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3/30/2010 c18 1dreamtmusic
Take your time. This story is too good to rush, and you have by far the best Cal fanfic I've ever encountered, so be sure to make it epic! Well, I mean...you know...not in length...but...this is definitely a stand-out fic. I'm looking forward to your next update!
3/30/2010 c18 marysilver
YES! I wait for it! Thank you so much!
3/22/2010 c17 cal
great story plz write more chapters
3/6/2010 c17 3ObeliskX
So this is one of the rare Cal/Rose stories, and the most interesting in my opiion. But it hasn`t been update for 4 months! Don`t forget about such excellent story, please.
1/31/2010 c17 38Kittie Darkhart
Oh, where to begin with this? I have so much to say, but I shall be direct at the commencement: for without a shadow of a doubt I find this story to be absolutely, irrefutably, beyond fantastic! I have found myself thoroughly engaged by it since this past Monday, as I cannot help but to confess that it has stirred an old, almost buried, interest in Titanic. I never realised that I would find myself reading anything regarding the film and its characters, especially those of Cal and Rose! But I am digressing.

Truly, I must say that this story is beyond anything that I have ever seen in this fandom; for it is not often that I see a story focusing on something other than the ever-tragic love-story of Jack and Rose. This story is, honestly, a breath of air after twelve years, and I heartily thank you for that. It is incredible how you have framed this story, with a plausible, alternate ‘what-if scenario’, where Rose’s choice to remain ‘dead’, if you will, to her mother, Cal, and their acquaintances is turned on its head. For truly, what would happen if Rose was indeed carrying Jack’s child? I think you have given us readers a wonderful answer to that question!

I also have to admit that Cal and Rose’s relationship is what captivates me so much with this story. In the film, there is a great discrepancy between Cal and Jack’s characters, and their feelings regarding Rose seem to paint the ever-conventional portrait of poor, well-meaning hero versus the privileged, black-hearted villain. This story mercifully breaks away from that conceptual trend, however, as I appreciate the thought placed into portraying Cal and Jack as we have not see them in the film.

Cal and Rose are kept perfectly in-character. And from reading you Author’s Notes, I am glad of how you have refrained from the overly generalised concept of his either being a ‘rapist’ or an ‘overnight angel’. I find him to be neither of those things; he is a man, terribly conflicted by his life, his family, and his own uncertainties. He is quite different from Rose, regarding his personality and his concerns of how those around him view him as one of their class. And yet, it also appears that he and Rose are trapped in this world of pleasure and privilege. Rose’s feelings on the subject are obvious, of course, but Cal’s thoughts and feelings are far more subtle in this regard. His displeasure at his own birthday party, as well as his lacklustre interest in his ‘mingling’ with his peers, hint at something, lying just beneath the surface of that million dollar smile of his. There is something clearly troubling Caledon Hockley. The question is: what is it, exactly? I cannot wait until Rose figures it out—if she does, that is! ;)

The subtle references to history are also a pleasure to read! I simply love how the story incorporates real history by combining it with fiction. The inclusion of real, historical figures, such as Louise Carnegie and Molly Brown, is something that surely emphasises the palpability of this story. Cal’s dilemma in saving Hockley Steel from delisting is also something that sparked my curiosity. I am not really one with a head for business, but the idea of it does fit in rather perfectly into what Cal will surely face in his heading the company. I also, as is my curious nature, read a little about ‘Spring Awakening’, as it had certainly caused quite an uproar when it came out! I find it a perfect addition to these last few chapters, as it seems to tie-in rather well with the discussion between Cal and his father, and the dilemma that is brought up by it. I have no doubt that the thought of performing an illegal abortion on Rose’s baby crossed Cal’s mind at some point, albeit he obviously disregarded the thought, since he decided to take Rose as she was: baby and all. I doubt that someone such as Nathan Hockley—or even Ruth—would understand. I find Cal to be a little different from his father in this respect, as he surely feels ‘something’ towards Rose, even if he has no wish to acknowledge the impending addition to his family.

I also love how his feelings concerning Ruth are described. I think that you have shed some light on just ‘why’ he was so attached to that woman; because, more than once, he was seen holding her by the arm in the film. His close proximity of her is something that needed to be addressed, if not explained. For his desire, in wanting to retain a certain perception of his character is something very reminiscent to an Ancient Greek shame culture. I find that Cal does not want anyone to know what truly goes on in the privacy of his thoughts and actions, as Rose and Ruth have both surely seen for themselves.

But indeed, I truly liked how he felt repulsion towards Ruth, yet also clung to her since she represented that which he knew and understood. Feeling ‘safe’ around someone such as Ruth Dewitt-Bukater makes me consider, just how much Cal feels at-ease in being around the Upper Class in general. I believe that Rose is truly beginning to notice her husband-of-convenience is not as perfect and confident of himself as she once believed. What transpires in his bedroom after the birthday party is a perfect example in why she should look a little further beyond such an imposing façade.

As such, I have to also confess that, even though Cal/Rose is not what would surely be considered a ‘conventional’ shipping, I find it to be far more appealing, compared to what is generally accepted as canon: Jack/Rose. Truly, there is just something about Cal that draws a person to that magnetic persona of his. He is far more complex, if not far more interesting, compared to the one-dimensional simplicity of Jack Dawson. I really have nothing against Jack, but he seemed little ‘perfect’ for my liking. In a way, he did not feel real to me at all; whereas Cal and Rose had problems, had issues—just as real people do. The do not live in this idyllic dreams world that Jack tempts Rose into, as I wholeheartedly agree with you on the implausibility of Titanic. I truly believe that you have opposed that sad reality, by giving us readers another perspective on the film entirely—one that is surely, far more welcomed!

But again, this is a fantastic, well-written story. And I can certainly understand your wanting to rewrite certain parts of it; I am like that myself, with my own writings. But truly, I find this to be one of the best stories I have ‘ever’ read on this site, as it has held my attention, even after I go offline. I think I have read it, maybe, ten times now; it is so incredibly addictive! I love it to pieces, as I simply cannot wait to see where you go with this story. I am beyond anxious to see the journey you take Cal and Rose on, as they are certainly, one of my favourite pairings now! ;)

Thank you, so much for writing this most wonderful story. I am honestly looking forward to the next chapter!

Until then!

— Kittie
1/28/2010 c17 22Vintagegirl1912
I spent my entire afternoon reading this heart aching story and I love it so much. its so well written and you give both sides of cal and rose. Despite Cal's nasty behavior, I really love him and I always wanted to know more about Cal and Rose's relationship. Please update soon! You are doing a wonderful job! :)
1/4/2010 c17 1dreamtmusic
I really hope you update soon! This story is so wonderful. I am so happy that you decided to write a lengthy Cal/Rose story. I wish there were more people like you!
12/28/2009 c1 Freyed
Wow, I absolutely love both your writing style and this story. I have always been very interested in Cal's character, and I think that you develop him beautifully. I love his interactions with Rose and can only be one of many begging for more updates.
12/25/2009 c16 Hero Worship
I'm very interested in your story, and loved how you've written the slowly developing relation between Cal and Rose. I hope to read more soon!
12/6/2009 c17 3EmlovesM
Please Update! I've been waiting like a good little girl for a long time:)
12/5/2009 c17 Kat
Read the lot in the one sitting. Love it. Hope there is more soon :)
12/1/2009 c17 Kissin Concern
Absolutely lovely story. So well done. Really enjoying it and looking forward to more.
11/22/2009 c17 2Charlie Drear
please update soon. this is very good.
11/13/2009 c5 34NamelessForNow
Yes, these two will hardly manage to become close...But I believe they will...

Very interesting story and I love Cal/Rose :) Now I'm going to read the rest of the chapters, if something doesn't stop me!
11/12/2009 c17 6roseDB
good luck with youre editing and hope to see more chapters soon! :)
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