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for Harry Potter and the Price of Being Noble

6/17 c52 dnm
Glad to see your still writing and look forward to more ... whenever you can
6/12 c39 2obliviated fan
This. This is the funniest thing I've read of happening to the Dursleys. Very fitting.
5/26 c29 Guest
If you are following some of the events that happen in hp book 4 then dolores shouldn't be there, as far as i remember only fudge is the one in hogwarts as an exchange for percy because of crouch incident, but in this fudge obviously join the judge as an exchange for bagman and percy as an exchange for crouch so umbridge is not necessarily needed, so how comes she's instantly appear in hogwarts ground if you cannot apparate in there? It looks like she doesn't use floo or portkey as well so the only plausible explanation is either umbridge on the gate of hogwart ready for the call or she's already in there just using invisibility cloak
5/23 c52 Nopples
This is a good story and probably one of the brightest story for a harry potter book, unlike the original where there's a lot of despair, the death of cedric's, sirius dying without knowing the truth about his brother, sirius dying without his name being cleared, remus dying without living a comfortable life (and more) this version leans on the positive side of the stories, yes there might be a little difference between the orig. And this but i like this more than the original book since dumbledore is not so secretive in this one (also not manipulative). Hopefully this continued and not been abandon by the author because this is really a good story, also i hope no big characters die in here (like remus, the bondmates, fred and george, sirius, the delacours etc.)
5/22 c47 Guest
I feel ya author, i feel ya
5/22 c28 Guest
Lol congrats lucius you just won 1k galleon and a cell in the azkaban
5/21 c26 Guest
In the books of cursed child cedric being alive means harry die in hogwarts battle because cedric killed neville who's suppose to kill nagini, but he become death eater because he got humiliated by harry and draco's sons who time travel, in this however he's not humiliated and in fact he's happy
5/20 c9 Guest
I got a weird thoughts, if the four of them can hear each other's thoughts, does that mean the four of them can hear each and everyone's respective POV in this story?
5/20 c3 Guest
This is what i call a real love story that has many branches and consequences not those stories where harry can just accept 2 to 3 wives at once without any problem
5/13 c5 Devilking1994
Harry should be pissed that they did this to him without his consent sure he's going to accept because he's a good guy and doesn't want what would happen to them if he didn't accept to happen but if he just brushes this off then it would be really silly no person would be happy about this they basically took control and forced him into a lifelong relationship without his consent

What's annoying is Dumbledore and Sirius acting like this is ok

Because Harry isn't the type of person to say no in this situation he is going to be forced to be with what are basically his rapists since they did this to him without his consent

I hate the potion that makes him release his negative emotions is he not allowed to be angry this potion releases the negative emotions so at that point why would he choose to not accept he's basically high on neutral and positive emotions without his true emotions showing because of the damn potion

This story has reached a point that everything feels extremely forced I'm really not enjoying it
5/7 c52 1Wrin
It's amazing that you're still coming back to this at all! Thanks for writing and posting!
4/27 c52 scott.fraser1976
Love the story so far. Hope you haven't abandoned it. Looking forward to seeing where this goes
4/17 c52 1Celexs Draconia
I am so happy that this got something added to it. Its a great story and so much fun to read.

4/16 c52 MiseryWolf97
Just stumbled upon this, and it is amazing, I'm loving the story and really looking forward to future chapters
4/13 c52 1Briane94
Id just like to say this has been such a unique story. I love the way you've written it and that you've spent so much time working out the plot and character development of Harry throughout the story. I hope we see more interesting things to come with the 4 way veela bond.
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