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18h c55 ink009
उच्चतम लिपि (Ucchatam Lipi) 'Highest Script' will be more accurate I believe. But of course that's quite a lot to ask when its a commendable effort you are undergoing to include language you dont even know!
19h c54 ink009
Man...deciphering the Sanskrit in the story is so fun! It may not be very accurate but the fact that it's been incorporated...
It's such a beautiful language, such a shame so many people aren't aware of it. It makes me heart dance to see it in atla fic.

'Uccanyayalaya' might be pronounced more like 'Uchh Nyayalay' (उच्च न्यायालय) Yes, quite a literal translation of High Court... if you mean to refer to a court of law.

A language spoken by nobles...maybe
उच्चतम भाषा (Ucchatam Bhaasha) 'Highest language'?
3/13 c91 Guest
A brilliant read. Thank you for the tale. Merci beaucoup
3/7 c91 coffeencurry
This story captured my imagination and left me breathless. Your use of figurative language is beautiful. Thank you for sharing such a gift - I am still in a daze.
2/28 c1 10Zgogery
Read #4! I love this story!
2/8 c57 3Gemini9506
I love embers, I think I have reread it atleast 5 times.
1/20 c91 3Grimmideals
Amazing story.
1/19 c91 sirmoocowthethird
Ohmy god what a masterpiece, incredible worldbuilding right to the end and a satisfying ending with twists i never saw coming sprinkled all through!
12/24/2022 c27 TSFreedom
Well, it was a good/great story for quite a while but there are too many inconsistencies for me to keep reading. The following are two such examples.

The odds are actually really good that Chin was the only person to die, you're making an assumption that the rest of that land was farmland (or that it hadn't been evacuated if it was) or that there may have been people in those forests. After all, Kyoshi didn't kill a single other member of Chin's army. Which is also inconsistent with how you portray her handling of these pirates, after all if she didn't resort to lethal force against Chin and his army why would she resort to lethal force against pirates?

There is also Zuko's claims that Katara attempted to kill him in one of the previous chapters, and for someone who fights as fiercely as Zuko does and flings around fire he doesn't have any room to talk.
12/18/2022 c16 3doraemax
Re-reading this bit, Ba Sing Se is very very lucky only Haima-Jiao came to cause havok. I mean, for their crime, if Koh were to take action, no other spirits will raise a hand to stop him. And their only hope would be if Aang himself forgives them and took action.
12/1/2022 c6 5darthvader042
i saw that star wars reference i see you loving the story so far
11/22/2022 c91 Terracotta Tortilla
Cute story. It was nice.
11/22/2022 c90 Terracotta Tortilla
Damn, Fire Lord and The Dragon got nerfed hard. In canon The Fire Lord just pointed his hand in a direction during the Day of The Comet and everything ceased to be there. Trees, land, water, etc. Gone in a wave of heat.

The Fire Lord and A Dark Dragon said to be as strong as a Fire Lord couldn't even barbeque a tiny little nation of like 50 people? That's wild to me. They got nerfed hard for the plot.

Still a good story though. Just reads like a comic book or anime plot. "This character is the strongest around and the protagonist can't even hope to match them, until they face the protagonist at a time when we need them to win dramatically."
11/22/2022 c88 Terracotta Tortilla
"Zuko has no way of winning this and won't finish off his father. He's lacking in power, lacking in numbers, and lacking in willingness to actually fight the enemy. His allies are about to be slaughtered but he has a thin thin thin chance of surviving. Let's introduce an evil spirit dragon that's stronger than the fire lord they already have no chance against, that sounds like a good ideaAuthor

Mate, just kill off Zuko at this point. There's no way he survives this without plot armor.
11/22/2022 c85 Terracotta Tortilla
Iroh offered up Zuko like a sacrificial lamb with his prayers. Turned him into a catalyst for change, and is now confused by the changes in his nephew that continue to occur. He made him into this with his actions, regardless of intent. The spirits take their tithe.

I love it. Great chapter.
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