking his eating motions or something.

Thank you once again for updating this. I had given up hoping that it ever would be updated. I'm eager to read the next chapter, which I can only pray will be up in a much shorter time then this one. Seriously I don't know if I can wait that long.
6/23 c5 Guest
I assume the italics means Shinji was speaking in German? (Although it could be for emphasis idk)

Good chapter, keep it up
6/22 c5 10Glory-To-Our-August-King
What a relief it is to see an update to this story. Flipped out when I woke up at 4 am this morning for work and saw the notification. This chapter felt more concise than the previous entries, not a whole lot of meandering unless when necessary, and those breaks came just when we needed to breathe a little. The air between Shinji and Asuka is, of course, thick enough to make one choke.

The outburst between the two was phenomenal, were they arguing in German? That's the implication I got from the italicized text, unless you did that for dramatic emphasis. Asuka's spiteful reveal about her internship in Switzerland was appropriately cruel, although I'm sure not originally intended to be before ruranguri's.

Shinji's despondence is well done as always, and Gendo nudging his son in the right direction with a bit of firmness was a nice touch.

Thanks for all your efforts, and I hope you keep writing. Your work inspires.
6/22 c5 FelipeFritschF
Really glad to see you're back!
6/22 c5 quantitative
Seeing an OG author pick a story up again made my day :)
6/22 c5 A.Sintari
Goddamn it. Don't do this to me again. Don't give me hope.

As is the pattern when one of my favorite authors comes back from the seeming dead, I've gone back and reread your other stuff. I'd forgotten how easy it is to fall into your works, how easy to start and not stop until the final word. Just noticed the cross-over with 'Beneath' too which is also apparently one chapter off from being complete. *cough*

Enthralling as usual, hope to see more of you.
6/22 c5 99.8
Hopefully Asuka and Shinji learn to understand one another.

Really excited to see this getting updated and hyped for new chapters as well!
6/22 c5 Person
This is really good. Asuka is kinda a bitch ass, but that is to be expected.
6/29/2019 c4 Guest
This hurts
6/29/2019 c1 4Dentro del Infinito
dreams and reality merging softly

there was a lot of pain in your story

It's rather unnecessary to commend you on this.
6/16/2018 c4 Seeking Professional Help
I really want to see what happens next in this story.
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