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for Through the Air Vents

7/9/2011 c1 13mountain ash
Hilarious. Keep writing! I can't help but picture Krad screaming throughout this entire story. And giggling as he then screamed in the story. NICE JOB!
6/7/2010 c1 19Eimin - The Eternal Sleep
I was laughing all the way through this! Great job!
4/13/2010 c1 rin
That was the best!
3/7/2010 c1 Bl00dy-Velvet
O my gosh awesum love it u should hav sequel 2 this
11/24/2009 c1 37IntelligentFerretFreak
Hilarious! It made me laugh!
11/2/2009 c1 18RoonRune
Such a great little story. I was sad to see it end. You have a way with words, especially when they're coming from an angry Krad. :D
10/10/2009 c1 12XxAlysxX
Very funny. Ah Dark you make him seem so good like that and sarcasm is just another service we offer? I found that one last year for debating.
10/5/2009 c1 1TeamSatisfactionFangirl
You should have Dark fall through the air vents again with 10x the humor. I enjoyed Kaito air.
10/3/2009 c1 7TheMumblingsOfMail
amazing story, very entertaining, somehow i can actually see that happening. ^^ cant wait for the next chapter, please update soon, oh, and loving your other stories, great work.
10/3/2009 c1 39Ai Star
lol that is classic i hope Krad gets even for that! well done! ^w^
10/2/2009 c1 7KaiserPhoenix92
i loved it! :D you should continue it ^^ pretty please?
10/1/2009 c1 37The Lantern
9/30/2009 c1 16DeadRat309
WHAT? I hate everybody! (Wails) I know you love Storm-chan's story as much as I do(read: love to death), but this is my birthday present! MINE! At least you people could have let me be the first reviewer! (Wails louder, louder, and a lot LOUDER.)

I love the story. Kraddie, as always, is too cute to handle (squeals). Especially when he is carried bridal-style by a certain cocky thief. Hell, I laughed my butts off at this: [“your palace princess, and I’d like to thank you for flying with Kaito air where sarcasm is just one more service we offer.”]. Bad, baad Dark, you know our lovely blondie hates to be call a princess! And no, not a damsel either if you're going to ask. Oh, and can I ask you something? How could you just put him to bed and fly away without DOING ANYTHING? I'm so disappointed in you, since I thought I'd trained you harder.

And I do love the part about Fates. Really, really much. Damn, you can never tell when they just sit around and laugh themselves out of their pants at your desperation. Trust me, I know.

Thank you greatly for the wonderful B-day gift, congratulation on succeeding with a your new way of writting, and sorry for being your... 11th reviewers. My family was throwing a party yesterday, and now the hangover's still killing me, but your story really made my day. Again, to all the cruel people who reviewed before me, why didn't you let me be the FIRST reviewer? (Sniffs, sobs, weeps, cries, and screams). I think I'm hearing Fates' maniacal laughter somewhere...
9/30/2009 c1 2Katherine Daystar
Why hello there! You have a real talent for humor! This had me snickering the whole way through. I love Krad saying "double shit!" for some reason... Also, the premise here is rather adorable. Anyhoo, great job : )
9/30/2009 c1 8Midnight Ghost

I would be pretty mad if someone fell 20 feet from thew sky onto me.

In fact, I'd think I would be dead!

You are a strong bastard, Krad.
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