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12/30/2011 c20 34Unwritten Whispers
I am im love with this story! The entire time I was reading it, I just wanted to skip to the ending to make sure that Blaise didn't up getting killed in some type of change of the past thing, or I kept thinknig that the future Blaise's would come to help Ginny out, but I love how you did it, and how you ended it! Good story(:
12/24/2011 c4 Jani
I'm really enjoying this story, and will keep reading it. (But it IS driving me mad having to pretend that Luna is in Gryffindor instead of Ravenclaw! Agh!) It's well-written so far and an interesting idea - and I haven't even got to the time turner part yet.
12/19/2011 c11 Sian Russell
Why didn't you just make Ginny use the time turner to go back to normal time again? then she wouldn't be in trouble..
11/13/2011 c20 41CharmedPhoenix
This is the second time I've reread this story and I still love it. It's great and way more deserving than eighty-six reviews. You're amazing.
11/3/2011 c20 j
i just wanted to say that i'm sorry i only found your fic now - it's really nicely plotted and paced and i love you strong characterizations. i can't imagine why you haven't received more reviews for this; nevertheless please do continue to write, i would really love to read more of your stuff!

(this is also the best blaise/ginny fic i've ever read; i'm normally a d/g/h person so that's saying quite a bit, haha)
9/15/2011 c20 Lheto
Wow! This story is brilliant!

Thanks for writing it. Definitely one of my favorites =)
6/23/2011 c20 4Lily-bells Malfoy
AMAZING! Don't know what else to say... best Blaise/ Ginny I ever read!
6/16/2011 c19 1Nano93
Ah, I really love your story. Ginny/Blaise is one of my favorite couples but I appreciate that your story is not only a love story but has a subplot.

I admit that I spent too many nights on reading neglecting my school stuff ... Well, however, I'm glad I found your story.

As English is not my mother tongue I cannot judge your writing style, nevertheless I liked it pretty much, I understand nearly everything and I learned some new vocabulary ;)

So, thank you for this story :)
3/30/2011 c20 6Nyah1
Pretty cool story. Loved reading it. Ginny and Blaise is anyway one of my favourite couples :).

But what I would really really love is... an Epiloge! Is there any way you could be persuaded ^^ ?
2/7/2011 c3 AceCade
Ginny, Neville, and Luna. The three muskateers :)
2/7/2011 c1 AceCade
Interesting. I love these two :)
1/9/2011 c20 14Caris L. Clearwater
I just want to say that I loved your story; I haven't seen any yet that tell the Hogwarts side of the seventh book, and the Ginny/Blaise pairing is unique. Everything is well well written, and I found the plot thorough, though you say it was mostly spontanious. The only slight complaint on my part was the fact that Ginny didn't realize she had obviously died in older-Blaise's world (it seemed pretty noticable) and the fact that he was living in a cave. I get that he was hiding out...but a cave? He's going to the Ministry and meeting up with high society frinds while living in the dirt? I don't know, this just seemed a bit off to me. Other than that, it was great.

1/8/2011 c7 Jenn
Wow! This is such a amazing and original story! I love it :)
12/7/2010 c20 Vanilla Drops
Wonderful, and well written story! One of my favorite off pairings are Blaise and Ginny, and the way you portrayed them was done so realistically. I love your little 'Notes' chapter, often times I wonder what the author's thinking was behind the story, motifs etc. and it was nice to read your insight. Wish that more authors did this. It never occurred to me that the hourglass could have turned during the fire, I like to hope that it didn't. And nice touch with the lighthearted ending, I prefer getting to leave off with light feelings after such a roller coaster. Thanks for posting a great read!
10/27/2010 c20 sunshine
wow what an amazing story. your a really talented writer and i loved it! i love the idea of blaise loving ginny right from the beginning... the perfect amount of romance and drama. great story ;D
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