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8/14/2019 c24 Guest
Ha, Tommy boy is LYING through his teeth. He's smitten with Izar.
8/13/2019 c21 1jaron5
But looking at Daphne, Izar wondered who the hell Tom riddle was

PRICELESS! ABSOLUTELY DARN PRICELESS! And lol Tom would have a bloody stroke if Izar did anything with Daphne. Omg I feel like Izar is not very affected by Tom but Tom bloody shatters and salivates around him. Priceless.
8/10/2019 c71 8Ishiro Shizuka
7/25/2019 c71 Sbb1724
I can say that I have never read a fanfiction like this. I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT! I loved everything about this fic, especially the ending because I was surprised and it left me both satisfied and wanting more. <3
7/24/2019 c40 Guest
It seems a shame to stop here but I'm pretty maxed out. I tried to push through but this barely has the bones of a Harry Potter story — not my cup of tea, but if that's your thing, cheers.

I admire your dedication in writing this and your imagination.
7/19/2019 c71 Guest
This has been the most beautiful fanfic story I have ever read and I will always love it.
Ur writing is so.. Just there..
7/17/2019 c20 3TheBlackHunting
I totally agree with you! I mean, it was like wtf with Voldemort looking at a fifteen year old kid with lust, or possessiveness, whatever, I was angry about that, I wasn’t comfortable with it, but now that I know that Voldemort is actually a creature and Izar is his mate then it all makes sense and Voldemort doesn’t look like a pedophile! It was so weird think about Voldemort looking to kids that way, like, please no.
7/17/2019 c17 TheBlackHunting
Okay, the story has been pretty good, I mean, you have such a brilliant imagination! And I love the couple that Harry and Tom make, but, leaving that aside, dud, wtf, why the heck would Izar help Nott to kill someone? I mean, he hasn’t killed someone in his life, he hates to speak or interact with people, he hasn’t even talked with Nott before (Maybe if Daphne was the one looking for revenge I would understand it, maybe, but a completely unknown person?) the Slytherin despise mudblooods like him (because that’s what they think he is) and just wtf why would someone just go and kill another one just because a random guy wanted revenge? This is so out of the blue, I’m sure you have your motives, but for now I’m like wtf this is one of the worst filler I have ever read and it looks so bad because the rest of your story is so good! I’m stressed right now god, this is just so not-Izar like.
7/12/2019 c70 3GivemeRiddle
I’m in awe that you got through this all without rambling. Especially, while writing izar’s thoughts. It isn’t easy to be succinct and people tend to repeat themselves. I usually get a headache and my eyes glaze over. I am so damn happy this was very to point:’) bravo
7/12/2019 c71 GivemeRiddle
Oh my.. this was absolutely stunning; power plays are such a turn on.
I admit i am surprised i haven’t read this before since it was written so long ago. Perhaps, it is exactly that reason that i mossed it, i wasn’t into this ship in.. 2011? Was it? Not to mention it’s actually compete omg
Regardless, i would’ve expected this to come up in the top 10 at least.
The way you have interpreted Izar’s thoughts is beautiful and i will admit I’m fangirling over the way you wrote the gore and bloodshed. Not to mention this is one of the most believable non- time turner hp/tmr slash I’ve read. Although ofc, izar’s intelligence is not canon but i do tire of harry’s Hot headedness In most fics. And lucius was a breath of fresh air just as much as lily was depressing.
Hmph. The General population is truly unappreciative of the genius of this fic. So Machiavellian. And so underrated. I’m going to browse through your other work now.. it is rare that writing would keep me so captivated that i lose focus on my surrounding. Any more at least. That’s how i gauge literature.
Anyway. Big kudos to you! Gotta get back to my exam preparation but it was a wonderful two day hiatus
Much love
7/11/2019 c71 3sami1010220
This was absolutely fantastic. I wasn't sure how I felt about a main character that wasn't Harry Potter, buy all of the characters were so real! And the plot! I couldn't stop reading, it was so smooth and entertaining. I'm glad you aren't giving in and writing a sequel, I can't think of a more perfect ending. Congrats on finishing this amazing story!
7/10/2019 c71 Sabeystar
I thought it was the cutest ending and one that I was hoping for. Thank you
6/24/2019 c25 narutoppgzbff
What Izar just said to Draco wreck my whole life good god
6/20/2019 c8 Guest
Q gf x
6/20/2019 c71 candace.m.olufs
This story really had a lot of depth to it. I have to say to the author that they are probably remarkably more clever than I am since I wouldn't be able to write something with so many mind games between the characters. The story really had a lot of dark undertones to it and I sometimes felt frustrated by Izar's constant pessimism and inability to really trust others but at the same time it was part of his character. I never felt that any of the characters went against their nature. This was the first time I read a story where the main character had such a relationship with the Dark Lord where he wasn't necessarily the Dark Lord's equal in power but in intellect and insanity. And I liked how he was slightly different from the Dark Lord because he retained a sliver of humanity and ability to connect with people that the Dark Lord didn't. It made me feel that they were perfect for each other.
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