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11/11/2018 c17 9dragonqueen909
is this story dead?
7/13/2018 c17 Lord Harry Aid
You Are Death Orden Alive?
5/19/2018 c17 Reader726384738
Please add another chapter
5/25/2017 c6 8Ghost of Los Angeles
Why the seraphim they who Guard the chosen
4/3/2017 c3 Guest
whats with the weird name?...
3/27/2017 c17 Redas
I think this is a wonderfully unique and creative story. :-).
9/17/2016 c17 1emmalilly21
update please
4/16/2016 c17 43Fairy of stories
Your story was great by the way :)

I kept rereading it until my 10th time because I was going to bed. But I didn't want to sleep and just reread it because I loved all the fun in it. It was interesting.

Also I liked how Malfoi put Malfoy into place. And I sooo much love how it is Dumbledore that is called you-know-who. HAHAHA SO HILARIOUS! Also Voldemort. Pitiful him. But he shouldn't even had tried going to France if he only was there to kill.

And then we have Clement and his friends they are all so fun even if they are old. I still see that age didn't stop their humour.

And what Clement's family did for him. It was just so heartwarming.

Oh, I would want to see what happen next. I hope you keep writing.
4/16/2016 c9 Fairy of stories
Those are really hilarious names
3/1/2016 c17 3Quietlovingman
I think the issue with writers block here is one of 'well now what genius' you have essentially reached a point where you are blending the events of the goblet of fire with your original story line. However, the protagonist of that work is dead, and the plot severely different since none of the significant events would have unfolded the same way. Quirril didn't get the stone since Harry Potato Head wasn't in the room with him. (Dumbles was upset when/if he tried to use it) Draco and Potter weren't rivals at school, and since there were no overt attacks on the students, there may have been fewer raids. Lucius may not have felt the need to dispose of the Diary. No Basilisk No Problem. With Ginny not being traumatized her family wouldn't have 'won' the special drawing so they could go visit her favorite brother. No Photo Op, No Escape, No Dementors. Sirius is still in a cell. Lupin was probably never a proffessor, and without the evidence of a Horcrux in the Diary, Moody may not be the DADA prof. this year either. With Harry dead, Snape may have left England to one of the commonwealth countries or elsewhere as there is no one left he is sworn to protect. This story has a lot of potential, but you need to draw up an outline of what changed in the Wizarding World after Harry's death at 5. That way you know what to include and what to leave.
2/29/2016 c3 Quietlovingman
Oh my god, he turned himself into a weeping angel?
1/8/2016 c17 Guest
Greate story, please write more.
8/5/2015 c17 Guest
Update soon please
7/27/2015 c17 Mari Wollsch
lovely, will you ever continua? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
5/28/2015 c17 Ruxas
Im assuming this fic is abandoned then. Shame i found it amusing would have loved to see how it turned out
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