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11/26/2023 c3 NIKITADBON
Me encanta esto!
11/26/2023 c1 NIKITADBON
¡Me encanta esto!
Tengo muchas ideas... es Sirius Black el verdadero padre de Harry (Izar)?
Al parecer Lili ya estaba casada, porque se refirió a ella como "Lili Potter" así que supongo que entregó a su bebé a un orfanato por su infidelidad
10/13/2023 c70 Anankastic Eosphoros
I wanted to come back and read this, and wow, what an amazing blast from the past. I thoroughly enjoyed this! Thank you 3
9/22/2023 c70 Apollo117mc
This was soooo good bro. Good on you for writing one of the best fanfics ever fucking made. You are an absoloute legend bro :D
8/7/2023 c70 Guest
I really enjoyed this ending. I like how Izar got around Aidens vision and am glad that Tom and Izar will have a lot of time to play and drive each other crazy. It was a wild ride and I loved every moment of it. Thanks for writing such a masterpiece.
7/25/2023 c1 yasserleoz
Loved it
7/23/2023 c23 nvtkaaxoxo
you are a bloody 15 izar !
7/13/2023 c1 Emma103
hi there author. i was wondering if there is still somewhere i could read the original version from 2009, as that was my favorite one.
7/12/2023 c70 Msscleverfox
I love this story! This had my attention for days! Ill be checking out for more of your stories!
5/28/2023 c1 Ltbutterfly287
Does no one else find it creepy to pair a boy with a seventy year old man
5/24/2023 c13 2The Psychotic Queen
OK, I don’t know if you’re still reading comments on this, but AO3 won’t let me make a comment at all.

But what the hell does this mean?!

‘I didn't feel right converting it unless I could look over the chapters and try to revise/edit what I could. Death of Today was written in 2009-it's going to have some cliche plot devices, overused tropes, and undeveloped story lines. As much as I'd like to do a total revision, and fix all of that, I only have time to look at sentence structure and dialogue.’

Seriously, this hurts. Kinda breaks my heart you don’t have enough confidence to realize THIS FANFIC IS PERFECT. No, for real, I’ve re-read this fic SO many times, I can tell a person the entire plot and I remember and love EVERYTHING. This continues to forever be my favorite HP fic since I found it more than 10 years ago, and I read a TON of fic. I’ve actually pondered asking your permission to bind this into a book (for my own personal use only) but then I remembered how long it is and how much ink that would take, and I died inside, lol.

If you REALLY want to revise and edit on AO3 of course go ahead, it’s your writing. But can I request that you don’t replace/change the one here on ? One of the authors of a favorite Loki fic did that, and while it was their choice I did feel pained because passages I loved ended up disappearing, replaced by new ones. I love this story as it is, and I’m going to happily re-read this fic again.

Not that I’m expecting you to, but if you want to reply to this you can at across-the-lokiverse on tumblr. Beware, if you do there’s more compliments coming your way.
3/26/2023 c70 Olisia550
oh my god you are litteraly my fucking idol. Everything about this story (plot, tom and harry relationship, side characters, plot twists) EVERYTHING is perfect. I've already read it about five times in my language, and even though I don't usually return to books, this one gets better every time. On my knees before you
3/25/2023 c70 1WinterbourneMage
I don't know if you still read reviews on such an old story but I've just finished rereading for about the fourth time. Finished it in two days this time, hardly even stopped to eat. The way you write is unique and stands out and this story? It is my favorite. I'm an avid reader, must have read thousands of books by now, and death of today is my favorite book. As much as I love Riddle and the world of Harry Potter, I always find myself seeking a deeper, darker look into the world then the books could ever offer, and you've pulled it off like no other. Truly brilliant despite the grammar mistakes lol :)
2/10/2023 c70 Guest
A wonderful story!️
1/4/2023 c58 GardenGnome94
What does it mean “tweak” the spaces on your profile. No matter what I do. I cannot get those links to work.
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