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for Demon Dragon Rider

3/8 c3 21Dragonexx
I don't think the rider death dragon death is canon to the books...
3/1 c32 1AyanoZonurai
This story was good too, at first from reading the summary I thought it was a cross between Naruto and How to Train Your Dragon, I was pleasantly surprised with the actual story
9/4/2022 c23 Nathair1
i can't find "the kitsune overlord"

where is it?

feel free to pm me
10/4/2021 c32 Guest
This is a very good serious
8/6/2021 c32 Astramilitarum01
It's not terrible but to be honest it's cringe. 80% of the characters make no sense, and some plotpoints like kushina as a slave is only in the story for extra drama and even than makes very little sense if we talk about the same women that was infamous in the war.
The romance is also pretty weak .
Like I said the story is not bad but the character development is not up to par with the idea of the plot
7/16/2021 c4 Wolf
Fail. Chakra metal is required to channel chakra in it more than a couple times before it eats away the metal. Armor in Naruto is not used. Most ninja can punch right through it. Why do you think boxy armor is limited in use today. Bullets can go right through it. 50 pound weight would not even be noticed by naruto after a week. Lee uses weight that are 500-1000 pounds on each leg. He runs around with 1000 pound rocks doing his challenges. Seriously a sword and shield from a DRAGONS back? Just No. Maybe kunai or even a bow. Bows after 100 meters are just not powerful enough or fast enough to use in a ninja battle. Think about why archers were used in a line and numbers. The heros like hawkeye and green arrow are complete bull stink.
5/3/2021 c29 9UltimateAvengers
5/3/2021 c21 UltimateAvengers
4/2/2021 c3 Castiel2712
Oh God the movie yeah
Hur Dur im gonna be a phoenix now to grow
12/3/2020 c3 Guest
This is one of the most pretentious and retarded fanfics I have ever read, for the love of god all of the mistakes that are made when it comes to character writing, how overzealously the author is sucking the dick the battle types and fighting styles in eragon is ludicrous, the moment he would try to fight like this in a shinobi battle he would be hilariously outclassed, the author seems to forget that the main weakness of chain mail is how weak it is to piercing attacks, like an arrow or Kunai, a weapon that literally every ninja carries? Like honestly it’s like no research was done and the author is like a special needs person who no one ever had the guts to tell that they were incorrect in everything they have ever done. Don’t even get me started on how weirdly the training is handled. It’s like he was simply trying to copy what eragon went through with brom except the author seems to forget that eragon was a simple farm boy who had never seen any type of combat while naruto is a teenager who has used chakra for years, has heightened strength and reflexes, and also has a primordial demon stuck in his gut, honestly it lazy and insulting to anyone who is a fan of either of these worlds. We know for a fact that naruto is a master of hard work so I find it hard to believe that he would get easily tired from a two hour training session. That’s like a morning workout for him. To sum it up it’s like someone who read a synopsis of both stories decided to write a fanfic while knowing the bare minimum of info on all subjects involved. It’s the classic, all of the good fanfics are abandoned and the mediocre and bad ones are the ones who have “dedicated” authors
10/28/2020 c23 1Rhyn3
wait a sec. why aren't you denying that you own the Inheritance Saga, and why are you stating the obvious fact that you don't own Overlord?
10/26/2020 c32 4camilaflordeloto
I freaking loved it! I even said "what's sleep anyway? Next chapter!" Hahaha and it was totally worth it! Thanks for this FF and that plot twist concerning certain red heads blew me away haha. Nice one though angsty as hell too!
4/8/2020 c24 8OnGuard
with all the info from the Naruto cannon out, would you like to revise your justification of Kabuto summoning Minato?
2/2/2020 c32 Kingkong101
Too forgiving is so shitty
12/2/2019 c32 marcinkrycki2314
Well 12 out of 10 i supose but there is unanwsered question. Is Eragon and Arya in inecstous relationship?
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