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for Death of Today

7/21/2022 c9 Kiniyan1
why was everyone attacking his height though, mah boy doesn't deserve the treatment!
6/26/2022 c1 Guest
What's happened? Why has this fanfic been altered?
6/21/2022 c70 Larissa Paiva
Did I cry at Izar's death for nothing? Thank you so much for creating this captivating story, the slightest writing errors even go unnoticed with the ferocity with which I read.
5/27/2022 c70 3Menodara
Absolutely amazing concept, and a great story. I absolutely love your author notes since they are short and to the point.

I liked Cygnus and his experiments, despite how wrong they are. Such an interesting take on his character, differing from other fanfics.

I am not a shipper of Voldemort and Harry, but this one is that sort of fic where you don't want to read it but is still intriguing and at the end, you wish you could read more slowly but keep speeding because this is so good!

I couldn't even cry when Sirius died. Just numb shock. Brings back memories of the first time when I saw Sirius die (I watched the movies first).

Of course, Izar didn't die. It was obvious to me that he wouldn't.

Seriously, I love Bellatrix's character. Taking a liking to Izar only after he proved himself was so in character for Bellatrix.

That brings me to Izar. To be blunt, he didn't strike me as that of a prodigy. Powerful, maybe, but not prodigy. But I am not gonna deny that. It was exhilarating, his character. Stubborn and prideful thestral.

I love what you did to Lily and Regulus. Absolutely loved Regulus in this story. Lily's character was so heartbreaking and despite everyone's initial impression of her, she is so likeable.

I couldn't help but smile when Lucius kissed Izar. He seems to attract everyone's attention.

DracoDaphne is not something I considered, but you pulled it off. I say, their relation is even better than Voldemort and Izar.

Are you planning on making a sequel to this? Perhaps he title could be "Next Phase of Immortality" or what I like to refer to this story as in my head "Dance of Today".

Over all, I think this is amazing and was definitely a really long read, but so worth it in the end.
5/25/2022 c70 GingerVix
I'm beside myself that it's over. I'm like Izar right now: I don't want to sort out and accept my emotions until I'm ready for it.
I read your fanfiction in another language in translation, but that translation is still in the process and takes too long. So that you understand - this is the first fan fiction that I decided to read in English (albeit with a translator in my arms, haha). Everything was so not nice to me without continuing, I literally could not live, study until I read to the end! (And having finished reading now, I'm not sure that I can continue to live the same life).

The end turned out sweet - and I like it! Perhaps something else would be more logical, but this turn in this universe does not seem so unreal. I want to thank you for such a long work, that despite the fact that in the end it was no longer nice for you to write all this, you still finished this work. We are all very grateful to you. We love you for giving us such a unique Izar (which has been on my mind all this time. I'm constantly trying to find, assemble his perfect image. I think sooner or later I will draw it as soon as I get a tablet), for your extraordinary, powerful, but humane Dark Lord. It's brilliant. I want to say that this is the best fandom for me. Thank you very much.
5/13/2022 c70 Elijohn67
I greatly enjoy reading your story, it was masterfully written, the plot is just waow! Thank you and hope u'll keep enjoying writting! Xx
3/27/2022 c1 thecloudgazingfreak
I love this story so much. the character development for Tom and izar is amazing. Lucius is also my favorite character in the story
3/26/2022 c24 erichg
another OP mc huh
3/26/2022 c24 erichg
this is one of those story that i find not interesting but highly entertaining that when i stop reading i forgot and in need of rereading but too lazy and just wing it
3/19/2022 c8 Akiraliz
DUDE when he said "or maybe you two can situate yourself around me" pum HAHAHA that was MARVELOUS
3/16/2022 c62 BadgeryFox
Wait, lol I just noticed there are reasons...that I simply have to switch to ao3 and peruse some scenes that I didn't notice the glaring lack of so far. I just thought it didn't go into more detail and any memories I had of such themes were just my own overeager imagination. *grin* Off to indulge myself even further, with love, BadgeryFox
3/16/2022 c61 BadgeryFox
My god this chapter is such a beauty... I am in love with the whole story and it's one of my all time favourites (am actually on my second read through after randomly having thought of it again and just had to indulge myself immediately :) I think the first time was a few years ago so it made quite the impression!) This chapter though: the exhilarating chase through the ministry, augmented by beautiful visuals of every action, the dark lord stealthily observing Izar and the ensuing banter between them and then the conclusion with them in their rooms... It's just marvellous! Fantastic story! Thank you for writing, you amazing author!
2/27/2022 c12 1jiromanawari
it's so frustrating how idiotic and thoroughly unimpressive the mc is
2/27/2022 c10 jiromanawari
for a supppsed "prodigy", he isn't very smart at all.
2/18/2022 c41 royal-ides
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