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8/24/2010 c23 1thing1966
A great, well written, well thought out addition to the contractverse. It was a pleasure to take the time to read this.

8/24/2010 c23 TetraFish06
Excellent wrap-up! Thanks for sharing ;)
8/24/2010 c23 Visitkarte
Gandhi got it right.

You made my day. I love the diagnosis and the way House dealt with him. Thank you for this brilliant story.
8/24/2010 c23 34Brighid45

As hard as it was at times to see House and Rainie suffer, the triumph of this ending is worth it all. The quote by Gandhi at the end is excellent and completely in character for both House and Rainie. Though they're both scarred and beaten physically, their spirits are still bright and strong.

Congratulations on writing one of the best House fics I've ever read. Magnificent work. You should be proud.
8/24/2010 c23 PRCReview

Well thought out, realistic (even if you haven't really stayed true to the characters), an expansive vocabulary, near-perfect grammar; this is truly an epic story.
8/19/2010 c22 TetraFish06
Oh good grief! Must you leave us hanging?

Good chapter, by the way.
8/19/2010 c22 42moms5thchild
Ah, a crime scene clean up crew is fixing up the place so House's house looks like knew. I wonder if the good memories will outweigh the bad and he and Rainie can still reside within.

My evil mind went to lead poisoning when the symptoms were written out, but then I can't imagine Tritter showing down on old banisters and baseboards. I was glad to see the light bulb go on over House's head. It gave me hope for a long, painful treatment in a non air-conditioned federal prison in some hot state like Arizona or Kansas.

Thanks for another great chapter.

8/19/2010 c22 Winka
OH NO, you are so amazing, please please please continue the story! I can't wait for more !
8/19/2010 c22 34Brighid45
It's good to see House engaged once more in solving the puzzle. His lack of perspective on Wilson's caring and compassion are completely IC and very well explained. This chapter has the feel of a classic episode, with everyone involved in slowly winding their way to the heart of the diagnosis, while off in the wings, other things are going on that relate directly to House's (and Rainie's) well-being.

Excellent chapter as always, harp.
8/19/2010 c22 Visitkarte
Celiac sprue? Nice Idea, but I'm not convinced yet.

Nice idea. By the way, Paranoia was a symptom back there when he started his 'Witch Hunt' on House in season 3.
8/14/2010 c21 42moms5thchild
YIPPIE! YAHOO! The worm has turned!

Loved the way you had Rainie put the boots to House and loved to have House laugh so hard. Great images all round!

Now, we must cure Tritter and extend his life by many years because, as we all know, only the good die young.

Back from my Travels for a Little while.

8/12/2010 c21 34Brighid45
Oh, good for Rainie! I was cheering her on the entire way! Her anger-channeled properly, into motivating both herself and House-is a great example of someone who's learned (and is still learning) that while you can't control what happens to you in life, you can make choices about how you handle the consequences.

Great to see Tritter get his at long last too!

Excellent chapter as always. Thanks for posting this. :)
8/11/2010 c21 Visitkarte
Yea! That was the right call! Go for it!

And I hope Tritter has some chronic progressive debilitating disease and House saves his life only to prolong his sufferings...
8/11/2010 c21 TetraFish06
Excellent chapter...thanks for the update ;)
7/11/2010 c20 Brighid45
It figures House would try to do himself in rather than be an instrument of harm to someone else, even someone who thoroughly deserved everything House could throw at him and then some.

I don't think Wilson and Company have any real idea of the amount of pure nuclear rage House probably has bottled up inside himself; even House himself probably doesn't know, since he's pushed it down and away for so long. When you do that for years the anger takes on an aspect so terrifying you're afraid if you do let it go, it'll destroy everything and everyone in sight. Very tough to deal with. I'm rooting for House though.

Excellent chapter. Thanks for posting this. Hard to read because of the sheer amount of pain involved, but well worth persevering and reading through to the end. Beautifully done.
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