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for The Winter NonVacations

12/28/2010 c23 9Lord Pata
It's okay, at least you aren't leaving us without this fic, you're only giving us a better version ^^

Good to see you're still working on it ^^
12/28/2010 c23 dale89
Okay. So are you doing a whole new story or are you rewriting this story, just better?

Anyway glad to see you are still alive and yes there are some of us out here awaiting more.
12/14/2010 c19 15Raxius
I like it
10/23/2010 c1 dale89
Like, cant wait to read more
4/24/2010 c20 9Lord Pata
Nice update though I sure missed a lot I think I was short reading a few chapters lol

Anyways it is getting really good, I'm glad you're still writing this ^^
9/27/2009 c6 Lord Pata
Loved your prophecy, you sure are good at writting prophecies ^^

Seems things will become hard for our friends soon o.o

Glad to see another chapter, I will be waiting for more ^^
9/26/2009 c5 Lord Pata
Interesting fic, please tell me Patamon will be with Gatomon please, the fic is Takari so why not a little PataGato too? besides Veemon is drunk, I doubt Gatomon would like that o.o

I liked that of Patamon opening a bar lol

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