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for Your Eyes

7/30/2013 c1 I just wanna die honestly
you're an awesome poet

*Clap* *Clap* *Calp*
9/5/2010 c1 6YumeKioko
Very sweet, and the whole part of when you wrote " Instead of fear, I saw acknowledgment in your eyes

Instead of anger, I saw kindness in your eyes

But most of all instead of hate, I saw love in your eyes"

Is just beutiful. But there was just one verse I thought you should have used less words to express you feelings."What had attracted me to you was your eyes

Your eyes held something that no one else did."

But it's still very good and If your happy with it then I suggest you stick with it. Other then that I was very riveted and moved by your poem. Keep on writing.
3/5/2010 c1 2animusic96
That is soo beautiful :D

i love it :)
9/24/2009 c1 4Sonson-Sensei
That was very cute.
9/21/2009 c1 25KoalaSnow
this was so sweet and cute. fluffiness! and yes, NaruHina does rule. and hey, i was wondering...if you can check out my NaruHina fic? you may like idk, but i would love it if you read it. thanks and great poem, descried perfectily :)

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