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for Collateral Damage

1/26/2019 c30 Guest
I cried
8/5/2018 c30 Guest
This is a beautiful fanfic. I loved it. I cried. Extremely well written. Good job.
7/21/2017 c29 13TheRedScreech
That was an emotional rollercoaster. Wow!
7/14/2017 c13 1Author Of Purpose
For shame Will , for shame. Tricking people into saying stuff like that is just a heartless thing to do.
3/31/2017 c30 D.D
That was wonderful
2/15/2017 c28 Krusher
He could have survived quite easily. Starfish can regenerate their entire bodies as long as part of the central ring is intact.
6/4/2016 c29 lrsailor
I cried so hard at the end. What a beautiful and tragic ending. T.T
4/17/2016 c6 zafnak
So far I'm liking this story. Robin made a call, a difficult one and, yes, it wasn't the right one, but we can see why he did it- dude has always been Slade obsessed. But instead of admitting it, instead f fessing up, he lied. And he keeps digging himself deeper and deeper. Come on, hasn't he even figured out that Beast Boy's body wouldn't be left on that bridge? Someone was going to collect him and take him to a morgue. How is going to cover not knowing what happened to the body if he was supposedly there when he died? This is not going to go well for robin. You thought the team felt betrayed during the Red X fiasco? I have a feeling that was nothing compared to what is coming.

As for Star, you portray her as far too innocent in this chapter, as is fairly common among many fanfics. Starfire isn't some sheltered little alien waif, she is a Tamaranian. A culture of *warriors*. She understands death only too well.
10/26/2015 c30 That one girl
Oh my goodness I... I love this story so much. It's my definition of perfect. This story has so much emotion and.. I'm not even kidding I cried. I cried. And I cried some more. It was so well written, so well put together. This should be a New York Bestseller Book. I love this story so much I am favoriting this story RIGHT NOW. I AM STILL CRYING. So much emotion and I can see it so vividly. Long story short, GOOD FREAKING JOB omfg I love this
10/12/2015 c29 Guest
That was a pretty decent ending. Overall, your story was well put together. I felt it lagged it was a bit predictable at times, but it kept me reading till the end nevertheless. Sometimes your characters were a bit OOC. Your diction was generally well thought out and expressive, but you tended to use words too many times without clear regard to their meaning, such as "candidly," "zephyr," and "orbs."
8/17/2015 c30 Myself
I read this story years ago when you first finished it, and again today.

Words cannot do justice to the emotions that ran through me. It is so well written and powerful - the grief, the betrayal, the vivid imagery, the desperation and love between friends, and between Beast Boy and Raven.

It was and still is a bittersweet story, and yet, so very well told that I cannot forget it as I continue to read and enjoy FanFiction.

You have a gift - and I thank you for sharing it here.
8/17/2015 c6 Guest
I hope Cinder Block injures you, Robin
8/17/2015 c2 Guest
Robin, you bîtçh! How DARE you!? Your NO better than Mento! You little son of a BÎTÇH! You deserve to visit hell you little ******* ********! I'm going to ****** ******** you little ****!

(Sorry, it sounded better to type this then start telling it in public)
6/17/2015 c30 Silentsnipers
seriously felt the emotions there at the end shed a tear that was the best fanfiction I ever read hands down.
10/19/2014 c30 6Poetique823
Wow... Over 500 reviews! Is it really necessary for me to review at this? It really is quite obvious what an elaborately brilliant story this is, so there is very little my words can say that has not already been said. You touched on a very morally complex situation that seemed to be the whole theme of the story: What truly makes a hero?...is a hero still a hero when there is no audience to view the act of heroism? And does said hero still "do the right thing" when no one is looking?...you should a darker side of humanity through the eyes of those we deem as heroes...Bravo. The psychological and philosophical elements of this story kept me clicking to the next chapter until I reached the bittersweet end. Again, I really don't know what to say that hasn't already been said within 500 reviews... I haven't read teen titan fiction in years but I'm glad I read this! Thought provoking theme, superb character development, just all around awesome!
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