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for Fangrlz II: Legends

9/6/2012 c20 N.KittyCat
So I read the entire Fangrlz story on a day and now I'm caught up o this only to see that haven't updated since febuary! Please update soon, I'm dying here! Still love you though.
8/7/2012 c20 Guest
I LOVE this story! The detail is amazing
7/22/2012 c20 aaaayms
Love it!
3/16/2012 c20 2hnnnnngghh
This was very fun to read. I've loved every bit of it. I understand how hectic life can be, but I can't wait to see what happens next. ;-;
3/10/2012 c20 Mj
I have read the story before this, and this. I love it! You write them well. It's very hard to pull that off. Update soon.
2/11/2012 c20 4Crowfether

But, but katie and tobi! XC

Omggg i can't wait for the next chapter!
2/11/2012 c20 lulla
2/10/2012 c20 BleachBunneh
Amazing story! Can't wait for the next chapter! I love this story!
2/9/2012 c20 katsekala
Great chapter! I missed you! Many kisses!
2/9/2012 c20 3DeeaE
i am sooooo happpppppyyyyy you updatedddddddddd!

2/8/2012 c20 2Xyxephrien
Wow, crawled back out of that rock, eh? It's good to get another chapter of this, but now I need to go back and read everything again so I remember what's going on...
2/8/2012 c20 11Thomas Drovin
Hey there! Welcome back for 2012! I had a feeling you were busy with life which is why you hadn't updated in a while, but I had no idea about the cheese grater incident! Are you okay now? Don't strain yourself too much if it's still sore, we can wait till it's fully healed.

Anyway now for my review...I see our young friends have discovered what happened to Katie and how she now has an evil personality given to her by Tobi's REAL self. Poor girl they'll have to extra careful with her and keep a close eye on her.

As for Kaitlyn if she has no wish to fight that's alright as it was said "This isn't a game. There are no lives. There is no re-spawn. You die and its game OVER."

I can see why Gaara was getting all serious, part of it was due to Kaitlyn in the upcoming war and the other was due to Katie's 'problem.'

Well the time draws near and we'll see how the Fangrlz do with their Ninja friends, I am SO looking forward to it! See you next update!

PS: With Valentine's Day coming up it might be fair to have one BREIF lull before the storm (if you know what I mean) before all hell breaks loose. Just an idea I thought I'd mention.

PPS: I look forward to how the Ninja army perform, thanks again for accepting some of my characters. Later!
2/8/2012 c20 Telekinetic Electric Ninja
Yayyyy! You updated! It was worth the wait... BUT I WANT SAM X SASUKE!

A girl can dream...
2/8/2012 c20 CloudEnvy12
Yay~! You're alive! XD and wow o.o the ending was deep! OoO lol I hope you don't wait too long to update the next chapter~! But don't worry I know what it's like when life catches up... especially homework xP ... oh and I also hope your hand is ok lol sounds like one epic battle well until next time~! ^^

PS I was just suddenly curious (and hehe sorry if you've already mentioned this earlier) but are all of your OCs based off of friends?
2/8/2012 c20 2Mozaic
When I saw this I thought, "Oh, she's put in a new authors note to apologize and tell us that she is going to discontinue the story."

Then I squealed so loud that I woke my sister up from her nap!

I'm so happy that you updated! As long as it doesn't take you months at a time to get the next chapter up, then you are forgiven and worshiped!

Do your best!
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