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for Neko Tails and a stawberry

5/5/2010 c6 XxDarknessxInxYourxHeartxX
aw! soo good next chapter please!*o*
4/21/2010 c1 6zodious
this is a pretty interesting story but ur grammar has a lot of flaws, no offence, i think it could be done better. No offence but nevertheless i liked it.
2/15/2010 c6 17ELLIE 31773
oh ~ i love the ulquihime more !

Ulquihime is my fav then Aihime last but not least is IchiHime

so its good as Ulqui love Hime in their first live as a shinigame before Aizen slave over Ulqui

^^V i hope you up date asap ok

its good

next time f you want to unbold the word that you have writen just hight light all and then push the bold buton then it will become normal back
1/3/2010 c5 birdy
Cool story please keep updating and the thing the arrancar come through to go to earth is called a garganta.
1/2/2010 c5 nonexistant55557
cool I'll look foreward to the next chapter!
12/19/2009 c4 nonexistant55557
great chapter but who's after her?
12/7/2009 c3 nonexistant55557
I loved this story I thought it was hillarious! Please start updating again because I wanna know what happened. I am a big fan of piority's and I very much like this one :)
10/20/2009 c3 6Craloth
that was a funny chapter... i like HIsagi's and Orihime's relationship.. and ears! yes ! Ichigo got ears! great

“Do you like kittens?” ichigo asked ignoring her question

“Yeah” orihime said not getting his question

Ichigo looked at her evilly

“Lets make some!” he said as he pounced her.

that was hilarious!
10/20/2009 c2 Craloth
this chapter was funny...

it would be cute if Ichigo had ears.. kind of reminds me of Inu Yasha
10/20/2009 c1 Craloth
Rukia and Ichigo siblings? thats great! and Orihime with tails? funny! it was a nice start but you really cant spell to save your life can you? Nice story but ppl might be discouraged to read it because of the mistakes... so get yourself a beta reader... reviews will come pouring in..
10/3/2009 c2 animeholic94
it goes from bolded to normal to italics

try to keep it the same next time
10/3/2009 c1 animeholic94
yo its not bad keep up the good work

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