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10/13/2014 c7 Guest
Nice twist with killing ember
3/23/2012 c11 Darklighteryphon
hay can I make the sequel? I get a stroy planed for it, if you read this and have a deviantart account and want me to please let me know.
1/12/2012 c7 Epicfeind
This isnt a very long reveiw of this chapter and isnt a very in depth one. I just wish to say what a great storyteller you are. When I saw that ember had died, I felt chills and even a sense of guilt. Only a talented storyteller can do that.

Btw spyro x ember all the way!
1/3/2012 c11 Guest
just my opinion if there is a sepuel I think Cynder should die in it just to show justice for what she did and I think she should say "Ember... I can finally tell you I'm sorry"
11/5/2010 c11 Kayce Owatari
alright man im gonna be lookin for the sequel when ever ur done, and dont forget i will always be checking to see if u have any updates even though im not reviewing, so until next time.
9/30/2010 c11 alex
this is a vary vary vary vary vary good story!
9/28/2010 c11 Jagthedragon
Interesting. Very interesting.
9/28/2010 c6 Jagthedragon
Awsome. I never realy liked ember. I wonder why they created cynder if ember already liked spyro?
3/29/2010 c11 kayce owatari
dude that was awesome y are u not a famous writer yet?

iv got to say your stories so far have been intense, romantic, surprising, and just about everything else possible.

Im glad that in this one u still ended up putting Spyro and Cynder together, although i did feel bad for Ember's fate.

Anyway keep up the good work and i look forward to reading another of your awesome stories. Oh and i like that quote that u have, here's one that i like.

It's the night that makes the dawning.

It's the depths that make the heights.

It's the roots that make the branches.

It's the darkness that gives birth to Light.
3/22/2010 c11 Jahuty
Very good. Once again again I liked this one too. You could try being a little more discriptive in the future. But despite that it was a good read.
10/31/2009 c11 Zerospyro
This story was good and I look foward to the sequel. You're welcome for the reviews. Keep up the good work.
10/30/2009 c10 The blooper
When I read the summary for this story, it was going to be SpyroxEmber and slight SpyroxCynder, so what just happened.

When he comes home, he finds his girl dead and is upset and heartbroken, ok, I get that, no complaints. But then incomes Cynder and she practically goes "Hey thar Spyro how ya doin, oh, and I killed your mate lol, love you~." I was expecting him to blow up, get angry, and start this fight with her, not this "Oh Cynder, I forgive you, even if you did kill my girlfriend, marry me please?"

I'm not saying your a bad writer, you're one of the few actually good writers I've seen in a while, but the way you got these two together so quickly just felt very rushed and very unbelievable, if there should be a sequel to this at least have some kind of tension between the two. I mean, you just paired the poor guy up with his girlfriends' killer, don't you think there's bound to be some kind of mistrust?
10/26/2009 c10 Fflover44
Wow, its bad knowing flame has became evil. but its alright since Cynder's back together with Spyro again, (i'm fine with either pairing between spyro and either dragoness)

I thought veil could do more than a small black ball of shadows, maybe he's out of energy.

Keep it up

The Fanficitonlover
10/25/2009 c10 Luna Goddess of the Night
nice fight scenes. keep up the great work!

10/21/2009 c9 Fflover44
Maybe i'm not really sure, but i have a feeling that this chapter's only mistake was that it lacks a lot of emotions from spyro. its like i expected a lot more emotions expressed by hearing of ember's death. also a few spelling errors, but overall ok.
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