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for Harry Potter and the Price of Being Noble

5/5 c52 9cko2
I have to say this is a very well thought out idea. It does get into the evil Weasley and dumbest tropes which is nice. Yes Ron and Molly start as assholes, but they do change.
Interesting to see both of the sisters and harm bonding with Harry and more of the family of the girls pranking of the dulles was the best part of the story on with the aunt seeing her pig of son for what he really is like and getting pissed off at him.
The tours of all the freaks showing to thier house is the best part where they think the people at 4 pivot drive are actors is the best part.
5/5 c52 Reshi47
Loved the story, thank you!
5/2 c37 61D.J. Scales
Okay so the Toad is history and Molly is about to get a wake up call.
5/2 c36 D.J. Scales
Wow this right here explains so much. Nice touch.
5/1 c3 D.J. Scales
That explains so much.
4/21 c8 YMCM
Hermione being part of the relationship is a bit forced. It seems like she's there just "because why not?"
4/16 c52 20ZoomieZoomie324
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4/3 c1 Guest
Every 5 days Or so, I come back and refresh this page hoping for an update that i know will never come. Still... Worth it.
3/31 c3 Brodie601
3/23 c28 Passing cat
There is no point on hiding Snape. The man was a willing traitor to the DEs in the last war, and guess what, Riddle knows everything that Pettigrew knows, including the aforementioned fact. Even if he didn't, it is easy to find statements from Dumbledore about Snape turning of Riddle.

Snape is a KNOWN spy.
3/18 c48 Guest
An auror and I'm getting the feeling he won't even tell Dumbledore the scumbag tried to use an unforgivable on Petunia. No dismissing that yet I get the feeling somehow Shack will and won't say a word.

Can't be sure ill see though with whats left that it'll get to where it could be said.
3/18 c47 Guest
Annoyed he didn't offer any memories and they only spoke of the future. Didnt even mention the boggart turning into Snape for Neville and how he is also a major target.

Sad this story too dropped off and only has a few chapters left.
3/17 c46 Guest
Its so annoying that he never just has Harry remove the damned thing from the ministry for him to hide somewhere or even destroy.
3/17 c43 Guest
So... they just had Dobby appear for Harry. Why the hell aren't they having any of the others do the same for Gabrielle?
3/17 c43 Guest
Aren't House Elves known for their ability to travel around silently and unseen? Can't help think he should've been able to pop in silently while invisible.
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