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10/1 c11 8yoshiluvsHxM
Pandemic brought me here too and I'm glad it did ;)
8/21 c11 5scoffie05
Please update!
8/10/2011 c10 cmtaylor531
You have to update this story again... I have to know what is going to happen
12/20/2009 c1 disturbedfaith
haven't seen an update in a while

are you going to continue?

11/6/2009 c10 Vivian
I love it.

And you're right about Michael reaction. If Michael want to meet Sara, he did it long ago.

He still love Sara so much that he doesn't want to hurt her anymore.

Can't wait for your next chapter.
11/5/2009 c10 sara cofield
Firstly i m so sorry about the gender mistake.Sara is so vulnerable and micheal,instead of being a pillar of support for her is runing away from the problem,even though he has feelings of guilt but he is anserable for all the things he did to sara ie manipulating her,not trying to find her etc.He handled this situation very badly
11/5/2009 c10 Sara Michael
love it! poor Sara. It must have been a shock to michael though! can't wait for your next update! :D :D :D
11/5/2009 c10 Fellicious
This story is really good.

Can't wait for the next chapter.

I hope everything is going to work out for them!

11/5/2009 c1 sarah scofield
where u are man?roll up ur sleeves and plz get to work i.e.add a new chapter.the last one was a cliffhanger,desperately waiting for the next chapter.
10/29/2009 c9 Sara Michael
Cannot wait till the meeting next chapter. Hope its not awkward! im so excited hahah. update very soon please. Dont keep us hanging! :D.
10/28/2009 c9 Fellicious
I'm loving this story... Can't wait for the next chapter!
10/22/2009 c8 Sara Michael
Cliffhanger? i love it. update asap. i wonder what will happen when Sara and Michael meet face to face! thats if they do! Post more REALLY soon! :D
10/21/2009 c8 1jade2nightwing
ok that is great. you need to countin. i just can't wait until the next part. is micheal going to aswer or not? is sara going to want to talk with him?
10/19/2009 c7 4ARSpunky
I'm so glad Sara is at least giving them a chance. She needs some friends and family that will understand everything she's been through. I'm glad they are all slowly getting the chance to bond again. I think when Michael comes into the picture it won't be so smooth. :)

No problem on the help. I really didn't do much at all. :) If you ever need me...just let me know. :)
10/19/2009 c7 Sara Michael
great chapter! your ideas for the next chapter are awesome. Cant wait for your next update! :D
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