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8/29/2015 c19 Guest
I would love to see this finished. :) I always loved Cal over Jack and thought Rose was awful to him. She never gave him a fair chance. Jack and Rose are annoying anyway in the actual movie, and actually kind of terrible people, lol. And the reason I think don't like Jack, other than being just little boy-ish in personality and looks, (and even more so than from going after an engaged woman and just coming across as stuck-up to me a little) is from that whole "Die Sooner" deleted scene...I came across it on Youtube and dislike him even more now. But Rose...oh boy. No words to explain how much I dislike her, ha! She may have been unhappy but that didn't give her an excuse to treat everyone in this movie besides Jack and Mr. Andrews like dog-crap and be a complete rude brat. And she never opened her freaking mouth to talk to Cal about her problems...I always thought he'd listen. She just irks me...especially in her treatment of Cal.

I always felt sorry for both Ruth and Cal with the way Rose treated them, though Cal more so haha. ;)

Anyway: your writing is beautiful and I adore this story. The reason I ship Cal/Rose is because I like the idea of Cal getting his happy ending, even if that means being with Rose for the rest of his life. (Poor guy, though, I really don't see how he could stand it!)

Anyway, I really love your ideas, and especially this whole Sullivan character, and this fic is a masterpiece on here, especially to the sorely maligned Rose/Cal shippers on here. I love this like I said, and would love for you to finish this. But, if you need more ideas, (I noticed in one of your reviews that you welcomed ideas, I have two:

1. An interesting topic to explore would be possibly maybe another first-class girl Rose's age hitting on Cal, and Rose witnessing it from afar? Maybe in secret? How Cal would react and how Rose would react (I'm assuming knowing her she probably WOULD get jealous!) would be very interesting, and I've always wondered how Rose would have reacted if she knew another girl wanted Cal's hand at all in the original movie. Yeah, she may not have loved him, but I just really don't care for her character and see her as a person, even if she does not like something, just wants it to be hers alone anyway.)

2. As another reviewer stated, if the baby survives childbirth, a girl that is the spitting image of Rose would be very adorable, and, dare I say, Cal would treat it far more tenderly than if it were a boy. :) I always felt he did have a heart and a soft spot, especially for children, and I agree that he would be able to indulge and spoil and gain affection from his "daughter" far better than his ice-hearted, cruel wife. I can see it being very Rhett Butler and Bonnie like in nature, and would actually be quite a touching relationship.

Anyway, I hope this wasn't a dumb review, which I know it probably is, lol. Anyway as I said you're a fantastic writer and I'll definitely be favoriting this when I log in. I hope you update soon! :)
6/22/2015 c19 8SweetyK
This story is very interesting, I hope you'll continue it !
5/26/2015 c19 4Kallia.En
Oh this is good... I really like it, this way how it might go if ... :) I wish you would find some strength and will to continue :) I would love to see more of nice moments between those two :)
3/6/2015 c19 Meredith
Oh please update this! I love when cal warms up to rose.
2/27/2015 c19 Haylee Miller
Please continue this story I couldn't stop reading it!
2/24/2015 c19 1rapidshutdown
This is incredible... The things you notice, the little details, positively take my breath away. There is something totally magical in the way you describe everything in this story. It makes me stop and think, sometimes looking over the same sentence multiple times to figure out the puzzle you've set within it. I'm so engrossed by this story I can't even explain to you my obsession.
I hope to god that you have not stopped writing because you lost interest. I'm selfishly hoping you just have a lot going on in your RL and you can't find time to crank out another chapter at the moment. It would be a damn shame to not expand upon this amazing story. I'm so smitten with the idea of Cal and Rose falling in love against their will, I get literal goosebumps just thinking of the possibilities to where this is leading...
YOU MUST continue! I will be going through withdrawals in the meantime. Maybe some inspiration could help? I really don't want to keep imagining where this goes next. I'm sure you have something delicious cooked up for the next step in their relationship. You are a genius!
2/23/2015 c19 11Italian Empress 1985
Long Review Warning!

I haven't read any fan fic in awhile, and my own has fallen WOEFULLY behind, so I understand what it's like when life takes you away from your writing. That said, this story of yours is very excellent, and worth the wait. It has a high quality of writing and character building that is found on the shelves of published fiction (and even some of those don't match your wonderful characterizations)

I just watched the movie after talking about it's re-release in 3D and didn't like it 'nearly' as much as in my pre-teen youth. The romance of Jack and Rose felt realistic enough in that they were both teenagers who hadn't really thought things through and were 'living for the moment' (At least I think Jack was, if not a teenager as well, very close to Rose's 17) Which is all well and good, but I highly doubt if Jack had survived, that they'd be so carefree and happy for the rest of their lives.

It's the 'slow-boil' the love and regard that takes it time, that finds it passion not in searing moments of every day, but in the little things. That's the love that lasts, at least in my own experience, and I just didn't see that in the over-romanticized and brief relationship between the Distressed Princess and her Bohemian Carefree Artist beau.

That could be a matter of personal preference for the kind of man that I enjoy though. :p

Cal, on the other hand, was cut short as a character. By the movie's climax, he'd been dealt the card of sneering villain. Though even then, I still could understand and sympathize. I've had a wayward lover myself, and it'd be a lie to say that I didn't, at least for a little while, feel murderous. Yet, even for that, he still wanted to insure Rose's safety, until he lost it at the sight of her running back into peril, and into the arms of his rival. Then he went on to look for her on the Carpathia, and while he was hardly a prince charming, he was hardly some vile heartless worm. There must have been some level of regard for her, and I found elderly Rose's dismissal of his suicide in 1929 to be rather distasteful.

So I decided to come looking for fic to fill my need to see if I was alone in my feelings towards the characters of Rose and Cal, thinking that I'd come up empty-handed, when low and behold I found your amazing story. It's so 'real' in how it's written. The characters don't undergo any instant epiphanies, and neither are they cheapened into two-dimensional caricatures.

Your attention to detail encompasses not just your characters, but their mannerisms, speech and an appropriate period setting for the time this is set in. I'm enthralled with your ability to make business transactions seem exciting, bringing a sense of doom, since we know in the original timeline that Cal kills himself due to his losses in the Stock Market Crash of 1929 (though we've a ways to go before that date, in your story) I wonder what changes might happen, given Rose's appearance at Cal's side, and with a baby soon to arrive.

I find myself wishing that the two of them figure out a way to make a deal with the US military or government with World War I soon approaching (1914 isn't so far off from where we are in the story right now) and the war efforts need for raw steel and other metals. I think that'd save Cal from the great crash, and ensure future investment opportunities with all the commercial and hobby planes being built in the early thirties, and then World War II on its heels. Though I don't know if you intend to time-hop quite that far, but even what you have touched on already is enthralling.

The baby presents an interesting future dynamic as well, between a child sired by Jack Dawson and fathered by Caledon Hockley. Though Rose and Cal both seem to think he'll hate that child, I have a sneaking suspicion that he might not. For in that is a 'victory' of sorts against Dawson, who biologically fathered the baby, but it would be Cal that raised and shaped that child. I'm kind of hoping it's a girl. A boy wouldn't be of any less value of course, but I think a little girl would give Cal a chance to have a 'little princess' who unlike his wife, would appreciate being doted on, and would return that dotage with an unwavering loyalty and love, not knowing that Cal isn't her father. I'd greatly enjoy seeing Cal being won over by that baby, despite his original revulsion, and in the end, surprising both himself and Rose. Though it'd probably help if the baby, boy or girl, looked more like Rose than Jack.

I'm definitely sticking around for the long haul, no matter how long I have to wait for another update. I could read this story over and over again, it's 'that' good. *applause*
11/10/2014 c19 Gord DeBored
I remember this story. Glad to see an update.
8/16/2014 c19 Guest
I desperately want to see this continued! It is SO good
8/10/2014 c19 kissinger
This story is FANTASTIC! It's so realistic I almost believe it was a sequel to the actuall screen play!
7/26/2014 c19 Guest
Awesome,please continue with the story.
7/17/2014 c19 Guest
Great story, please continue.
7/12/2014 c19 Lissa
YES! I'm so excited to see this updated again! I always kept this story saved and returned to it occasionally checking for any updates. It's easily my favorite story in the Titanic section, perhaps my favorite on this entire site. I love the way you wrote Cal on here which few stories do. And it's a refreshing change from yet another "Jack lives" story, or writing Cal's character shallowly as a bad guy. Yes, he can be a jerk, but he's still a human being with other sides to him.
7/9/2014 c19 Skylark
WOO HOO! Thank you so much for updating. This is awesome.

I've read this story a few times over the years and I really love it. Favourite Cal/Rose story ever. You do such a great job of actually keeping them in character. And actually giving Cal a chance as a human being. And I REALLY appreciate good prose. You write well and that allows me to actually suspend my disbelief and engage in the story. I also appreciate how you try to keep it a legit period piece.

Thank you for adding more. Would love to see more chapters in the future. But no pressure. I also sometimes take years between updates. I know how busy life is and don't want to be a hypocrite. LOL

Either way, thanks for this. A real treat. Awesome story. Love it. :)
7/7/2014 c19 Guest
Great work!
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