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6/17/2010 c20 Visitkarte
I absolutely loved this chapter. And don't worry, there is hardly a mistake you can do to stop me from enjoying this sensationally good reading stuff. I soak every word like a sponge.
6/16/2010 c20 TetraFish06
Great chapter...excellent scene at his bedside when Foreman came in! I look forward to more ;)
6/5/2010 c19 17Flatpickluvr
Just so you know - Naltrexone is an opioid antagonist, and would counteract the pain relieving effects of Methadone. Those two medications are not normally given together because the patient would still be in pain - the methadone wouldn't work.

Nice chapter, though.
6/5/2010 c19 34Brighid45
Poor Greg. This was almost too hard to read. I was actually hoping for a few moments that he would get his wish and be able to fly home, after so much pain.

Nice to see everyone working together, trying to think together, and Chase taking over as unofficial leader.

Tritter has a long hard road ahead when the truth finally dawns. If his actions are symptomatic, it'll be that much worse for him.

Well done, and glad to see you updating :)
6/3/2010 c19 TetraFish06
I'm glad to see that they are keeping the attempt under the radar...good chapter ;)
6/3/2010 c19 Visitkarte
Suicide and attempted suicide is NOT a punishable crime by law, not even in the USA... ;)

But it usually tends to have unpleasant consequences for the person who attempted it.

Thanks for updating!

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6/3/2010 c19 42moms5thchild
Wow. Good on Cuddy... and Foreman and all the rest of the usual suspects. Here's hoping House gets better without too much pain. Also here's hoping Tritter regains enough of his health to last a long, long time in prison.

5/31/2010 c18 7Vuurvlieg
Awesome, I've been waiting for this! Why did Tritter wait till now to do his research? That's just stupid (then again, I never thought he was very intelligent). I hope House will wake up soon. And I hope that before he does Tritter will get to sweat a little cause he totally deserves it! Even so, I kinda hope they will get back to the case soon. I like it when House is being brilliant. :)
5/30/2010 c18 17Flatpickluvr
Thank god - I thought maybe you'd stopped updating this story. I hope he recovers from this OD.
5/30/2010 c18 Visitkarte
Soo, Tritter is starting to get the idea. It's past time...

he should beg him an bended knees for forgiveness and try to hope for him to accept it.
5/30/2010 c18 42moms5thchild
Harpo, good to see you back and with a very nail biting chapter. I would imagine House may be angry when he wakes up (if he wakes up) because he still resides lingers in this mortal coil. I still want to give Tritter a case of rectally impacted shoe, but maybe a scale or two dropped from his eyes. I also don't feel too bad about Wilson being so, seemingly, dense because he is too close to all that has happened to House.

I look forward to t he next chapter. They are worth the wait.

5/30/2010 c18 34Diva In The House
So Tritter's starting to come around. About damn time.

Hopefully House's team can get almost everything out of his system. And Wilson and Cuddy need to focus more on House and less on their own egos.

Great story, and I'm looking forward to more whenever you can give it to us.
5/30/2010 c18 TetraFish06
I enjoyed this chapter...thanks for updating ;)
5/9/2010 c17 19chuck-is-god
Oh no, this is terrible! An excellently written story left on such a cliffhanger! I actually will be waiting eagerly for the next installment of this beautiful story.
4/29/2010 c17 Visitkarte
Oh... A bit an lot of angst here. Too much? Maybe. I still love the story, mind you.
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