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for MicroFics by mshig11

11/24/2010 c12 JustJoe
Great series. Enjoyed all of the stories. Well done.
8/28/2010 c8 Ralmidaz

Loved this one

great idea and good ending

7/27/2010 c12 203Gotham Siren
YES! Oh sorry but this all was so just amazing! John was such a feminine cleansing product to Cameron and everyone knows it hurt her feelings, except for him! It's like jeez just stop it already! You love her and she obvoiusly loves you to be putting up with your cruel self! *takes a breath* Sorry, that's one of my touchy subjects, but thank you so much for showing what we needed to see on the show.
4/9/2010 c11 9uncommoner


I always loved Jamporn, me and professor David Levy are proud of you!

Love it, my fiend.

12/7/2009 c12 uncommoner

I really enjoyed the Jameron, beautiful and romantic as old lace, very much to my taste.

Nice work, Senor.

12/3/2009 c12 3Dragon Seraphin
Nice... Another good chapter. I liked the part where you introduced the episode of Vick's Chip.

"I liked it when you touched my lips. It was effective." That was a great addition to this chapter. More Jameron.. thats all i got to say :D

12/3/2009 c12 24olischulu
Really to much "I hope" and "I" in general from John in there but nice try.
12/2/2009 c12 Renderer
Very nice story, thanks!

It fixed me at the end of the day :)
12/2/2009 c12 TK-MR
A bit OC? Nah, too much OC you meant? LOL

Nice work on positive side idea.

(I don't want to think on the negative side idea.) :D
11/27/2009 c11 4finaldragon13
oh my... this was just too much fun...

I like this Jamforeplay stuff...
11/27/2009 c11 3Dragon Seraphin
Lol gotta admit it... i would have loved to see more, but the alternate ending was laugh my ass off funny. Lol new mission: Copulate with John Connor... LMFAO... Great chapter once again, i cant get enough of this microfic... keep em' coming...
11/25/2009 c11 24olischulu
Sorry but I really don´t like this half porn stuff. I wish there had been more emotions.

The alternate ending is really funny.
11/25/2009 c11 vfergus
These Microfics are AMAZING!

“What do you think? I'm about to have sex with her,” he says pointing at Cameron...to be honest...I would have rather preferred him saying..."I'm about to make love with her" instead.. I love and enjoyed your story and crossing fingers for DVD movie or season three...now that dollhouse is cancelled.
11/25/2009 c11 2TK-MR
11/24/2009 c10 Atoz
A very fitting definition of love. Post this story where the JAGnicks are. They will understand the meaning, too.

One pair is a general and a machine and the other is a commander and a though-as-nails marine. Both fighting side by side and both hurting each other. Why is it that one show consists of 10 seasons while the other is granted one two?
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