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10/14/2013 c19 6swartzvald
It's a bit bleak, isn't it. On the other hand, did not see that coming.
10/14/2013 c9 swartzvald
Apperently EVERYONE is after Reiko.
1/14/2011 c19 4Steveothepirate
Well, it's about bloody time I got around to finishing this, isn't it? I can't help but feel a bit late to the party, but regardless, my tardyness and prolonged interludes between reading each chapter hasn't seemed to marr my opinion towards the story which is, I must say, rather brilliant. Your interpretations of the characters are unique, but retain just enough of their in-cannon/in-game traits to keep them familiar, a perfect balance. I wish I could be a tad more in-depth with things, but I feel I'm already carrying-on a bit, so, to wrap this up, splendid work. :)
10/4/2010 c9 98Dan Sickles
What a great story! Love that helicopter ride. So mysterious and sexy, yet slightly ominous.
6/21/2010 c3 10The-Intensity
2/28/2010 c19 15StraightedgeWingZero
Alright this is good there maybe hope for them yet very good work
2/28/2010 c19 richardkahlancarazedd
Stellar work, Cally! On Chapters 18 & 19 (respectively per & collectively joined), amazing.. spectacular.. and more so than, a dab or two of: friendly neighborhood to the rumble roses' cannon/continuity. You've blended what has been presented in the games, plus woven a new an ingenius take on all events. To which, its sheer pleasure to read what you've posted.. in all its excellent profile & style :-)

To say it, LOUD and PROUD.. "Weaving Roses' Straw.. (erm.. 'stems' should it be more fit) into gold, is YOUR standard!"

Next to last, I've heard it said.. from actress Sherryl Lee Ralph, that the meaning for diva, being: Divinely Inspired.. Victoriously Anointed. To which, I think it best fits.. your superb characterization of the roses' verbal and mental growth in your epic stories AND of huge credit to you, yourself bringing it all together so well.

Much love, for your literary rhythm. And best wishes to whatever works you endeavor next.

(Fading out type, to a dynamic round of applause. Well done, for a good show/read, Cally.)
2/28/2010 c19 fischgeist
This has been a very satisfying ending over the last few chapters. Throughout the story, Reiko has followed an arc not always obvious, but her final direction here is one that is necessary, and nicely corks the bottle of her earlier confusions. But my favorite character, I think, has been Benikage, pulled between stoic and naive, and her ending here has made me smile. This story has been twisting and turning constantly, and the final twists and turns have been the most fun of all. All the characters have been shaken by the events in the story, and almost all of them may grudgingly owe a debt to our favorite evil nurse for simply opening their eyes.
2/19/2010 c18 StraightedgeWingZero
Nice job and will you be making another RR story? I'm just asking
2/6/2010 c17 richardkahlancarazedd
(Fresh from just reading, the latest chapter 17 installment)

Well done! Your work is a true gem of composition, that I've throughly enjoyed from its start - to - its section closing cliff-hanger.

Not to mention your consistency..

(Noting "A Rose By Any Other Name" to "Roses that Bloom in the Dark")

A Rare Brilliance! Which is very much appreciated, cally7 from this reader.

Kudos!.. (Tipping the brim of hat, following with applause)

I'm very much looking forward, to what may lie ahead, in your masterful storytelling ventures.
1/23/2010 c16 StraightedgeWingZero
I like this
1/23/2010 c16 Monotonously-Sporadic


I... I'm speechless, I... I truly am.

I did not know they made banana-coffee ice-cream! That's awesome!

(Phill) Mono! Review!

(Mono-Spor) Oh! Right!

This was as exciting as ever, mein freund! Never once have you disappointed me, and I'll be damned if you ever do!

...Well, there was that ONE time, but other than that, no!

The reason I love reading your stories is because they expertly incorporate two of my favorite things; Drama, and Yuri. And this story has thrown another favorite- wrestling- into the mix. For that, I thank you!

I really liked this chapter, because it seems like things are finally coming together, like pieces of the puzzle are falling into place. This storyline has had me hooked since it started, and I'll be sad when it's over, but, alas, all good things must come to an end.


In the meantime, what say we make this one to remember? How about a good ol'-fashioned sex scene, huh? A raunchy one with multiple obscenities and use of the word "catnip"?

...no? Oh well, too bad.

The battle scene was delectable. Pain, anger, rage, blackmail, nightsticks- all these emotions were too much to bare! But bare them I did, and it was a wild ride, let me tell ya!

Kunoichi for the save! That was a classic "AWW SNAP! HERE WE GO! SHIT, MEET FAN!" moment that I thoroughly enjoyed.

It's weird (slightly sadistic, actually) that pain is the only way to reverse a transformation brought on by pain... and evil, chemically altered roses. Weird, yet original. I like it. But God help the poor soul what get's caught up in that mess. I feel bad for Dixie. And Reiko, for having to do that. Aisha...not so much. I never really liked her.

A great story all around, and I can't wait to see what happens next!

(Phill) And now it's time for a new segment, called "RANDOM INFORMATION!" with your host, Monotonously-Sporadic! -APPLAUSE-

*Mono walks up on a pedestal, and clears his throat.*

(Mono-Spor) Odontophobia; the scientific term for "the fear of teeth."

*Smiles* (Someone screams in the background, followed by a thud)

Odontophobic; someone who is afraid of teeth.

(Phill) This has been "RANDOM INFORMATION!" with Monotonously-Sporadic. -APPLAUSE-

(Mono-Spor) *Smiles* (Another scream, followed by a thud) Haha, that's fun.
1/5/2010 c15 Monotonously-Sporadic
Rammu, so vneah!

Gun-of-a-son, this was a long chapter! You were bankin' on 6k's of vocabulary here.

This was an excellent read, mein freund. I have to say, even though I'm not fond of Canadians, the poetic way that Ms. Spencer speaks simply enraptures me. And what better way to tell one -hell- of a back story.

The characters are coming to life and jumping right off the page! The emotional trials that they each have to overcome are being beautifully intertwined with the action that one could expect from a Rumble Roses story.

And damn the cliffhangers! Everywhere I turn, every story I read, somebody is leaving their tale open-ended, thus, leaving me guessing. I mean, what the hell would Dixie be doing going over to Aisha's house?

...The only reasonable explanation is that she's about to layeth the smacketh down on her candy ass.

I cannot wait to see how this plays out, and I know that I shouldn't even guess. So, I'll wait...

...for now...

In loving memory of Garfield "Chestnut" Duran, 1956-2009

12/21/2009 c14 Monotonously-Sporadic

What can I say about this chapter...

What indeed. I am, if you haven't noticed, not a very skilled reviewer, and my one weakness is crime dramas. I love them to death, Law and Order, CSI, NCIS, In Plain Sight, White Collar, the list goes on, yet I can't seem to find anything profound to say about them.

I will say that I liked this chapter, if only to give the reassurance that I did, but as of late I'm feeling inadequate...

Well, maybe it's just me.

Truth be told, or rather, as much truth as I can tell, this was actually very interesting. One can always enjoy a good cemetery scene. The "dark-side" of Makoto was nicely played out, if only to be slightly disturbing (which I think is what you were going for, so good job). And, of course, Miss Spencer popped a cap in someone's ass.

These elements doth a good update make.

From Russia with Love,

12/17/2009 c13 fischgeist
This dream is for you, so pay the price... A lot of things have been happening recently in the story that I wouldn't have anticipated at the beginning, which is great, and now we get You Only Live Twice. Brilliant! The Reiko/Benikage tryst is slowly blurring of the lines between Reiko's game personae, and it's a nice payoff after the long and subtle decay of her earlier establishment in the shadow of Dixie. Though Reiko has been the star of the story all along, she's really coming into focus now, even as events and unplanned pairings continue to pull her in different directions. And now the Spencer enigma again, complete with a location promising to unbalance things further (though also a locale in line, if morbidly, with her historical preferences). I love that Reiko has thoughts of Blofeld just before Anesthesia slips through her fingers...
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