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for 月亮代表我的心

12/26/2013 c1 1Otakugirl 13
So that was the title of the song my school kept on playing on some occasions. I'm only quarter Chinese so my mandarin is pretty bad. On the side note, are you going to continue this? :)
7/23/2011 c1 zon12
I really liked this one. I love how easily they just talk to each other.
12/24/2009 c1 existential-despair
cool how you put real Chinese culture in here, and awesome you mandarin! and where is teh rest! it was really good so i think you should continue this awesome toko story plzkaythxbai :D
9/23/2009 c1 2GeneralCuster
Love it. Please do more. I especially liked the chinese food touches. Coming from a semi-chinese background myself, the food was nostalgic for me and realistic for the Avatar world. I always find it kind of weird when people write odd european foods into their Avatar stories.
9/20/2009 c1 TezTra
Ooh! Interesting, very interesting. Like the way u put a glossary-thingy at the end :-D

The writing's good, a few grammars and a little hard to read but we're not looking at how it's presented are we? like the storyline and content, keep writing! Look forward to the next one!

Happy Writing!

Pinkflower101 :-)

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