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for Fangrlz II: Legends

1/30/2015 c21 Emi
12/29/2014 c21 3Shad0w W0lf
Ah, another good story. I enjoyed it and I am glad I now have a third one to pounce on.
7/19/2014 c21 Always Royal
This chapter is really confusing
1/26/2014 c19 Guest
Sorry but Tobi is Obito
Why is he madara?
Madara was the sensei from Obito Uchiha
8/30/2013 c21 2Blazed Winter
I have no idea what just happened. But I'm pretty sure I liked it.
8/26/2013 c21 kellyshl
... what happened.. o.0
8/26/2013 c20 kellyshl
whyyyyy oh whyyyyy why hurt kitty kitty! (
8/26/2013 c19 kellyshl
dei-chan go konoha to look for kitty!
8/26/2013 c18 kellyshl
i thought tobixkatie... (leaderxlittle leader) would be nice.. (
8/26/2013 c17 kellyshl
ive read ALOT ! *shy* but i didnt review...(hope u understands x) its kinda hard to review using mobile... . anyways! i dunoo what to review either... anyways GREAT JOB! *continues to read and forgot to do my hmwk...*
7/10/2013 c17 Katari Tachebana
7/9/2013 c7 katari Tachebana
Aweeeeeeeeee so cuteeeeeeeee
6/15/2013 c21 Squishymeansyay
Ye gods. I just read everything of yours, except for the third in this series. I need sleep. It's five thirty a.m. I could care flipping less.
You deserve some kind of award. That word sounds so pathetic right now... you need a shrine, or something... woman there are no words. I apologize for not logging in but I really couldn't wait the time it takes to login to pay homage to your sheer awesomeness and beg that you continue, as when I saw the next one has only two chapters I grew a bit worried. This story has been my crack the ENTIRE NIGHT and I both love and mildly hate you for that, as I need to sleep sometimes. Maybe I can ask Gaara how to supress that pesky urge. Your POVs are amazing, your voice is hilarious yet captivating, the tales that you spin are finer than purple silk and worth far more to any reader with eyes. I love the way you wrote this, the pace of the different pieces and events blending to make a whole masterpiece. You make me love Tobi even when I now hate him, make me laugh and cry, make my heart ache and- what the freak was this about Sam dying? ...I guess it's authorly powers at work, with something interesting in mind... crossover for the third book? Sounds odd, never read one, but I'm definitely game if the previous books are any indication of the genius. I love a book that throws me such a curveball that I'd never be able to predict the outcome, that keeps me on my toes, has well-constructed grey-area characters and some butterflies to balance out the blood, you know? ...I'm rambling aren't I? Well... yeah. Sorry again that I didn't log in. Good night!
3/10/2013 c21 aisuru-hondoo
OH MY GOD-faints at pure mystery,epicness, awesomness and action- that was so cool! But now I so have to read the III Installment! But now my question that lies, -serious face- is who was the person in the last paragraph...?
3/10/2013 c19 aisuru-hondoo
OMG! Who is yaiba?(did i spell it right?) man i kinda hope deidara gets to see katie at some point again! Keep up!
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