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11/10/2021 c70 1LANALLAMA05
This book was absolutely amazing! The amount of effort and thought put into it is breathtaking.
11/6/2021 c70 Inu Tashiro p
This was wonderful
10/22/2021 c70 1theFreakno4
this is the most anticipating slow burn book I've ever read, but it is just cool, I really loved Lily, she represented me, like her, I know I have to feel it, but I don't
10/17/2021 c57 Jaye
This is what I hate about stories on this site. IF YOU WANT TO TAKE OUT LELONS THEN DO THAT BUT DONT TAKE THEM OUT THEN TELL US YOU TOOK THEM OUT! It makes it seem to us (the readers) that we’re missing a part of the story smh. This is why I stick to AO3 fanfics or wattpad smh. I can’t even enjoy this fanfic anymore smh. I’m done
10/7/2021 c1 9TKitsune
9/23/2021 c70 3MattyBleu
I’m in love with this story, and this author’s writing style. I often read hp/lv fics because they’re largely the only psychological thrillers in the genre, and even then, many don’t truly flesh out the characters and instead focus solely on power and plot furthering, leaving their story emotionless, flat. You can write a few words and make it seem dandy, but it’ll never move beyond just that, an illusion.
This author puts value into these characters, and deserves to be recognized!
9/21/2021 c3 1the-cari-moose
Izar being 14 the summer after his fourth year makes no sense.
The only reason why he would be a year behind his original peers was if his birthday was pushed back by at least 4 weeks due to his being dumped at the orphanage. In that case he would be similar to Hermione only a year younger. He'd start 4th year at 14 and a few days into the term he'd turn 15. Now in the summer between 4th year and 6th year he should be about to turn 16 right after term commences.

He's not actually a year younger, his birthday was just displaced by a few weeks.
8/20/2021 c2 CoCoine
I am looking for an artist who would be able to create a tattoo design for me based on this story. of course I will pay well. relatively minimalist style, black line, no color. I invite you to contact me in a private message, details to be discussed. ps. if it's been a long time since I posted this comment, don't worry. go ahead, waiting for you.
8/17/2021 c70 Victoria Stanley
Absolutely Fantastic ! Brilliant story, well written and I love the ending !
8/9/2021 c12 Guest
Dropping this fic, you made harry so fucking weak, hell its just an OC at this point
7/20/2021 c70 1Messy99
I loved it ! At first I was a bit sad to not been able to read about Izar debut at hogwarts and I didn't know if I would like him but I think he's my favourite "dark harry" so far ! I liked the his complex character, his protectiveness towards his loved ones, his relationship with his parents, going from hating lily with him liking her the fact that you choose regulus as tje father which was unespected but so fitting in the story, also the touch of Black insanity *kiss chief* ! His relationship with tom too. I wanted it to go faster but at same time I loved reading their slow burn 3 And the end ! It was perfect I didn't see ot coming ! I tough he had really went trough with the non resurrection plan even if you hinted that he couldn't didn't want to hurt Voldemort this way 'cause he loved him. But he actually decided to best him and go for a total victory getting his revenge, healing draco, besting Voldemort and not hurting him while doing so. Such a satifying end your writting is flawless !
7/19/2021 c5 1padfootscatchingfire
Having read Death of Today countless times since its publication, I wasn’t sure how the revised version would compare to the original, which was my favorite HP fanfic out there. However, the revisions give the story a more mature and refined feel, and the author has clearly improved their ability to show rather than tell. I love the enhanced subtlety of the revised edition. As for the story itself, I highly recommend Death of Today to anyone looking for a darker protagonist and a deep dive into the sociopolitical implications of the HP universe. The twists and turns of the story are unexpected and cleverly laid out, so much so that I still find new clues with each reread. The relationships between Rowling’s characters and OC’s are seamlessly constructed, and the new magical elements are exciting and well thought-out. Thanks for writing such an enjoyable fic!
7/18/2021 c1 IloveSebastian16
I love this story so much I re-read it at least twice a year. I mainly read on AO3, this is the only fanfic I read on this site so I was SO EXCITED to see you’re re-uploading this story there. I can’t tell you how happy I am about that! I can’t wait to re-read it for the millionth time
7/6/2021 c1 emelybarrios2006
Hello, can I translate this story to spanish a post it in wattpad, please?
6/21/2021 c70 1Fox-HP-24
Fantastic. I love the way Voldemort and Izar's relationship works.
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