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for If We Had Never Met....DONE!!!!!!

12/13/2021 c16 RenegadeM
What a fun story. I wasn't sure at the start to be honest... so many lost years but the story flowed so well. Thanks for the ride!
5/3/2018 c15 Truckee Gal
Lee is a prince among men! How did he get the entire family to Las Vegas in time to witness their wedding? Swap ya tunes for a long life together with good health and love, always love!

"My prayer is to linger with you, at the end of the day in a dream that's divine.
My prayer is a rapture in blue with a world far away and your lips close to mine.
Tonight while our hearts are aglow. Oh tell me the words that I'm longing to know.
My prayer and the answer you give, may they still be the same for as long as we live!
That you'll always be there at the end of my prayer."

Songwriters: Georges Boulanger (1926) & James Kennedy (1939 English)
5/3/2018 c13 Truckee Gal
That was quite the smokin' hot dream there, pardner! Then again, it did have you both up and at 'em to hear the Evil Doers hatching another dastardly plan.
5/3/2018 c11 Truckee Gal
Undercover as husband and wife hmm ... ghosts of "There Goes the Neighborhood." More getting to know each other is bound to happen now.
5/3/2018 c9 Truckee Gal
Miss Desmond instrumental in keeping Lee and Amanda together? My things have changed! Not complaining, just observing.
5/3/2018 c8 Truckee Gal
WoW! BFF's already and what's the rush? Lee is a dynamite kisser and he's going Lou Christie on Amanda!

"... Baby, I'm gonna make you mine, make you mine, I'm gonna make you mine
Baby, I'm gonna make you mine, I'm gonna make you mine ..."

Songwriter: Tony Romeo (1969)
5/3/2018 c6 Truckee Gal
Great job by Amanda, who TKO'd the baddie guarding her. Got to love Lee and Amanda taking turns rescuing one another!
5/3/2018 c4 Truckee Gal
Supper together most every evening at Amanda's home. His mother's diamond heart necklace, their mutual love of the classic film "Casablanca" and velvet. The kiss ... oh that kiss has me singing along:

"It's the way you love me. It's a feeling like this.
It's centrifugal motion. It's perpetual bliss.
It's that pivotal moment. It's, ah, impossible!
This kiss, this kiss (unstoppable)! This kiss, this kiss (unsinkable)! This kiss, this kiss (it's criminal)! ..."

Oh my, almost forgot there's that Evil hezbollah Dude to put away for life.

Songwriters: Robin Lerner, Annie Roboff & Beth Chapman (1998)
5/3/2018 c3 Truckee Gal
So many strange and wonderful things in this chapter ... a real turning point.
5/3/2018 c1 Truckee Gal
What a premise! Amanda married and divorced four times; Lee just a shadow of his former self. Of all the people, it doesn't surprise me that T. Percival Aquinas remains Lee's friend and source. Always figured that if Lee hadn't met and fallen for Amanda, he would end up in poor health from an S.T.D.
2/27/2015 c7 18WhiteFeather1965
This was absolutely brilliant and a completely different direction than I took. By any and all means, please continue. I'm currently working on an "It's a Wonderful Life" ala SMK type story, working title, "The Life That Chooses Us", in which Amanda sustains a severe head trauma in an explosion during an intelligence operation. While she is in a coma, a guardian angel (in the form of Lee's father, Matt) comes to show Amanda what her life would have been like, if she had never met Lee at the train station. The tagline is Fate always has a backup plan.
7/5/2009 c16 Terry Kay
Cute! I really enjoyed it. Thank you.
1/31/2007 c16 linda4861
Hilarious! Thanks for sharing. Linda
1/21/2002 c16 ScarecrowsAngel1
This story was wonderful! Love how you worked us all in, LOL! And it was a great AU for our fave couple. Hope you have more in the works. Keep it up!

1/20/2002 c16 CKOJLF
loved it... you've done a great job... for being a first time writer... any more ideas in that head of yours... post them up.. ya know we'd love to read them... .

~~~ Scarecrow (Ex Pk Officer Aeryn Sun Crichton. )
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