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8/20/2014 c1 5Miss Emotion
I really liked that! Hakuba... With pink hair XD and the banter was hilarious! I hope they help clean Conan's house later otherwise that would be cruel.. :P
8/28/2012 c1 4Seta Kaita
3/16/2012 c1 3soaring freedom
Soooooooooo hilariuos I couldn’t stop laughing it was totally random and that is what makes it amazing
1/17/2010 c1 1Dignity-Nightfall
hmm...I wonder how they got Kid into Kudo Manor in the first place...Chasing him with a fish, maybe?

Speaking of fish, I wonder what'll happen if he hears them playing XDD
1/2/2010 c1 1ArabianNinja
lol, the awesomeness! XD
12/25/2009 c1 MeiGrace
MUAHAHAHAH~! this makes me wonder about so many thingsbut i LOVE it its so awsome about how all 4 people in the anime/manga are all gathered up and its just hilarious to think of kuroba getting high on coffee xD nice :)
9/25/2009 c1 3Antipink
(Ardith) HAHAHA oh thats funny, I always wondered what happened when you have Kaito caffine.
9/25/2009 c1 51StargateNerd
'Just because I'm small.' XDD Poor Co-chan, no one listens to the vertically challenged XD
9/25/2009 c1 WolfDaughter
Heh...all it'll take for them to be free of the hyper Kid is for him to hear what it is they're playing. He'll be gone out the window before they can blink.

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