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10/23/2009 c2 4Knut Case
Fluffeh fluffeh fluffeh...

Update soon! :D
10/22/2009 c2 1The Daraku Shita Tenshi
okay, first and foremost: HAPPY BIRTHDAY! *gives you birthday hugs* (emphasis on hugS, as in plural ^_^)

and to be honest, these little shorts don't really need fluff throughout ALL of it. sure its good for the most part, but you don't need to worry about making every single chapter fluffy, it has Demyx, its gonna be light and cute no matter what you do (and if its not then there has GOT to be something wrong with you...either that or Demdem got possessed by something)

so yes, good work and i can't wait for the next instalment ^_^

Daraku Shita Tenshi
10/22/2009 c1 The Daraku Shita Tenshi
*crying* b-but...but Zexion can't hate Demyx! its just not right! he shouldn't lie about such things.


*dances with joy*

I like the birthday idea cos they DO need them (plus it can lead to a whole heap of adorable situations ^_^)

keep it up!

Daraku Shita Tenshi
10/19/2009 c2 intricatelysimple

10/19/2009 c2 5glass0ghost
aw. (:

so cute! i loved it.

pop rocks are my favourite too.

keep going keep going!

can't wait for the next one!

(or halloween either for that matter...)

AWESOME. *thumbs up!*
10/19/2009 c2 11agent-to-the-rescue
Yet another well written short-story! I really wanna try pop rocks now... I have to admit, I prefer sour candy over sweet. It's just makes it more interesting.

Anyway, I can't wait until you post again!
10/19/2009 c1 agent-to-the-rescue
This story made me smile ^^ I really loved it! Great job! Anyway, on to the next one.
9/29/2009 c1 purplepairy
aw cute
9/28/2009 c1 Non-Existent Account
aww! it was cute! ^_^
9/28/2009 c1 1RenCantShine
It wasnt long!

it took me two [very much enjoyed] minutes to read it ]3 demyx/zexion FTW
9/28/2009 c1 5glass0ghost
aw. this is really sweet..

nice job, i loved it!

keep writing okay? i'll be waiting everytime :)
9/28/2009 c1 iDexion
Very cute. - u -
9/28/2009 c1 ever essence forgot to login


I really hope you continue this, it's well written, and nicely thought out, and it wasn't sickeningly sweet. :))

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