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8/16/2016 c1 8chipmunkwithwings
angst! the angst is everywhere! awesome one-shot! i wish there were more chapters now, but its still amazing as it is (i just want to know how they got help) but thanks for writing for us!
1/30/2012 c1 15kaleidoscope-dream
Oooh, nice play on the prompt. That's the only way I could see Zoro getting Usopp to tell him a story - because of a head wound. And you expanded on that nicely indeed! My favorite part out of this, though, is Usopp's thoughts on Zoro and his swords being the only thing between a living marksman and Usopp-burgers with a side of Sogeking-fries. Because that was priceless. A little bit of humor to make up for the angst, which is true to the show itself. Thanks for writing and sharing this.
6/4/2010 c1 8Ashleigh Errow
so good this rocks
4/14/2010 c1 1Mattora
Good story, I liked how Zoro react :)
4/11/2010 c1 19KayosHybrid
I wouldn't really say they was any angst or suspense or whatever, it was more whimsical and sweet than anything. That out of concern, Zoro will humour and entertain whatever it takes in someones character to keep them going. Like showing gentle, prompting interest in Usopp's stories to keep him conscious.
3/29/2010 c1 21IzumiTheMoogle
How come I've never reviewed this story before? It's so good!

I'd definitely read it before a few months ago, and I liked it then too, but for some unforeseen reason, I didn't review... O.o

This was a very original and suspenseful piece! Zoro and Usopp were both in perfect character, and I think it was awesome how you had Zoro have Usopp tell him a story so he wouldn't, well, die. (T.T)

I also liked how you said that usually Zoro just wanted Usopp to shut up, but now he just wanted him to keep talking. It was a good way to amp the suspense up. And we don't even get to see if Usopp lives! *shivers at the thought of Usopp dying*

A very sad little piece! But nevertheless, a good one! :D Definitely going to my favorites!
1/17/2010 c1 143roo17
Great story! I loved it!
9/23/2009 c1 34Lady Emzebel
oh wow, way to amp up the suspense. I love it and hate it all at the same time...well...not really hate, but I'm twitching with anticipation.

Zoro and Usopp nakamaship is truly a lovely lovely thing. :D

Keep on writing,

9/23/2009 c1 2element-earth
Its a really great start! I'm excited to read what happens next!

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