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6/5/2018 c2 mike
good job
12/13/2016 c9 jasongd
This Is very very VERY good story congratulation
I hope you will continue this
Bwen Forever
12/10/2016 c9 tonyalexander13
Is this story ded or wut?
8/16/2010 c9 5Lord Xantos A. Fowl
1/6/2010 c4 244doc boy
oh my G-d... this is really beginning to creep me out... and scare me too... i really hope they will be together in the end... it would not be good if they won't...
12/20/2009 c7 1XXXB-A-R-B-I-E super singerXXX
Love it ^_^
11/14/2009 c7 Suoiretsym
This is very good. I like your style of how I feel like I'm right there in the fic with the characters. Can't wait to see the next update. Keep up the awesome job.
11/13/2009 c7 justaghost999
Excellent. An upgrade of previous chapters. Might I suggest instead of emphasizing words using bold, use italics instead. It makes the whole thing cleaner. All in all a good read. update
11/12/2009 c7 Acocarbono
I have not watched the episode in which Verdona appeared but, from what I researched it, I haven`t reasons for pity Verdona , but your fic still is interesting and moving, I'm curious to know the details about Verdona and Ben . Congratulations on your fic.
11/12/2009 c7 4darthdragon
Good as allways.

11/2/2009 c5 darthdragon
I have got to be completely honest, this is perhaps the best fic I have read today( in case your wondering I have read 18 other ficss today) I love the emotion and the plot line. I look forward to reading the next chapter.

10/20/2009 c5 B
Hi, I'm glad you posted a new chapter, I was wainting a update on your fanfic. Continue to write, please!
10/10/2009 c3 1Yuna Azreal Ryuuzaki
Good...Very good...Do you know how to get to the forums? If you do, it's as simple as clicking "reply" on the most recent post. To get to the forums, go to the Ben 10 main page, click "discussion forums" and for Bwen, "BenxGwen Rocks!". I would suggest "Ben and Gwen's relationship". That's where all the action is. It would probably help if you read through the 40+ pages, just so you know a bit about everyone and what they do. It isn't required, just recommended. (At least by me.)
10/9/2009 c3 B
“I am getting a cover and some pillows. Perverts cannot be trusted ya know Gwen.”

I am enjoying the funny bits, and this chapter was my favorite so far. Keep writing it. Congratulations!
10/8/2009 c2 Yuna Azreal Ryuuzaki
Nice...just one question, though...what's a nerdlinger?
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