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for Bless The Broken Road

1/20/2010 c10 xXxBurplexXx
Haha...great's funny tho...I have a Justin Carter at mi school 2...
1/19/2010 c14 CarmillaD
Haha, I'm glad you pointed out Trent is excentric. Aw, I love him that way, though. I loved their little adventure trying to save Cool Tunez (Good thing they kinda succeeded and gained a good amount of money). Gwen's POV was very funny, and Trent's reaction with Gwen on the wheel too XD. The same goes to the ultimatum Duncan received from his parents and his new tutor sessions with Courtney. I really enjoyed his confusion with Chemistry class and his feelings towards her *^_^*. Please, continue soon
1/18/2010 c14 21Kick Me Awake
ttly lovin this story :D
1/18/2010 c14 28mende5525
YAY! They're getting closer! Please update soon
1/18/2010 c14 7CC the Bug
HA! Stupid Duncan.
1/18/2010 c14 10Kool Broadway Reader
Parents can kick there kids out even if they aren't legal?

Never knew that . . .

I'm scared of the idea of Duncan living alone.

I liked the chapter, update when you can!
1/10/2010 c13 CarmillaD
Poor Trent, his relationship with his dad is so distant U_U... But I'm glad to see the four teens are starting to get along pretty well. Please, continue soon, I'd like to see Trent's performance and if he's really going to do something about Cool Tunez
1/8/2010 c13 Kool Broadway Reader
Ok, that was awesome!

I feel bad for Trent though, I bet his father will regret becoming a workohalic. The ending was nice, I liked it!

Can't wait for the talent show update soon please!
1/8/2010 c13 1Namii-ya
omg! cant wait fro the next chapter! 3 :D
1/7/2010 c13 7CC the Bug
:O! They're getting along!
1/7/2010 c13 5burnthrough
Haha, I love how awkward they feel xD

nice work :)
1/1/2010 c12 1Namii-ya
wow its really cool 3 i cant wait to see the next chapter :D
12/28/2009 c12 10Kool Broadway Reader
By the way you described him, Tucker did sound like a creep.

Scrapping gum off of chairs does not sound like a pleasant way to spend your sunday afternoon.

Neat Chapter!
12/28/2009 c12 CarmillaD
Woot, we could see Bridgette and Geoff, although it was brief ^_^! Now all my three favourite couples appear in this story... Haha, Courtney's POV was really funny. And it was sweet to see Trent jealous of Tucker and trying to protect Gwen... Until things got out of control T _ T. I hope things get better for them in the next chapter. Please, continue soon
12/27/2009 c12 7CC the Bug
Creepy dad.
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