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for Halo 3: Insurrection

3/28/2010 c36 7Spartan Ninja
Thank you for putting this story up here. Now I won'y have to keep visiting the forums for it. I can't wait for your new chapters. Update soon please.
3/28/2010 c36 10Dawn Searcher
So the strands finally meet.

As someone suggested, why would they not use their ships to bomb the citadel to smithereens instead of sending in a strike force that will almost definitely perish?

I liked the character sketches of the Jackal and Grunts. Well done with a few words.

Could probably have expanded on Eden's emotions and motivations, made him less of a villain and more of a completely human character. Something like the inclusion of Engineers as humanity's allies, for example, does this very well. I suggest you work in a few more if you want a fleshed-out character. But if you had meant for him to be the one every reader hates, the current situation works out fine.

And did you ever mention that Didact and the I's went to Sigma Halo? Or did they just pop up in chapter 35? Because it seemed a little abrupt in that Didact disappeared for a while and suddenly materialized.

Finally, scene dividers. On FF net's document editor, you can add horizontal line breaks, or you can use rows of asterisks. Best to do this when switching points of view so readers don't get lost, and lines of dialogue won't get sorted into the wrong scene.

Overall well done, looking forward to updates,

3/28/2010 c36 Brochelle
Okay, I can see everyone likes this story. I kept up with it for a while, like, a few months ago. You don't sacrifice details, that's for sure. Maybe make them into paragraphs... flesh it out a little?

Anyhow, good job for coming up with a good story that everyone likes.

3/28/2010 c36 Hijokugei
1. Eden is a fucking bastard. Please blow him to hell soon.

2. Johnson appears to still be a holy badass. EXCELLENT.
3/28/2010 c21 DKrumpp
This is a fantastic fic; Pure, ORIGINAL work! It's a shame there are so few reviews. Perhaps proofread a bit more? It's all good though, since the plot makes up for the grammar/spelling mistakes.
3/27/2010 c34 Dawn Searcher
At first, this seemed like another run-of-the-mill action piece. But i am glad i stuck with it to this point, because the last few chapters have been quality. And by last few, i meant from when Onyx appeared. It's still excellent in terms of action, but recently the character development has been going at full steam as well. I especially like Thel's "perpetually-depressed" sort of personality; it suits him.

Overall, the grammar and usage is good. The few awkward sentences are simply overwhelmed by the number of nicely formulated ones. You keep track of your characters well. I'm not sure if Fred is completely in character with his callousness, but i don't know him that well and hence suspend my disbelief.

Looking forward to an update, and good job,

3/27/2010 c34 Hijokugei
Badassery. Seriously.

But: Why not just nuke the planet from orbit? Take a cruiser, heat shield it, and fly it at mach 9 into Sangheilos. KABOOM, planet deorbits into the sun, where it melts.
3/27/2010 c1 1xlolx9
Hi Wolvers.

You probably remember me from . But you probably wont remember me from , where i went under the name of Wolffy.

I remember reviewing this story then, and i'm afraid i still come across the same problems now, as i did then.

But, everyone else seems to love you, and it's hard to go against the masses.

So... I suppose i should say.

"Good Job on writing such successful stories, and keep up the good work"

And then add a :) on the end for the hell of it.

Vrbtny - Wolffy
3/20/2010 c1 I Don't Have An Account
Not having an account, I've never bothered to review before, but your story is the best I've read and I have read it numerous times. This story deserves so many more positive reviews than it get. Basically I just wanted to say that I think this is amazing =D
12/16/2009 c28 canocola
This is THE best halo fic right now! I'm not joking, your writing is amazing! Plz update
12/5/2009 c31 11SpiritOfSherwood
I can't remember a more kickass halo story than this one. LOVED it when the Chief stoppedd Eden. Also glad to see Humanity and the Elites sort things out now.

The Spirit
11/27/2009 c31 xKagex
Update soon!
11/2/2009 c31 The Lonely Fox
Great story though im wonderin if your goin to any chief/cortana like it says in the listing.
10/31/2009 c25 5RaNdOm CaT927
no fire. but where did the arbiter go? is he dead?
10/30/2009 c31 2Razzika
Oh...my...GOD ! This story is so awesome, update soon !
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