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1/8 c36 2Detsella Morningdew
I don't know how you managed to capture the show's style of creative action scenes in written form, but you managed it, and it was excellent, only magnified by the rarity of said scene.

You also managed to make it feel cathartic without undercutting any of the opponents' ability.
1/8 c35 Detsella Morningdew
While I loved the scene when I watched the show, I did get disappointed that they did not at least bring up the possibility that the Fire Nation could take revenge against the North Pole for the Avatar's actions after he left. I knew that a kid's show, even as mature as Avatar is, would not dwell on mass scale death like that, but they could have at least touched on the tactical consequences, given that they liked to bring up tactical scenarios, especially with Sokka.

The reason that nukes were feared was because a country could make MORE of them. And they only got to the MAD situation once people started putting them in rockets to increase the range and not rely on bombers. (Thanks for the info about the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings. I didn't know about that. It's still horrible that a lot of innocent people died, but much less of a "war crime" level act than I thought it was.)
1/7 c30 Detsella Morningdew
The entire ending of Avatar seemed quite rushed to me. Including the Aang/Katara relationship. That ship could work... if a LOT of issues were dealt with first, many of those issues also seemingly cut for time restraints.

Seriously. It always seemed to me like the time limit on the Gaang was a cathartic release for the creators' own time limits. A "we have to get all these plot points done before Aang fights the Fire Lord, and we only have this many episodes to do it" type of thing.
1/7 c25 Detsella Morningdew
Yeah, the reason I like your work so much is that you add a realism to it. Not to say the original show wasn't grounded at all (it was far, far better than most cartoons and my favorite for a reason), but you have a way with psychology that most writers don't. You keep (previous) events mostly canon, but apply real-world logic and don't villify the Fire Nation. You don't even villify the entirety of the Dai Li. The original show did a token effort at that (at least with the Fire Nation), but it did kinda assume that people weren't intelligent enough to do it subtly.

(The Sun Warriors were neat, but it kinda undercut the theme that firebender culture isn't wholly bad, just the newest regime. And while there were some instances of Water and Earth cultures having flaws, we don't actually get that with Air. At all. I mean, there's the whole nonviolence thing, but even the ending reinforces that Aang was obviously right all along because he had a Deus Ex Machina ability given to him.)
1/6 c23 Detsella Morningdew
Absolutely love your realistic culture clashes.
1/6 c21 Detsella Morningdew
Yeah, Katara is... well, the type of person who has to learn things the hard way.

I mean, Zuko *did* learn everything the hard way, but he at least has the capability of learning from others, even if his trauma makes it a trying task.

Huh. Well, now that I think about it, they are remarkably similar. Zuko arguably had more trauma, but that doesn't necessarily matter psychologically. And they obviously have different personalities.
1/6 c19 Detsella Morningdew
I have no honest idea why all of the Avatar fandom doesn't know about this fic already.

Seriously. I don't think I've found a single flaw so far, except maybe, like, a typo.
1/6 c14 Detsella Morningdew
Absolutely love an unreliable narrator. And you do it so well that I wasn't entirely sure if you were just demonstrating possible consequences of Aang's naive decisions or if it actually was just paranoia. Because I could totally see Aang making a broad decision like that that sounds good on paper and might work out great a few generations down the line but has horrible consequences for families in the moment.
1/6 c11 Detsella Morningdew
Now that I've seen how it can be done, I am very disappointed that Avatar did not go more into detail about how your element affects *you* on a spiritual level.
1/6 c10 Detsella Morningdew
I absolutely love your take on Avatar. I never thought I might say this, since the original Avatar series is the best, but you might have actually done a better job.

(I know that adapting something is not the same thing as creating it. But you still have done an excellent job.)
1/6 c6 Detsella Morningdew
"Only imperial firebenders are that precise."

I hate you. I hate you so much.

On a side note, I've never liked a story more.
1/6 c33 2WildlyLaughing
Is Zuko the Dragonborn?!
1/6 c1 2Detsella Morningdew
Oh my god. I didn't know I needed this, but I'm glad I found it.
1/4 c16 2WildlyLaughing
I love how even the master benders in this fanfic still have to learn more and find out more about their element so that they can keep improving. Toph learning from others about even small things like jade just keeps making the whole story even better
1/2 c6 BlueAzaleah
This is my second time reading this story - I couldn’t resist, it’s just so good. Did I comment last time? I don’t remember; sometimes I use different names, so.

Anyway, you have no idea how excited I was when reading about Iroh’s prayer. It was about three lines into the italicized part when I realized that Iroh was praying to Tui and La. Then I scrolled up and read it again and when I got to the part where he asked Yue for help I was like “Yes! I knew it!” and oh god this is where it all starts but not really.

... and then I had another thought just now that the thing with Zuko might have happened later, with the healer (I’m trying not to spoil anything for new readers; those who know what I mean, know what I mean) and now I’m feeling kinda dumb for getting so excited.
Whatever. I don’t remember exactly how it happened, but I remember that I really really loved your story, and I know I’ll love it even more when I read it for a second time.
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