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19h c12 Cyril Kain
Finally, someone acknowledging that Slytherin was a human and that the 'entrance' was for the snake, not a person. It only took me ten seconds to figure that out when I first watched the movie, as opposed to other idiots who decide to just stick stairs down the tunnel, mostly because they aren't all that creative. The fact of the matter is that the 'entrance' in the bathroom is a later addition, since there is no way they had indoor plumbing a thousand years ago in an old castle. The statue of Salazar is also a later addition, since the real entrance to the Chamber was opened with a simple command, while the statue had to have one of the most ego stroking phrases to open it. Riddle either made the statue or changed the password to suit what he believed was Salazar's ego.

I find it funny that Dumbledore can't bring up the fact that Sirius never had a trial, what with him more or less being IN CHARGE of the damn courts! It would be easy for him to do so, yet he needs outside help. It isn't like Lucius can't convince Fudge to ignore the French and keep Sirius listed as a criminal, god knows that he convinced Fudge to ignore all of REALITY for almost a whole year, and could have kept it up if the blond show off didn't get arrested.

Wonderful job with the twins, by the way. Always funny seeing them get clinical or technical. They are as likely to be serious and Sirius, outside of a crisis of course.

You cannot frown and raise an eyebrow at the same time, unless the muscles between your cheeks and forehead have been cut away from each other. It is physically impossible.

BTW, nice attempt at making Dumbledore a genuinely good person. Doesn't explain how he forced Harry to go back after first, second and third year. In canon, Dumbledore acknowledged that Harry had a very difficult home life and always knew he did. He more or less told Harry in second or third year to suck it up and go back to Durzkaban, and after the fifth year, even admitted that he had 'sentenced Harry to ten hard years.'
1/22 c34 Amalgum
Jean Pierre Polnarff
1/21 c53 1avidreaded
Oh shit, guess the binge read is done. Well damn, that's an end to a chapter. Eyy, Marl isn't dead, cool. Going to be totally honest everytime someone says "Magical Core" I can't help but flinch a little. Just the idea of some ambiguous magical core that is the source of ones magic feels wrong in a Harry Potter setting. Harry Potter as a setting always, at least to me, has a focus on on understanding, comprehension, depth and scope of knowledge and, of course, ones own will power and sense of self.
The Potter invisibility cloak, rather the Peverell cloak, is supposed to be the *best* invisibility cloak ever yet all it has going for it is that it can't be summoned away from it's owner and that it will never fade or weaken. Yet Mad Eye can see it, it doesn't block revealing charms and the part that bothers me the most, it isn't even a full cloak, it's practically just a sheet. Make the thing a full cloak, make it outright negate *any* detection allow it to grow, stretch and shrink as the wearer wishes even explaining away how it can be detected in canon is pretty easy, Dumbledore, or past owners of the cloak, attached their own charms to the cloak that either are what is detected or allow it to be detected. The Cloak got done dirty in canon.
1/18 c4 darthkratos24
Oof it's a HermionexHarry fic. I don't know why but I absolutely louthe that pairing...yea I agree it makes sense in canon for them to have been together though they never did, but that's no excuse for every author and their mother to do that pairing think of something original or not used a lot people!... Maybe that's why I don't like it huh... Learned something new while ranting, anywho in other more important news I like your story so far it's got it's ups and downs like this chapter is the worst Harry went from chill kind of laid back to full on brooding anxty shit pot out of the left field real fast and it doesn't sit with the character you were previously building hopefully it changes more natural next time... Other then that this chapter did seem to drag its feet a lot the others flowed fast yes but the sudden change of pace once again is very whiplashy and not fun to read other then that all good
1/4 c53 Rebecca
Please please do update!
12/27/2020 c53 libby
good story!
12/28/2020 c53 HoneyBear84
Love it so far and seriously can't wait for the next update
12/27/2020 c39 XXX777
The Dursleys got their Karma.
12/22/2020 c53 Raiju001
Just got to chapter 53, love this whole story so far! I hope the next chapter will come soon and I look forward to where you take this story next! Not to mention even though it has been pg- pg13 it has been STEAMY! Great writing and thank you for the story!
12/21/2020 c50 Loresign
There was an interesting side story about Rita and Xenophilius being sibs. It was an interesting aspect in the relationship between Luna and Rita. The story is called “Monsterous”. Cute story and a fun read.

I do so love this story.
12/13/2020 c41 38Oxnate
This is definitely my favorite chapter so far. Marl is even better than Moody and you thought of a lot more than Rowling.
12/13/2020 c1 Bob Jones3
Please update I'm actually begging you 'some one on their knees begging' I love this story to death and I truly believe that you have a rare talent to write a story that is as good as this
So please update cause I love this story too much and I honestly believe its the best harry potter fanfic I've ever read
12/7/2020 c53 Wolf25
Please update soon It has been over 2 years since you have. I know that you might be working on other stories, just wanted to remind you of this one and let you know that there is someone reading it.
12/2/2020 c28 Oxnate
Wonderful story so far. I loved that you mad Gabrielle's patronus a Doe. Have you thought about the implications of Snape's patronus also being a Doe?
11/5/2020 c28 Samuel Martinez
In this chapter, Harry successfully hits Voldemort with a spell, and then Voldemort runs away. There's a reason why DEs always use the killing curse: it means never having to say "You again?"
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