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12/27/2018 c8 Enjoying Life
This is truly a satisfying and well done work. Thank you for sharing it and I hope it continues soon.
10/6/2017 c8 2V01dSw0rd
I also want to see them show up in other loops!
5/23/2015 c8 Guest
Oh lord, a pervert with access to the power of intangability.
3/1/2014 c2 AnAncientBard
Wasn't this once two separate story's?
One of the best.
2/15/2014 c1 8Ashen Author
I love this, especially the little add on about how dangerous Aizen is.
1/21/2013 c8 solitare
How about Sein, Happosai, and Hayate? Maybe Jiraiya too?
11/16/2012 c7 4jgkitarel
"On the other hand, I wonder what Signum or Reinforce Ein would be like if I doped them up on caffeine and sugar." Ranma muttered to himself.

Considering that Ranma's mix would be like a cocktail of high end cocaine and meth? Would be amusing to see, just keep them away from any inhabited start systems while they work it out of their systems.
10/9/2012 c8 jgkitarel
To be honest, the idea behind this fic is interesting, and it seems to be a means of a personal redemption for Ranma, with all he has been through and done. The fact that he now has a looping family, along with daughters who call him their father has an interesting effect on his psyche, which would explain why he is also both highly protective of them and so demanding of them when he trains them.

For the girls, they get a father, brother, lover, mentor and friend all in one, depending on their own personal needs, all while they deal with Nerima.

Still, the main focus here, I think, is that Ranma is doing something many others would have a hard time believing. He gets a family, a true family for himself, which is a pleasant change, but more importantly, he is finally letting go of a past he barely remembers, letting go of his pain and letting go of his loss. Even if they don't always remain together, he now has a family that will be with him. He will have his daughters, sisters, students, friends and so on, who will be there for him whenever they meet again.
10/9/2012 c2 jgkitarel
Wait... Deed... modified Starlight Breaker... Kodachi Befriended... buh?!

*initializing cranial reboot*
8/13/2012 c8 Guest
where's chapter 9?will sein become happosai's student of pervy?(:P)
5/3/2012 c8 111dogbertcarroll
Great ending.
3/4/2011 c8 5Youko Rayah
*reads the last section of this chapter*

ok... time to sing the Doom song I think. cause this? will not end well *giggle*

lovely fic hon, can't wait for more!
2/23/2011 c8 1The 17th Immortal
That girl with the big dog: please tell me that's not who I think it is.

Or better yet, please tell me the boy she likes (and/or his "nii-san") is involved in the loops…
12/23/2010 c8 jaredhimself31
This is a great story, despite the small number of reviews overall, I have greatly enjoyed it so far. I wish more people would write about the multiversal timeloops. Innortal hasn't updated any of his work in...9 months I thinks, so it was a plesant surprise to come across this excellent piece of crossover literature.
9/20/2010 c8 3Hiryo
Again a wonderful story and I could enjoy it to the end ^^

OMG Happosai and her XD XD XD poor gals in the future. XD

Please update soon!
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