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for The Untold Story of Warriors

10/30/2009 c4 GinnyStar
She did what she had to do, and now is protecting her new leader and deputy and clan.
10/16/2009 c3 6Capitaine Jaf
This is really good! I hope we get to understand what happened to Heatherfoot and Lionpaw a bit more... One thing I noticed, you called Spottedfire Spottedleaf twice, so you might want to fix that. Can't wait to read more!

10/13/2009 c3 GinnyStar
Well written, no night fasting, or some special for the new one?

Good interaction, nice description of background of what going on.
9/25/2009 c2 GinnyStar
Good interaction, well written, and good background. A quesiton do new Warrior stand a night watch or something?
9/25/2009 c1 GinnyStar
“What? Cant a cat get some sleep around here?” You mean can't do you not. Good interaction, well written, and good discription of the background.

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