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for Death of Today

5/10 c70 4TheFluffyBakura
Ive never left a review ever since I first read this back 2012 but I always re-read it during my college years and even now time and time again.
2/14 c57 Tufrutilla22
Muy buena
1/4 c70 1jugrinba
I keep coming back to this story since I first read it years ago. Every time it's a long journey, but every single time it's also a true pleasure.
Thank you for this, I'm amazed by your talent and your work will always have a place in my heart.
Wish I had this story on paper, on a real book for how good it is and how I would love to add notes and highlight my favourite parts.
Again, thank you so much for creating and writing this
1/3 c70 PeoplesuckreadInstead2
I am FLABBERGASTED. I loved reading this v much
12/4/2023 c70 Daniel Pelzer
Super Fanfikchen
11/27/2023 c18 NIKITADBON
11/27/2023 c17 NIKITADBON
Gran capítulo, me ha encantado
11/27/2023 c16 NIKITADBON
Mmmm vaya, vaya…
11/27/2023 c15 NIKITADBON
Vaya… que intenso ️
11/27/2023 c13 NIKITADBON
Se acaban de comprometer?
11/27/2023 c11 NIKITADBON
Dios esto es tan bueno ️️️
11/27/2023 c9 NIKITADBON
Regulus está vivo!
11/27/2023 c8 NIKITADBON
Wow ️
11/26/2023 c6 NIKITADBON
¡Este capítulo estuvo increíble!
Así que Regulus es el padre de Izar... pensaba que era Sirius
11/26/2023 c4 NIKITADBON
Lili aparece por primera vez. Mmm parece arrepentida, pero supongo que eso ya no importa, no?
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