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for Halo 3: Insurrection

10/29/2009 c27 Benny'star
Woo, i don't need to sigh up to review :).

anyway love this story, its amazing. update soon !
10/22/2009 c31 4MOVEDTODA- Sono KOJ Manymasks
Please continue this I want to know how it turns out.
10/21/2009 c1 Alex
This is one of the best halo fanfiction..

its such a shame that you dont have more reviews.
10/19/2009 c30 3Yxme24
Awesome story! You are by far the best writer on here! Please continue this story, it's amazing!
10/19/2009 c30 fox
hi, first i would like 2 say that its a real shame tha u dont have more reviews because this is a damn good story, but o well. second, i was wondering if u were going 2 do any pairings or romance with chief and someone, like linda or cortana. just wonderin. keep up the good work
10/10/2009 c29 2IasWraith
Cant wait for the next chapter...love the story.
10/2/2009 c5 bobthekiller
im impressed

the story could use a lil more death but u got me hooked
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