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for My Best Friend Kellan

7/16/2011 c1 4ILoveUSoMuch
it's really nice! i like it :)


7/7/2011 c1 E.Cullen1901
so adorable! kellan is so sweet!
5/23/2011 c1 Tesha
this is sweet :)

Your dream seems really nice, I would love to hang out with Kellan. I also think other girls would want to be his friend too and fall in love with them as well. ;)
12/2/2010 c1 Venetiangrl92
i kind of loved it! it's awesome, and i personally would not mind having that dream:)
11/29/2009 c1 1Ctinaisfashion
aw can we get the wedding prep and all the fun stuff like the gossip mags and the wedding maybe even a dirty scene and a new just saying why end it now?
11/23/2009 c1 1SkyeGavin
From the Content Guidelines;

Entries not allowed:

4. Stories with non-historical and non-fictional characters: actors, musicians, and etc.
11/7/2009 c1 2kellan4eva
OMG more please this is amazing :)
9/14/2009 c1 2bigbootybooger
aw that was sweet... i want kellan to be my best friend lol

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