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4/14/2010 c29 10Kool Broadway Reader
I'm suprised he actually wanted to go home. :)
4/14/2010 c29 dcutie56
aw so peaceful...hope u make(prob last)chappie soon
4/14/2010 c29 33flymeawaytoneverland
oh! Duncan's going home!

Gwen knows about Courtney and she told Duncan she did!

Trent's bailing on Courtney!

and.. next is the last chapter? aw :(

but 4 pov's.. YAY! haha :P
4/14/2010 c29 21Kick Me Awake
i really love this story :) have u ever considered maybe doing a sequel?
4/13/2010 c29 7CC the Bug
He's back in!
4/13/2010 c29 Snowiyflake
Go Poetry section! Anyway, good chapter. But, ONE MORE! THATS IT! BUT...BUT...NO! Why? This story could just go on forever...and ever...and ever...

But, seriously, its so sad! :'(

Anyway,another great chapter for the great story. Update soon! And it better be REALLY long if its the ast one! :'(
4/13/2010 c29 xXxBurplexXx
Aw... *tear* Duncan's back home!
4/11/2010 c28 CarmillaD
Oh hohoho, I like the passion in this chapter.

"[...]In a good way, I started fumbling with the button her jeans, and she pulled back.[...]"

Uhm, wasn't she wearing a black skirt?

Uh, oh, seems like both of them are pretty darn confused right now, the situation must be awkward. I don't think Courtney is mad at him algthough Duncan thinks so: She must be just nervous and needs her space for now, but I hope they talk about it because we've seen what happens when they don't talk about how are they feeling.

Please, continue soon
4/11/2010 c27 CarmillaD
I like a lot this line:

"[...]Maybe I should apologize. Why? You didn't even do anything. But, sometimes apologizing even if it isn't your fault fixes a situation anyway. [...]"

I think it suits Trent's attitude perfectly: He always try to keep things at peace with everybody ^_^.

I'm so glad things are OK between him and Courtney again ^ w ^. Let's check the next chapter
4/9/2010 c28 1Namii-ya
eehh~ whats going to happen to them? D: TT.TT

cant wait 4 ur next chapter3
4/8/2010 c28 Ladyofthe80s
I love it! Keep going. This is my favorite story I have ever read on fanfiction. I am dead serious.
4/8/2010 c28 xXxBurplexXx
Bad Duncan! BAD DUNCAN! bit Duncan is still HOT!
4/8/2010 c28 Snowiyflake
OMJ! Love this chap! And the one b4 it, Gwen's Over-reacting much? Then again, it would b pretty awkward...Anywho, YES! A date! But, stupid Duncan. Seriosuly, messing it all up and then not even knowing what he did wrong! Idiot...Update soon! Please and thank you!
4/8/2010 c28 10Kool Broadway Reader
Wonder what's going through Courtney's brain right now?

Really good for a PG-13 chapter. :)
4/8/2010 c28 33flymeawaytoneverland
oh.. a little too far for Court maybe..

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