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10/24/2010 c17 11Thomas Drovin
Hey there welcome back! I see that our old friend Jiraiya has turned up again at long last! He DID take Katie's advice after all and it saved his life! It looks like he now has the chance to save Katie's life, he was in the right place at the right time. I know two people who will be glad to see him again mainly Tsunade and Jowan however what about poor Katie? I hope she has a good excuse! GREAT work on this! See you next update so I can see what happens!
10/24/2010 c17 4Zenheim Panda
This was an interesting chapter! I just have a few questions though; the beginning didn't really make sense to me. What is Jiraiya doing at the beginning/what accusations is he talking about and when did she storm out of his bar? So end the end, Katie, after her last encounter where she asked Madara for the truth, somehow ended up in a body bag walking down the road with some guys? Sorry, just a wee bit confuzzled.
10/24/2010 c17 pupupudding
WTF? whats happened to Katie? Did Madara/Tobi do anything? WHat excatly happened? So is Pervy Sage back in Konoha ? If so, he will survive! Cant wait to see what happens adn see if any of my question get solved.

YOur beserk and bazar ruler of the universe,

singing and dancing chicken fan
10/24/2010 c17 2Valinor's Twilight
Great update, I loved it.
10/24/2010 c17 1CuttlefishShiz
great ch i loved it
10/24/2010 c17 1S1SKA
TOBI how could you...
10/24/2010 c17 Kpop Princess Mei
YAAAAAY!~ It's something from Katie! I've been waiting for this one for so longgg. xD She's my favorite character. ;) Can't wait to read the next chapter!


10/21/2010 c16 Fablehaven
Dun, dun, duuuuuun! Wait, what was Kakashi going to say? I hope you tell us when the next Ashley chapter rolls around. Oh, I can't wait for the next chapter! I'm sick and am not suppose to be on my laptop, but I still snuck on so I could read this. . I hope you're happy!
10/21/2010 c16 ToWanderandWonder
Ah Katie how could you do such a thing to your friends. Did you forget the girl code 'Sistas before Mistas' Well lets hope everything turns out in the end... Oh who am I kiddin I so want to see them all fight to the death! Update Soon Pls!

10/21/2010 c16 Flame Jnr

Now i really want to know what's going on with Katie.

Nice chapter, love it! The montage style is...interesting. I wouldn't use it every chapter, but for the situation - it fit!

10/20/2010 c16 4Zenheim Panda
OH THAT IS SO CHEATING! God, I really want Kakashi and Ashley to get together, to hell with the age difference! xD Ashley reminds me a bit of myself, so sue me. XDD Anyway, good chapter! Can't wait to see more!
10/19/2010 c16 4craizypet
ahhh! kakashi! just spit it out! lol, im so impatient!

hmmm... wonder whats happening with Katie right now... hint... hint...

cough cough, well, looking forward to the next chappie very muchly!
10/19/2010 c1 7CaribbeanTrinidadian
post more
10/18/2010 c16 riotgirl777
I miss you, I really can't wait to see Katie's and Toby's/Madara's progressing relationship. I want to know how it will all turn out! X3 lol. =]
10/18/2010 c16 1Tsuki Kiba Kumori
i loved this chapter :3 can't wait for the kaite one! my favorite character :D kaite xtobi! x3!
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