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for Harry Potter and the Price of Being Noble

9/3 c52 2Sarek5959
Awesome story! Too bad it's abandoned! :-(
7/2 c39 11selenepotter
Why are the Dursleys charging a fee for the tour?
6/17 c29 ReviewerPops
Hehehe. Technically that's an impossibility. Since Harry is effectively PAYING their way to mischief and mayhem. It'll be at his expense regardless kekeke.
6/17 c28 ReviewerPops
I wouldn't say she's not independent. We've seen her do some things that require said independence and a strong will. After all she did spend 5 years in a body too young for her age that left her ostracized. It just so happens that she chose a different escape than her sister and Hermione did. While they chose learning about anything they could. Gabrielle chose to get lost in the romanticism of Harry Potter. Only to have the real thing be better than anything she ever imagined as she says and for her to discover that while she was still in her romanticism phase just compounded it. We could say that as women in love with their man that they all have him on a pedestal. It just so happens that Gabrielle's pedestal sits much higher than theirs does due to circumstance.
6/16 c19 ReviewerPops
yeah while the actual skin is thicker it's really only the top layer they shed and isn't that thick. So while they couldn't make mage armor out of the actual basilisk. They could make it out of the shed skin.

On another note if you are just avoiding the OP armor thing you could just easily say that the magic hits the epidermis but is absorbed by the dermis. Therefore it's the dermis itself that has the property of nullifying and absorbing magic and it's much thicker than the epidermis especially on a snake that size and is the part they have to render down causing it to lose that property.

On yet another note that means they'd make a lot more money selling the shed skins to clothes makers since it's basically skin they don't have to render down ergo even if they pay a mark up it'd still be cheaper than what is on the actual basilisk since they could start working with it immediately without waiting 3 to 4 years and using money on the rendering process to make the skin useable while still selling said clothes at the same price.


Also can just totally accept that basilisk skin layers are thicker Kappa.
5/14 c50 jimmy.oz
Really is a great story needs updates though.
5/10 c52 kmazuk
Really looking forward to your next chapter!
5/3 c14 David
I wish all the fan-fic writers did a recap chapter every so often like this.

Thank you very much for setting an example that I really hope other writers start to follow in the future.
4/20 c17 4Wackuhdoodle
Wow, this was honestly the best way I’ve seen someone describe the House Elf Bond! Great job on that! Normally it’s just, “Oh, they can’t survive without a bond” and then Hermione gives up, which I don’t think she would do. She’d probably start looking for ways to allow them to not have a bond and still live before anything else, imo.
3/23 c52 CeeGee
You have written nothing on this story since Feb 16 2022. Witch means I have been reading over 400,000words for nothing thanks for nothing
3/14 c5 jimmy.oz
Great story and seems interesting just needs more updates.
3/14 c2 jimmy.oz
really is interesting so far but needs more updates. also wonder if harry is thinking everything that he normally does or not since some things have been different like him doing the Patronus during the game.
3/1 c8 1Korin Dragoon
For some reason I can hear the song 'Bring Me To Life by Evenescence' playing as background music when Hermione is helping with the bond.
2/28 c52 wiebenor
Another good story that has been left unfinished... Yes it only speeds up the main timeline a bit, but even that can be good so long as there's enough length to it. For instance, most stories that shorten the timeline by killing Voldemort with a kiss before 1st year, or sometime during 1st year, usually as a soul bond story, well, it's usually too short and unimaginative for me, whereas something that takes a few years still, feels more imaginative, than "1 kiss at 9 killed Voldemort. The End!" Kinda stories...

I am going to be favoriting and following this story just in case it gets finished or continued at some point...
2/28 c52 WildOnionTops
Love the story with the character development. Wish it was being continued
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