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11/7/2009 c16 3EmlovesM
I really like this story a lot. update soon!
11/4/2009 c16 7Axia West
Okay, no, not okay. There has to be more! Please, please add to this. If you'd like a beta, I'll do it, I'd be happy to. I'm anxious to see their relationship progress, I feel like they're taking teeny tiny baby steps. It's appropriate though, and I'm surprised that with such slow pacing you still manage to keep the reader interested. That says a lot about your writing.

One piece of criticism: When you write from Cal's perspective you describe Rose frequently, her hair, her garments and body. When you write from Rose's POV we never really see a description of Cal. Is this intentional? Is she really avoiding looking at him? It'd be nice to see a bit of parity on that score. :)

Otherwise, fantastic work. Like I said, I'm waiting eagerly to read more!
11/4/2009 c14 Axia West
I am obsessed with your writing. I'm not even a big Titanic fan but I stumbled across this story and I'm totally hooked. My only question is why you format the story so strangely - you have a lot of tiny, one sentence paragraphs which doesn't make much sense. It doesn't really matter, however, because the writing is superb. You've captured the flaws and their personality traits to a tee. Like the best fan fiction, this explores the unexplored and actually makes the characters richer than they ever were in the film.

I always though Rose was a moron to go with Jack. Cal is smug, sexy and confident. It's nice to see her end up with the more interesting man. I'll avidly continue reading and comment again when I get to the end. Brava!
11/4/2009 c16 14Irish Story Teller
I enjoyed your story. :) I hope you choose to update it soon.
11/2/2009 c16 11west-haven
Yay, more chapters! :D

It's still really interesting seeing how these two interact; they both can get agitated so easily, so one wrong word can send one of them off (like Rose at the end of this chapter). They are both slowly starting to meet in the middle, at least a tiny bit, so I can't wait to see how things progress!
11/2/2009 c16 person
Thanks for updating.
11/2/2009 c16 6roseDB
Lovin the new chapters!

please continue!
11/1/2009 c12 roseDB
please please please update!

i love this story!
10/30/2009 c13 65jafarjasmineforever2005
Hey there, you took the time to review my story so I thought I'd return the favor. Good job so far, keep it up!
10/27/2009 c13 kerri
hey i love your story=)

you dont make cal too nice or too mean and it isnt rushed so its believable

update soon!~
10/25/2009 c13 11west-haven
This is a really interesting story; I looked at it because I was interested in how some authors characterized Cal and in this story he does make sense. His and Rose's relationship is interesting and I can't wait to read more!
10/22/2009 c13 6roseDB
i love the new chapters, but are Rose and Cal ever going to love each other ?
10/22/2009 c13 person
:[...Thanks for updating! :]
10/17/2009 c10 14Brunette Chic
Poor Rose...and Cal. Never understanding eachother...always at eachother's throats...great couple of chapters there! Update soon!
10/17/2009 c10 6roseDB
i like the new chapters,

is something going to happen between rose and cal soon?

keep writing !
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