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6/12/2013 c20 14Candra Jade
I know this is a very old story that hasn't been updated in a long time (no complains here, I have some of those stories, too), but I still want to review, because there are so few Cal/Rose fanfics and only a handful good ones (well-written and in character like this one).

In your story I want to strangle Cal about as often as I want to hug and comfort him - basically the same way I felt about him in the movie, so you got his character very well. :D I have a tendency to agree with you considering what you said in your first autthor's note. I don't think all of his actions were accusable (like hitting Rose and trying to shoot Jack), but they were understandable to me because these reactions were human. Everybody who has never known the feeling of not knowing if you want to hit or hug a loved one may happily condemn Cal - I'm none of those lucky people, so I don't. All of his other actions - not asking Rose's opinion in many situations, demanding that she obeys him (at least in public), trying to show affection with ridiculously expensive gifts, calling her a whore for cheating on him with Jack - all these things aren't very nice, but understandable considering the time and his upbringing. Like you often said in your story - Cal isn't a mind-reader and he is not very sensitive (which is not his fault). I think he didn't even know how his actions looked in Rose's eyes most of the time.

And speaking of Rose - I like her character, but she's far from being a saint either. And allthough I grant her the same leniency I do grant Cal (I think most of her behaviour is accusable) there are situations in which I think she goes too far. The act with the painting and the note - no man deserves to be let down like this. This was just low. And no mother deserves to made believe her child is dead, no matter how bad the relationship was. The least Ruth deserved was a note from Rose telling her she was alive and trying to find her happiness. And most of the things Rose accused Cal of - being insensitive, not thinking about her feelings, not trying hard enough to get to know her as a person - well these things go both ways. Did Rose ever bother asking Cal's opinion? Discussing his taste in art? Getting to know him? Trying to understand his reasons?

Rose and Cal may not be the nicests people in the world (unlike Jack, who is nearly scaringly good and selfless), but in my opinion they are far more interesting characters then Jack.

I think Rose and Cal are much more alike then it seems at the beginning and if they actually managed to have a decent, honest conversation without one of them throwing a temper tauntrum (another trait they share - their temper) - I think they could actually have a chance at happiness. (Although I shudder at the thought of how their children would be if they inherited both their parents temper and stubbornness - I wouldn't want to raise these little fire-balls).
1/3/2013 c20 Guest
This si a very good fanfic; I know you ahven't uodated for a while, but it would bring me a smile for you to update soon. :)
12/25/2012 c20 4CaptainRikkie
Love this. I love that the characters are incredibly true to themselves - there is nothing worse than seeing Cal going all lovey-dovey on Rose and Rose forgetting Jack in an instant.
I also like the fact that it is not rushed - everything seems to have its time and place within the story. One step at a time, they say, and you seem to do it perfectly.
It is so so hard to find a decent Cal fic, and yours is incredible. I noticed that you have updated a long time ago, but I really do hope you will finish this. Your writing style is unique and intriguing - please please please update soon.
12/24/2012 c20 4Chausten
How can I say it any better than guinevere grey? I could pretty much just copy/paste most of her review into this box.

Not long ago, I saw some reviews the Nostalgia Critic did of two animated Titanic ripoffs. In one he called Cal "basically a cartoony bad guy," which surprised me since of all the three principal characters, I think he's the most interesting. I think they all started with a lot of potential as characters, but as the film progressed they sort of got slotted into their respective roles, and Cal became, well, basically a cartoony bad guy.

In any case, after I saw that NC episode, I went back to watch the movie and thought, I need fanfiction, NOW. Your story is just what I was looking for, and incorporates a lot of elements I love about fanfic in general:

1. Post-canon, because I always ask "And then what happened?" And the best kind of post-canon, which feels like a real extension of canon. There's no better reason I can think of to have Rose return to her old life than in an effort to preserve another life and the only piece of Jack she has left.

2. Character-driven, because I'm obsessive about characterization and think a story should always progress through characters' actions and decisions, as opposed to dragging them along through a series of events laid out by the author.

3. Dark and gritty, because even though I'm a pretty upbeat person in real life, I gravitate toward the darker stories. I still enjoy a fluffy chick-flick comedy, but my favorite books/shows/movies are always serious ones.

Your writing style is great. This is a really emotionally charged story, and it would be so easy to slip into sappy or maudlin territory, but you maintain a great balance in her voice and in the push-and-pull nature of their relationship now.

I also love your interpretation of their characters, which goes along with characterization obviously. Now that I think on it, Rose is like a textbook Mary Sue. I can almost hear the fanfic author going, "Well no, she's rude and angry and suicidal." (Then I tell them to go read My Immortal.) Something that would have given her more depth is developing her relationship with Cal. Not even romantically, necessarily, just so he's not just the villain and her indifference and rudeness are directed at a human being, not the (supposed) object of contempt. They sort of started that way in the beginning - the scene where he gives her the necklace is my favorite - but like I said, it all just starts to fall apart as we progress. (Or REgress, I should say, since I think all of the characters took a step backward in this film.)

I have only two critical comments to make. One is more of a nitpick, but it's been bothering me. Why did Cal have his own letters in the drawer? Maybe I missed an explanation for that somewhere. But I really liked her getting to hear some of Cal's thoughts indirectly like that. I love third party POVs of relationships.

The other is: IT'S NOT FINISHED! Haha, just kidding. (Sort of.) But seriously, this is one of those stories you only recommend to your friends when it's complete, otherwise you'll be going stir-crazy waiting for updates. (I don't have any Titanic-fan friends anyway, so I guess it doesn't matter for me.) I would be the biggest hypocrite in the world if I told you to update faster, so I'll just say I love the story and hope you get time and inspiration to update soon. Still, good luck with your original work!

Okay, I rambled on for a long time now about things that probably didn't merit repeating. But anyway, good job and good luck.
11/18/2012 c20 10HarryPotterGrl100
AHH. :D First off, I love this fic, so, so much. It's just so awesome and well-written and entertaining, and just...wow. I wish that James Cameron would have somehow been able to look to the future and had Billy Zane and Kate Winslet do a sequel to Titanic together, and have this fic be the plot/script. :) I can just imagine how epic it would have been... I love Cal/Rose; they're legit my Titanic OTP. And, like you, I despise Rose in the actual movie, and Jack, and Cal is my favorite character in the actual movie. I never saw Rose/Jack, and think Cal and Rose could have been very happy together if Rose would have gotten that ever-present stick out of her butt..anyway, I really hope to see some romance eventually. :) Like, say a love scene, or a baby of their own? :) *hint, hint* But mostly a love scene...

And I also agree entirely with Cal's harsh treatment of Rose. I can't stand her, and it is perfectly understandable with all his insults and harsh treatments toward her; she deserves it. I also agree with your portrayal of Rose being all whiny and "oh, poor me" and a total brat, because she is in the movie anyway. The only (very small, and this is only my opinion) thing I have is that, I think Cal is a little *too* dark sometimes in this fic; at least darker than I would expect him to be in the actual situation of finding her alive again and having a second chance with her, (especially after reading the alternate ending to the script and seeing that wonderful deleted scene where he mistakes another woman for her on the Carpathia) but again, that is only my take on his character and a very small thing. This fic is still one of the most epic Cal/Rose ones I have ever encountered, way better than any of mine, and one I would really like a final end to. :)

And you mentioned that you wanted some ideas...well one idea I do have is that Rose could actually miscarry the baby, and somehow, have Cal comfort her. And not even all sentimental either...it could work with Cal being very awkward about it and maybe surprised that she's actually wanting him there even though she's in pain, obviously, and maybe not even thinking clearly, but it would make for a very powerful scene, especially the way you write. :) (In this fic, I just feel having a Jack baby would totally kill any chances of romance between these two, especially on Cal's part, but that's just my opinion). And then have her obviously have to somehow stay because she has to heal, and then of course be all bratty and typical and want to leave, and say she will, but somehow doesn't. And then of course, have Cal finally admit that he still loves her and not worry about her finding some inevitable way to throw that back in his face, like we all know she would...and then have Rose stop being a brat and finally admit she is, somehow, someway, falling for him...of course at first it would unnerve her, but after awhile, just have her admit, it, etc...anyway, yeah, so sorry for this lame review, but I just hope you finish this story, and soon. :) You are an awesome writer and this story could go places. :) We all would appreciate it if you finished it; I know I would read it right away!
10/19/2012 c20 lalyta8
i do hope you update this soon, its been soooo long and its too good for it not to be finished
9/25/2012 c1 17CatalynMJ1015
Wow! I love your sparse, almost poetic writing style. And as much as fans like to speculate about what would have happened if Jack had gotten Rose pregnant, it's great to see someone actually tackle the idea realistically instead of with sappy idealism. Definitely favoriting!
6/15/2012 c20 Hope
Great story! Can't wait for you to update!
6/13/2012 c20 Reader
This is a really good story, can't wait to read the next chapter, so update soon!
6/7/2012 c20 Reader
I like this story a lot, none of the characters are out of character, and that is what I like. Please update soon!
5/21/2012 c20 1guinevere grey
So I watched Titanic ages ago, found this fic, read it, loved it, forgot about it after awhile, watched Titanic again, was summarily frustrated, remembered fic, reread it, and loved it even more. Your characterization is so excellent and points out everything that's so wrong about the disgustingly black and white characterization in the movie.

I love the fact that, as a reader, I feel much more at home in Cal's head than I do in Rose's. Perhaps this is your own personal preference shining through (since you admitted that you really dislike Rose...ha!) but it's quite incredible that the most sympathetic character here is the stock villain in the original story. At the same time, though, Cal isn't an innocent tortured soul, either. He's kind of a bastard, and not even the slick "I've got this" bastard, but a bastard who is trying to hold his life together and lashes out because of that. The layers you've given to his character are simply amazing. Even the explanations you've given to his actions in the past make so much sense-I about died at the "I wasn't aiming for you." Gaahhh!

And Rose isn't (entirely) a spoiled child, either-I love seeing her learn to acknowledge her past mistakes and try, at least somewhat, to reach out. Their kiss (so long ago in chapter 9...*sigh*) was perfectly timed with her self-realization. At the same time, she's not conceding everything.

The thing I love and hate most about this fic is the slooooooow build up; half-victories that seem to advance their relationship only the tiniest bit. I love it because that's really the only way that their relationship could work, and the only thing that makes it compelling (as opposed to what made the romance in the film fall so very flat). Nothing is easy, here; you aren't cutting any corners, and I love it. :) Of course, I hate it because I can't wait to get to the good stuff.

Also, can I just say: sexual tension? Killing me.

All this to say, you have a truly excellent piece of work here, and while I'm thrilled for your working on some original stuff, I hope you won't abandon this story forever. Many of us are still hoping to see where you take it!
5/9/2012 c20 2dizzynetbookgirl
I wanted to say a quick thank-you to everyone who's reviewed anonymously, and also let you all know that I haven't abandoned this story per se, although I don't really know when I'll update.

Off topic, anyone with suggestions - feel free to send a PM. I lost my grip on this story and I welcome any input that might get me to update again.
5/9/2012 c20 Budgie
I really hope that chapter 20 is not the last one. I really love this story! I had been looking for one like this, where Rose was going to have Jack's child, Jack had not survived, so Rose had to go back to Cal. I can't believe that I found just what I wanted! So please keep on writing this story! I will be waiting for you to continue, so please update soon!
4/17/2012 c20 16ASummerBreeze
I sincerely hope you come back to this one day. Your characterization is impeccable and the story is terribly interesting. If I see anything about this in my email a week, a month or five years from now, I will gladly drop everything to read it.
4/14/2012 c20 PrettyChelsea
I loved your characterization to Cal. He was always described being an abusive and selfish person. I hope that Rose would try to understand Cal and try to mature and be aware of the things around. Running away from the reality would never do good on you. It will only prolong the pain that you will surely endure.

"Nothing has ever been good enough for you,

Rose," said Cal. "Nothing." - this line tore me up :( Rose never acknowledge the things that he tried to do for her.

Great story! I can't wait to read the next chapter. Please update soon.
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