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6/20/2021 c70 8Gummybear.Michaelis
This story was very good! I loved it very much. One of my favorite things was the constant tension between the two. I think that it added a lot of intensity to their relationship. I loved it! Thank you so much!
6/14/2021 c1 CoCoine
this is my favourite book. thank you for providing many amazing impressions. I'm reading for the fifth time (I know it's not the last). it may be shocking, but this book has had a huge impact on my life. sincerely thank you. you have incredible talent and I wish you the best.
6/12/2021 c70 kynkyn
I have read many, many completed and un-completed stories on harry potter fics on different websites but believe me when I say that this is totally one of the favorites that I will guard closely in my heart. thank you for lending your considerable time, skill, and passion to create this masterpiece.
5/29/2021 c41 neonka811
'and suddenly immortality didn't feel so alone' is my favourite quote from this fiction, even if Izar and Voldemort relationship is complex, they still got each other for forever
5/20/2021 c70 athenamalfoyy
this is my first time writing a review and i loved the ending! it took me quite a few days to finish the storybut it was worth it. the ending was unexpected, but it was much better rather than having voldemort resurrect izar.
5/18/2021 c70 Guest
I don’t review often but I wanted to congratulate you on an incredible story! I thoroughly enjoyed the different character dynamics and the ending was exactly what I wanted (I really didn’t want Voldemort to resurrect Izar but I would’ve understood if you chose to end the story like that). Honestly this was a whirlwind from start to finish and I am looking forward to reading more of you stuff! All the best.
5/17/2021 c17 Guest
I’m really enjoying the edits reading this the second time around. I feel like Voldemort’s dialogue with others is more interesting, and we see more of his character. Or maybe it’s just that I’m reading the story for the second time and am catching things I missed Definitely a possibility
5/15/2021 c70 Yukino-chan
So glad you didn't off Draco!
5/14/2021 c70 Guest
Awesome fanfic! Will you ever write a sequel or a one shot of heir next cycle ?
5/9/2021 c54 Doceeris
I still appreciate this fiction as much, it is really incredible. Although the recent passage on the ministry, of which Oran and his invention and the events connected with it cooled me a little, I find that Izar could have done better, but it remains interesting all the same !
But there, my DECEPTION in the face of this ultimately traitorous Severus? It breaks me, this whole game from the start, he enlisted Regulus (although the man deserves all the freedom in the world, I blame him absolutely nothing!)
and betrayed Izar. Severus betrayed Izar. Sorry, I honestly hope I'm wrong and jump to some wanted cliffhanger conclusions.
5/7/2021 c23 Doceeris
I'm not an english native but you're story is really nice to read, I understand almost all. I really love the story and I really like this "Harry"/, our best boy Izar !
I post my first comment on this 23th chapters because, this chapters marks the started game between Izar and Tom and Il love their development together !
I look forward others chapters, the story is really entertaining. :)
4/30/2021 c70 4Cristin X
I was very happy with the story, surprising from beginning to end. you were faithful to each character.
Thank you for giving us such creative writing. :)
4/30/2021 c25 SaintlyMonarch
This fanfiction is absolutely horrible.
4/30/2021 c23 SaintlyMonarch
This plot is horroble.
4/29/2021 c17 SaintlyMonarch
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